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Sex Aids: 12 Ways for Men to Spice Things Up in a Boring Bedroom


Sex is not always everything. That’s right, gentlemen. As unbelievable as you think it is, there comes a point in your life where sex becomes boring. It could be caused by a number of factors, like when sex becomes a routine, or it becomes too predictable, or you have lost interest with your partner, which can be the downfall of your relationship or marriage.

Yes, as much as you want to think otherwise, there will come a time when sex becomes tedious. This is not a good thing. In fact, it is bad enough to kill any romance that you have in your relationship. If you tolerate this and do not take action, it can cost you your partner and your sex life as a whole. The good thing is you can do something about it.

When you feel like the sex is becoming too monotonous and it’s threatening to create this hole in your sex life, it’s time to take action and step up your game. Here are 12 effective ways to spice up things when the bedroom becomes boring.

1. Play Dress Up

Play Dress UpPsychology states that men lose their interest in the bedroom often due to the fact that things are too predictable, they see the same thing and they do the same thing over and over. It’s quite understandable, actually.

As with food, you would not want to be eating the same thing over and over every day. Just like with sex, men would also like to see something new once in a while.

If you find that your appetite for sex is getting a little lousy lately, it’s time to add a little spice and dress up. Yes, we’re talking role play. You can go from simple dress up themes to extreme role playing – it really depends on what would turn you on the most. You do this once in a while, you’ll find yourself craving it more often.

2. Rom-coms Instead Of Erotica

It is human nature and male instinct to get turned on when watching erotica before going to bed. This technique has gotten many men laid, with a woman or with their hands. This is because the romance coming from what you are watching turns you on, and you would want to do it, as well.

watching romantic comediesYou would be surprised to learn that there is a higher probability of you getting laid by watching romantic comedies rather than erotica before you and your lady go to bed. This is because women are turned on more at the idea of romance than watching the action done on screen.

This is where you see the difference of how a male and female brain works. Nevertheless, romantic comedies are more effective to bring sex back in the bedroom.

3. Add A Little Alcohol

Add A Little AlcoholAlcohol has always been known as the quickest and most effective aphrodisiac. If you want to get laid, you add a little alcohol to your game.

You know that relaxed feeling you get when you drink? That’s the perfect time to get sexy because everything is just going to pleasurably flow.

If you plan to spice up thing is the bedroom, try drinking a glass or two of wine during dinner or before you go to bed. Not only will the feeling of alcohol swimming inside your head turn you and your lady on, but the idea of having alcohol is already a turn on for her. Just take it easy, because too much alcohol will ruin the mood and sex, too.

4. Speak Up

Some men find it hard to speak up and tell their partner what to do or how to do it during sex. It could either be because they feel it’s awkward, or they do not want to embarrass their partner by teaching her what to do when she should already be doing it. Either way, not speaking up about what you want will just not give you what you want. It’s as simple as that.

The worse thing is when you get so used to not getting what you want, that you settle for what you are getting and this is where your boredom will come from. See how it would escalate? It is important to tell your partner what you want done to you and how exactly you want it done, at the same time you also ask her what she wants. Give and take, as they would say.

5. Take Turns Pleasuring Each Other

Spicing things up in the bedroomSpicing things up in the bedroom means getting pleasure and giving it. too. Men love to see women writhe in pleasure especially when they are able to give it without using their penis.

Foreplay with your fingers or your tongue – way to go. If you want to spice things up a bit, you got to learn to use your other body parts, too.

6. Watch Each Other Pleasure Yourself

One big turn on for men is watching their woman play with herself and knowing that she can pleasure herself just fine. The adrenaline is there, the challenge of giving her better pleasure that she can give herself – say what you want but watching a woman play with herself is just downright hot.

Having a front seat to this private, sexy show and knowing that she is thinking about you while she touches herself can plague your mind for a long time. You’ll be thinking about it often enough to crave sex every time you see her.

7. Morning Sex

romanceThere’s something about morning sex that gives a combination of romance, sexiness and emotions to a man and woman.

Generally, sex in the morning is more romantic as compared to sex at night where it is wilder.

It’s during morning sex that you get to focus more on the pleasure points of your partner. You got to admit, waking up with a boner and the first thing you do is have sex? It’s like waking up hungry and you are served with a hot meal in bed. You’ll be asking more if it every morning.

8. Exercise And Stay Fit

exerciseIt’s no secret that some men lose their appetite for sex because of their physical state. There are some men who have health issues that hinder them from having too much sex.

Here’s a tip: sex is a physical activity that requires fitness if you want to do it often. That is why you need to stay fit.

You should exercise regularly to keep your body in shape and to prevent any health problems that could put a pause to your sex life.

9. Red And Black

The two colors that represent sexiness: red and black. There is something about these two colors that promotes the idea of romance and sex especially when they are dominant in a bedroom. Add these two colors to your room and furniture to amp up your sex life.

lovemaking10. Try Something New

Oftentimes, lovemaking becomes boring not because of the action itself but rather because of the same old routine you do every time. When you feel like the bedroom action is starting to get monotonous and repetitive, try something new for a change.

It could be a new sex position, having sex in a different part of the house, or any other way that you have not tried before. The idea is to keep yourself going by discovering new ways to pleasure each other.

11. Do More Oral And Foreplay

All sex and no play can make you dull and boring. It’s always good to do a little oral and foreplay to keep things interesting in bed. Sure, the climax can be sex but before you go to that, it would be great to fool around a little and find out your pleasure zones using other parts of the body. By all means, oral all you want.

12. Add Some Toys To Play With

sex toysSex can be extra fun if you add in some toys in it. Sex toys can make you discover more pleasure zones.It can also help you give her more pleasure and you can pleasure yourself, too.

There are many kinds of sex toys that you can choose from depending on what kind of sex games you want to play.

Sex toys are mostly used for foreplay or when you are alone. Toys like whips or vibrators can make the sex more intense, so that you will crave it more often. While you are at it, why not do a little role playing to keep things more interesting?

Just like in every aspect of your relationship, when things start to dwindle down, it takes an effort to bring it back up. It should not be so hard. If you think about the benefits you will get – all the sex you will have – that should be enough to motivate you to bring the groove back in your bedroom. So, give it a little time and effort you have to spice up your sex life again.

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