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11 Mistakes Men Make When Trying to Get the Help of ED Drugs


Erectile dysfunction is a problem that occurs when a man is having difficulty with his erections, as the name suggests. Through years and years of study, science has come up with ways to address these problems to help maintain a man’s sex life even if he has a case of erectile dysfunction. We’re talking about ED drugs and their domination in the medical world, from men who have erectile problems to men who don’t.

erection problemYes, both men with erectile dysfunction and those who do not use ED drugs, which is why this type of drug is popular in the market. It does not only address the erection problem, some drugs also boost the stamina, making a man a sex god of some sorts. Call it cheating or whatever you like, men have found their own sexual version of Popeye’s spinach.

There are, however, some things that men overlook and disregard when taking ED drugs. Either these men are too excited to get some action, or they just do not care much about the possible side effects.

The thing is that ED drugs have their own set of dos and don’ts that each man who plans to use them should take seriously. Here are 11 common mistakes that men make when trying to get the help of ED drugs.

1. Expecting Them To Work Instantly

If you think about it, ED drugs are some what a form of miracle already, in the name of science. They give a man the opportunity to relive his sex life and glory, and if you disregard the rest, it actually is a noble thing. Here’s what you should know about ED drugs: They are not a miracle drug, they are a medication used for erectile dysfunction.

Now there are some ED drugs that work a few hours after you pop them. There are also those that you need to drink daily. And then there are those with a one-time booster effect that you can’t take regularly. But with all these, for a drug to work, it needs to blend in with your blood or hormones first. That means popping it now will not make it work instantaneously, so you need to wait for a certain amount of time in order for it to take effect.

2. Disregarding Symptoms Of Side Effects

ED drugsED drugs are made of chemicals that can boost your testosterone and blood flow, paving the way for a harder, longer erection, as what most advertisements suggest. Like other kinds of drugs, they have possible side effects, too.

Common side effects of ED drugs include pain in the groin or penis,dizziness or nausea, irregular heartbeat and palpitations. These side effects are something that you should not disregard.

Side effects are your body’s way to tell you that it is rejecting the medicine. If you disregard them, these side effects will worsen. If the side effects involve your heart, it could be fatal.

3. Not Consulting Your Doctor

Consulting Your DoctorFirst, before you identify that you need ED drugs, your doctor needs to make an erectile dysfunction diagnosis.

True, there are some men who use ED drugs that do not have problems with their erections, but that is medically wrong and they are risking themselves for future problems.

For those men who need erectile dysfunction medication, it is always best to consult your doctor before taking meds, so that you get the correct dosage. Consulting your doctor is important before taking anything, especially medications for your sexual health.

This is because erectile dysfunction drugs work by ramping up your blood flow. This raises your heart rate, as well as your blood pressure. If you suffer from health problems like heart disease or high blood pressure, the combination could be lethal, so be safe by checking with your doctor first.

4. Not Disclosing Any Other Medical Conditions Or Medications To Your Doctor

irregular heartbeatAs it is, erectile dysfunction drugs have side effects depending on your condition. Some side effects can trigger medical problems due to medications that you might already take.

For example, the common side effects of ED drugs include irregular heartbeat and palpitations. If you have a history of heart problems, this may pose as a great risk for your health and your life.

It is important that you inform your doctor of any medical condition and the drugs you take for it, they give you a prescription for ED drugs. Better yet, get your doctor to do some testing and give you the clearance on the proper ED medication and dosage for you.

5. Using ED Drugs Without Doctor’s Advice

Here is one big sin when it comes to taking medication. Using ED drugs or any form of medication without your doctor’s approval can be a risk for your health, and even your life. Your doctor will know what medication you need and how much dosage your body can take.

If you do not consult your doctor first, you are risking yourself of a far bigger problem than your erections. ED can indicate other more serious health conditions, so you’ll want to resolve them first. In addition, your doctor will want to monitor your progress to hone in on the best medication and dosage combination for you.

6. Taking The Incorrect Dose

Taking The Incorrect DoseThere are men who self-medicate. There are also men who add or subtract the dosage of their intake, thinking that this is just fine.

Here’s a fact: it’s not fine. You see, the dosage that your doctor gives you is directly correlated with your age, weight, height, blood chemistry and all other factors that is affecting your health.

That means the dosage you are getting is personalized just for you, so that you can still maintain your healthiness, even while taking ED drugs. So, don’t change your dosage.

7. Taking More Than What Is Prescribed

Men can sometimes get tempted to up their dosage with the belief that more dosage can give them better effects on their erections. Well, it won’t. There are also those men who, apart from the prescribed drug, also take another set of drugs “just to be sure.” When you take more than what the doctor prescribed, the risk to side effects doubles. There is a bigger possibility of hormonal imbalance, which can affect your reproductive system.

8. Eating Before Popping The Drug

eatingOkay, here’s one common mistake that men make: popping the pill too soon after eating. ED medications are not like your normal antibiotic drugs or pain medications where you need a full stomach before you take them.

ED drugs work differently. For Levitra and Viagra users, it is best to pop the pill on an empty stomach. This way, the effects of the drug goes directly to the bloodstream and there are no other stuff in there that could slow down its effect.

9. Not Having The Patience To Wait

Well, excitement is an understandable thing and sometimes, waiting for five minutes can take forever. But with ED drugs, if you want to have the best results, you need to be patient. Some men would think that the drugs they use are ineffective because it’s taking long. A tip for you – read the prescription and see how long it takes for the drug to take effect. Some erectile dysfunction drugs can take minutes or even hours to take effect, but you can be assured of one thing: when it works, you will have a good time. You just need to be patient.

10. Not Trying Out Other Drugs

Not Trying Out Other DrugsA common mistake that men make, in their search for something that would work perfectly for them is believing everything that they see in the advertisements. Gentlemen, not everything that you see on TV is true.

In fact, the ideology of “seeing is believing” is applicable here. Actually, it is “experiencing is believing.” This means that you should not stick to just one drug, especially if it just gives you something mediocre.

If you want to have the best erections and a sex life that’s blooming like spring, it would be best to do a trial and error – of course, with the help of your doctor – so that you can get the correct erectile dysfunction drug that is meant for you.

11. Not Testing The Drug If It Works On Your Or Not

A mistake that some men make is that when they hear a drug is not effective, they steer clear of it, too. Well, it is a good practice but you would not know what you are missing unless you try it, right? For instance, a drug might not work on your friend or your colleague, maybe because their blood chemistry or their medical condition differs from yours. Maybe the drug could work perfectly on you. You will never know unless you test it.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are meant to help you continue to enjoy your sex life. It should not be a cause of injury, humiliation or further erectile problems. That is why it comes with its own version of disclaimers, too. It’s plain and simple: Make sure to seek a doctor’s advice and read the medical transcript of the drug. Remember: ED drugs may be good, but too much of a good thing can be bad, too.

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