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24 Crazy But Fun Facts About Sex That Will Make Her Laugh Out Loud

You may see yourself as an expert who knows everything about sex, but you could be wrong. To be fair, most men think they’re experts who know every little thing about sex. The reality is that only male scientists who study the subject in depth know about sex, and even they don’t know every single […]

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23 Amazing Tips on How to Have Long Lasting Sex with Your Woman

No matter how good a man is in bed, long lasting sex is always his first priority. It’s not a secret that it takes women longer to achieve orgasm than it does men. That’s why men make it their goal to extend the sexual intercourse. While you might last longer in bed now than you […]

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The No-Bull Science on How Women Fall in Love – Just for Men

It’s only normal that you don’t get women, at least not right away. Just like you guys, women can also be hard to understand, especially when it comes to how women fall in love. Romance has always been quite a mystery, as far as both sexes are concerned. Admit it, it’s not always easy to […]

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16 Body Language Flirting Behaviors You Don’t Know You’re Doing

You may not have been paying attention to it, but your body has been busy conducting some flirty moves for you all this time. Every time you step out and meet with up with people, you may be indulging in the art of body language flirting. It’s basically non-verbal communication flirting; something you do without […]

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20 Hot Tips for Sex – Have Her Begging You for More

No matter how proficient you think you are, once in a while, you might be in need of a boost in the form of tips for sex to help you improve your sexual life. Every man wants to please his partner to a point they cannot get enough of him. While they can handle the […]

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It's a Win-Win: The 16 Health Benefits of Frequent Sex

It’s a Win-Win: The 16 Health Benefits of Frequent Sex

For many people, it won’t probably take much effort to convince you to have more sex. But, for people who have brushed off their sex lives off into the backseat, you are missing a lot of many other things than just pleasure. Having sex offers numerous health benefits from reducing stress, fighting diseases to adding […]

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A Doctor's Guide to Attaining Sexual Wellness and Happiness

A Doctor’s Guide to Attaining Sexual Wellness and Happiness

You might think that sex is a simple physical act. That’s true. Still, your sex life is not just dependent on the different positions you can do, or how long you will last in bed, or your ability to make a woman orgasm. Believe it or not, sex is something deeper and highly dependent on […]

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Health and Fitness Tips and Tricks for Today's Busy Businessman

Health and Fitness Tips and Tricks for Today’s Busy Businessman

You have done it. You have finally managed to earn that six figure salary and bought that classy beach bungalow to house your happy family. If you haven’t, we bet you are getting there with all the hard work and dedication you have put in as a busy businessman. Things may be going well for […]

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Learn Everything There is to Know About the Science of Attraction

Learn Everything There is to Know About the Science of Attraction

Attraction is defined as power to evoke pleasure, interest, or ability to make someone like you. It is also the feeling of making someone romantically or sexually interested with you. Much has been said about attraction. Like most of us, you probably already read countless articles about how to boost your sex appeal and make […]

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