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Why Size Really Does Matter to Women

We often hear women joking about men and their sexual performance. Well you know what women say about men who have big shoes and how well they perform in bed. Women have always said that men who have a great personality most likely win over men who have a better physique. This might be true when you have your clothes on but do you have what it takes to rock her world in bed?

There are many ways of pleasing a woman. Self confessed sex gurus often preach about how important it is for a man to take care of all the aspects of lovemaking instead of focusing on performance. This may be true for some of us who have been blessed with a strong sexual performance but for some who have a difficult time getting to those hard to reach areas this may prove to be another story.

Men often talk about their sexual adventures and tend to compare their previous partners with their present one. Generally, men rate women in terms of how they move in bed since size isn’t really a factor.

Women are basically the same and the experience depends on how a man can perform. So the next time men think about rating their previous partner it might be a good idea to consider if they were able to measure up to their woman.

Does sexual performance really matter to women? Talking about past sexual experiences is not a topic limited to men. Women also have their share of girl talk and this does not only involve how good a kisser you are. Men might talk about how their past girlfriends were in bed but women also talk about how their previous man was able to satisfy them.

It would be a lie if you haven’t thought of asking your partner how good her previous lover was in bed. Women may not place a huge importance in how men perform in bed but doesn’t having longer lasting erections coupled with a great personality sound better?

Sure, a less than average erection size can be compensated with a more than average performance in bed. But the truth is women appreciate a man with a longer lasting erection just as men appreciate a woman with a body to die for.

Having better male enhancement and sexual performance has never been considered as a disadvantage. In fact, men have always considered getting better penis enhancement. There are many ways of improving performance and male enhancement. Some of the popular methods include penis exercises, penile surgery and male enhancement pills.

Male Enhancement PillsOne of the most popular methods for increasing penis enhancement is by using male enhancement pills. Aside from increasing erection size they also give the benefits of improving the quality of your sexual experience. Male enhancement products like Extenze helps you achieve a bigger harder erection giving you a few more inches.

Does size really matter to women? Yes, size does matter and getting those extra inches can do wonders for your self confidence. Male enhancement pills are an excellent way of improving erection size and male sexual performance and giving her that unforgettable intimate experience.

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