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Best Ways to Increase Sexual Arousal through Male Enhancement

Men have been searching for ways to improve their sexual performance for centuries. As a result, scientists have developed countless techniques for increasing male enhancement. Some of the techniques may be surprisingly innovative or border on the realm of quack science. Below is a quick look at five of the most popular techniques men use for improving their sex life through male enhancement.


If you’re prepared to shell out a few thousand bucks then surgery is a viable option. Penile surgery may be expensive but high costs don’t necessarily translate into an effective method for improving sexual performance. Surgery has its share of short comings and most of this concern what happens after the medical procedure.


Surgery is almost guaranteed to increase penis length by at least an inch.


Surgery is the most expensive method and can increase penis size. Surgeons are the highest paid medical professionals and going to a clinic or hospital certainly pads up the cost.

The vast majority of penis enlargement surgery recipients are dissatisfied with their results.

Depending on what type of surgery, recovery may last from weeks to a few months time. Some methods of penis surgery require tissue or fat implants adding considerable time for recovery. Tissue and muscle injuries are difficult to heal. Most of the trauma of penis surgery is in these areas so expect a long recovery period. Men may also find themselves away from work longer so be prepared to save up for expenses.

Any type of invasive medical procedure like surgery presents a serious threat to one’s health. Surgery can also do irreparable damage to the nerves that decrease sensations felt during sex. Penile implants can also cause allergic reactions when they are rejected by the body.

Men have also reported decreased sexual libido and overall drop in sexual performance after surgery. Damage is often irreversible and the cure may actually cost more than the actual price of penis enlargement surgery.

Pumps and Vacuums

The best thing about these so called penis enlargement equipment is that they are one time purchases and you don’t have to recharge them after every use.


A few minutes of pumping with these types of equipment claims immediately results in a bigger penis size. The sucking action immediately sends blood into the penis making erections harder and stronger.


Pumps and vacuums are prescribed for people with erectile dysfunction. They are an artificial hardening of the penis for men having a problem with their erection. However, this only improves blood flow in the penis and does not increase length or width and increasing penis size is more of a myth than fact.

Pumps and vacuums forcefully pump blood into the penis and may damage the delicate blood vessels and chambers. Nerve damage is also a major concern as men have reported decreased sensations felt during sex.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises have been handed down from generations. These are simple exercises developed to answer the age old question of ​”How can I make my penis bigger?​”


Information on penile enlarging exercises can be easily gathered from books or the internet.

Next to male enhancement pills, exercise is one of the most convenient ways of improving sexual enhancement. These exercises could be done in the convenience of your home and do not need any type of special equipment.

Exercise coupled with male enhancement pills can be an effective way of increasing penis enhancement.


Enhancement exercises can work. However, it takes time and dedication. Exercises need to be performed at least once a day for many weeks, or even months. Without consistency, you will achieve no results.

Male Enhancement Pills

Natural herbs have long been used to improve sexual performance. This science seemed to have taken a back seat to the other methods in the past because of the developments of medical science. Over the years, these male enhancement pills have again stepped into the limelight as more men have again discovered their many benefits.


Taking in make enhancement pills is easy. All it needs is a few seconds a day and is even more convenient compared to penis exercises.

Male enhancement pills may not produce instant and dramatic results such as pumps or surgery, they are safer and don’t result in long term damage.

Penile enhancement pills give men results. They may not make your penis bigger but they have been known to increase sexual arousal and sex drive.They are completely safe and do not risk damage to the delicate, sensitive tissues of the penis.


Because of the growing popularity of male enhancement pills, many companies have started opening shop to take advantage of the increasing need for these types of products. Many men have reported complaints about some of these products leading people to think that all products are just pills with no real effects.

Men searching for an effective male enhancement pill should be careful to limit themselves to proven brands or those with good customer feedback.

Some of the top male enhancement pills like Extenze offer men a safe and effective way without the fear of dangerous medical complications. And the best thing about male enhancement pills is that they are not only good in increasing male enhancement but also help men improve their sexual performance.

Extenze Male Enhancement pills

Extenze male enhancement pills offer men a complete male enhancement and sex health system. Using Extenze eliminates the need for expensive surgery and cumbersome equipments for enhancing the penis.

It is 100 percent safe and could be purchased even without a medical prescription. Extenze gives men a stronger harder erection, increased libido, improved sexual performance and best of all, improved male enhancement is permanent.

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