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20 Hot Tips for Sex – Have Her Begging You for More

No matter how proficient you think you are, once in a while, you might be in need of a boost in the form of tips for sex to help you improve your sexual life. Every man wants to please his partner to a point they cannot get enough of him. While they can handle the basics on their own without any extra knowledge, it is important to acknowledge that women have feelings, interests and preferences when it comes to bedroom matters. As much as you would like to learn how to control yourself for longer, more satisfying sex, there are a number of things you need to learn about women.

Get to Know Each Other Before Getting Busy

Get to Know Each OtherSex is a special activity that should be enjoyed by two people who want to create a stronger, more intimate connection. This is why there should be a mutual understanding of each other’s sexual preferences. The fact there are two people means, in order for the sexual experience to be great, each one of them has to bring something to the table, or to the bedroom, for that matter.

You don’t need to have a special occasion to enjoy an evening of satisfying sex. All you need is to set the right mood and use the right tips for sex. Men need to learn these tips, too, because this is the best way to satisfy their partners for a longer period of time.

The following are hot sex tips you may want to keep in mind for a better sexual experience.

1. Let’s Talk About Sex

TalkAs time goes in relationship, it becomes easy to go straight to the actual sex activity without expressing what you want. Sex therapists say that it is the best time to break this cycle. While most people will not find the need to talk about anything, the truth is that you are killing the mood in the bedroom. It is important to communicate because this is what lets your partner know what you look forward to in bed.

In addition to having everything laid down clearly, knowing what your partner expects and letting them know what you would want will build up the mood and you will enjoy sex better. It is difficult to be in rhythm when you do not know what she wants and she does not know what you want, so keep the lines of communication wide open.

2. Eat Healthy for a Better Sexual Health

Eat HealthyWhile this might not exactly sound like the sex tip you were looking forward to hearing, it actually is quite important. Treating your body well, including consuming healthy foods, will help it function properly, and this includes your libido.When you eat healthy foods that have no cholesterol, your circulation will be greatly improved especially in your southern hemisphere.

You might have learned from your sex education class that blood plays a major role in maintaining an erection. When you eat all the right foods, your circulation will be better,and this means that more blood will be smoothly pumped into the penile tissue.  A longer lasting hard erection is exactly what your partner needs in bed for better satisfaction and pleasure.

Healthy foods for a better sexual experience include:

  • Lean meat
  • Seafood
  • Papaya
  • Chilies and other peppers
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Dark chocolate
  • Green vegetables

3. Tips For Sex – Exercise Helps with a Lot More Than Just Weight Loss

ExerciseThere are only a few things that will get a man ready to satisfy a woman better that getting into a routine of regular exercise.Experts say that even as little as 15 minutes of exercise in a day will help you improve your self-esteem, image and libido. Exercise has the ability to make the physical part of sex more enjoyable.Additionally, making exercise a regular activity will help in improving your cardiovascular health. This is quite important in maintaining an erection and normal erectile function.

As you exercise, it is important that you exercise just enough and avoid overdoing it. When you exercise too much, you will get the exact opposite of the above results. When you get that over-attaining attitude and dive into exercise more than required, you will develop fatigue and be in low energy levels always. When this is combined with disrupted sleep patterns and mood changes, it will be the worst approach to a romantic life and woo a partner will be harder than it usually is.

A good idea is to work out together. If exercising is a good idea, then a better approach is to exercise with your partner. When you work out together with her, it is possible that both your endorphins and libidos will go up together. Since you will all be sweaty, you can take things to the next level with some sensual stretching, if you know what it means.

4. Make Your Heart Grow Stronger: The Surprising Effects of Abstaining

Make Your Heart Grow StrongerAbstinence is not what you would expect in the list of tips for sex. There is a good explanation behind this tip. Abstaining for a little while is a sure way to ensure that the sexual activity you encounter next with your partner will be better and more intense.You can practice abstinence for a weekend or a week. When you are not getting some, your heart will grow fonder and this will drive your lust for the forbidden fruit up in the sky.

When you finally get to have sex with your partner after the short period of sexual drought, you will love every moment. It is highly possible that she will also get great satisfaction and this will strengthen your relationship. You just have to make sure that you do not abstain for too long, and be disciplined about it.

5. Setting Time Aside: A Master Plan for Sex

A Master PlanWhile planning might not seem romantic because you might think about surprises and unplanned sex, sometimes it is a great idea. Experts say that planning for sex is an effective way of satisfying a woman and generally improving your sex life. All you need is to construct a plan to have sex.We live in a busy world and as much as what we do outside of our homes is important, setting time aside for sex is important, too. Most couples with careers and children tend to let sex dwindle.

Having kids and a job is not a good reason to forget to engage in sexual activities. Just like you schedule other important activities in your life, sex should be among the priority items. Your relationship with your wife or girlfriend is greatly determined by sex, and this means it should get time in your lives.

6. Gaining Sexual Energy: Watch Porn Together

Watch Porn TogetherSurprisingly, it is not only men who love porn. Watching porn builds up your sexual energy and this works well in giving you a better satisfying sexual experience. Instead of hiding and watching porn alone, it might be a great idea to watch porn together.

In addition to lifting your desires, you will end up learning one or two things that you probably did not know.It is actually a fun thing to watch porn together but do not get too carried away and addicted to it. Just do it for the positions and the excitement it creates. You will love choosing porn videos together and this will bring you closer together and give you a better sexual life.

7. Taking Your Time: Why Foreplay is Important

ForeplayRegardless of what gets you there, experts recommend that you do not skip or go through the foreplay fast. It does not matter how long you have been together, foreplay still plays an important role in making your sex better. Of all the tips for sex you read, this is the most crucial one that you should not forget.

If you are looking for stronger orgasms and improved sexual experience, it is important to pay attention to foreplay.Foreplay gears up your autonomic nervous system and this, in turn, increases orgasm strength, excitement and sensitivity. When you are patient and put efforts into this activity, you will see the dividends within a short while.

8. Pay Attention to Her and to Her Breasts

Pay Attention to Her and to Her BreastsA tip that most men tend to ignore is paying attention to her breasts. Most women have confessed that when a man pays attention to their boobs, it drives them insane. This should not be just about grabbing them; it is also about licking and kissing until her nipples are hard enough to get small bites. By the time her nipples get hard, she will be up there and just a little effort will make her orgasm.

If you give boobs the attention they deserve while your hand goes down south, you might just give her the orgasm of her life. Of course, there are women who do not like their boobs touched this way and this is where we go back to the communication part.  If you know what she does not like, you will be better off and pleasing her will be an easier affair.

9. She May Like It if You Touch Yourself

This will sound quit estrange for most men but women love to watch their men get themselves off. You can just get into foreplay when you get hard, just get your hand down there and touch yourself. Your partner will love just watching you do that and this will probably increase her lust levels and you will not know when she will grab you and get what she wants.

When sexual excitement is that high, chances are that she will love what you will do to her next and though she will get satisfied, she will want you to give her more.

10. How to Talk Dirty to Her

Talk Dirty to HerYou do not have to say all the dirty naughty things in the bedroom only. If you are out on a fancy dinner, you can start telling your girl how badly you want her. If you are at a bar, you can touch her and tell her all the naughty things you will do to her when you get back home.

In addition to building both your excitement, this will give your lady the courage and confidence she needs to fulfill all your fantasies. Additionally, this will make sure that she is mentally prepared and this results in better,longer and satisfying sex.When you talk about all the naughty things you will do behind closed doors in a public place, your lust will go higher and she will be looking forward to that special moment in bed with you.

11. Open Your Soul to Her: Reasons to Make Eye Contact During Sex

Make Eye ContactThey say eyes are the windows to the soul and the truth is not far from this statement. When you make eye contact with anyone, there is always that connection. When you look into your partner’s eyes, you feel a special connection, and this is something women appreciate. When you are making love to her, look her into her eyes to get that connection. You will be surprised how much better your sex will be.

The reason eye contact is important when having sex is because it is an indication that you are interested in her and what you are doing. Looking away seems like you are not interested and might come out as disrespectful. When you look directly into her eyes, you create an exciting drama that will make the event even better. Women will say that they know a man loves them because they can see it in their eyes. Let her know you love her and you love pleasing her in the bedroom.

12. Let Her Take Charge Once in a While

Let Her Take ChargeHave you ever thought that a woman would want to feel the excitement of being in charge, well, they do.It is not all about you being the leader in the bedroom; it is an experience you should share. That is why; giving her an opportunity to lead will make things steamy and more interesting.

You do not have to be on top all the time, let her get on top of you and have a ride of her life. This will not only make her feel better, it will be a change that you will both love. Sex does not have to be the same routine all the time because you will get bored quite fast. Changing the lead role can greatly spice your sex life and is among the best sexual advice pieces you will get.

13. Discover the G-Spot

two of your fingersSome people still think that the G-spot is a myth. It is important that you know that this spot is real and finding it will open new doors in your sexual world.You just need to warm your partner up and then insert two of your fingers inside her. You should then make a “come here” motion with the fingers such that the tips are pressing hard on the front wall about two inches up her vagina.

While you do this, you should use the thumb to stimulate her clitoris. You should be prepared for her reaction because in most cases, this will drive her crazy and she will always be looking forward to having sex with you.

14. A Little Help: Try Male Enhancement Products and Tips for Sex

As much as you can learn all the tips for sex you can get your hands on, it is important to get extra help from male enhancement products. One of the best products you can use is ExtenZe. This is a doctor-approved product with a unique formula that is not in other supplements.Using ExtenZe might give you results in a quite short time which is why it is one of the best products in the market today.

Using this product may give you many benefits. Users have reported massive and intense orgasms. Another important benefit that you might gain from using this product is increased endurance for longer lasting sex. You may also experience bigger, harder and more frequent erections. You might also get to enjoy easier and more reliable response that will make you feel young again.

supplementsThe reason this product is effective is because of its blend of natural ingredients. Each of the ingredients added could help increase blood flow to the penis and this might fortify and strengthen your erection and its staying power. There are no artificial or narcotic components and it is purely made of natural components that reduce the risks of side effects.

When you take ExtenZe, more blood flows to your penis, and since it will be higher in volume, you might have a bigger and harder erection.At this time,there is a bonus if you buy this product, as you will also get a lubricant for free; however, this may not last long. The most important thing here is that you will be a better lover and your partner will not get enough of you in the bedroom.

15. Take Things Slow and Easy

Most men think that as soon as a woman is wet, the sex should begin.Well, taking things slow is a good idea. Women need more time. Whatever time you think she needs to be ready, double it. Women do not care when they get an orgasm, the important thing is that they get one.

The longer things last and the slower they are, the more likely it is that your partner will get an orgasm. Giving your woman an intense orgasm will be one of the main reasons she will be thinking about the sex you had, and looking forward to you taking her there again and again.

16. Kiss Your Way into Her Erogenous Zone

KissNever underestimate the power of well-placed kisses in some of the most neglected places.Some women love it when men kiss them on the neck, nibble on their ear lobes and kiss them down their back. They have confessed to feeling a tingling all the way down to their clitoris.

If you take your time doing all these little sensual things, you will have her begging you to make love to her.Making this something you do will have her looking forward to being with you in bed. Always remember that pleasing a woman is all about paying attention to the minor details that most people tend to ignore.

17. How to Make Her Feel Sexy

There is nothing as important in sex as confidence and self-esteem. When you are making love, you should make sure that your partner feels sexy. While they might know they are sexy, it is quite good to have you say it. You can use words that will make her feel sexy before, while having or after sex. Building her confidence will make the sexual experience better and this will be satisfying for her especially when she knows you think she is sexy.

18. Keep Things Fresh: Always Work on New Things

NewSometimes the same old same old positions and routines will take the romance out of your sexual activities. An important piece of sexual advice is to add a few new things to spice up your sex.

Check out some new positions and have sex in different places other than your bedroom. If it is just the two of you in the house, introduce some sex styles and use the living room, bathroom and any other room where you are comfortable. Just make sure whatever idea you come up with is comfortable for her and she loves it.

19. New Tools: Use Technology to Get Her Ready

Technology is a blessing and you can communicate with your partner in different means, such as messages on your phone. Text her sexy messages all through the day and prepare yourself to please her to the maximum. While sex might seem like it is all about physical activities, a large part of enjoying it is mental. When you start preparing her all through the day, it is highly likely that she will enjoy the sex more.

20. Eat Healthy Foods to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Healthy FoodsTestosterone makes you manlier and can contribute to your sexual performance and enjoyment. Healthy foods and wise lifestyle habits will go a long way in helping you in increasing this hormone in your body and this will, in turn, improve your performance.

Sex is all about pleasure and as a man; you have the responsibility of making sure you play your part in pleasing your partner. The above tips for sex will help you move to the next level of sexually satisfying your partner and making her beg you for more.


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