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Tongkat Ali: 13 Big Things Men Need to Know About This Little Herb


Eurycoma longifolia, or more commonly known as tongkat ali, is a popular flowering plant found in most countries in South East Asia and has long been used to help aging men with andropause. Andropause is a condition in aging men – much like menopause in women – where the testosterone production is not as plentiful as it was when they were younger.

This is a normal process of aging and all men go through it. However, not all men want their testosterone to just go down without a fight. A decrease in the testosterone levels could mean a decrease in the sex drive, which domino effects to a decrease, or quite possibly a non-existent sex life.

Men dread this. Andropause and low testosterone levels has become a struggle for men that they will try just about anything to avoid it. Thankfully, Mother Nature has a way of helping men with this predicament. Rich in ginseng extract, this often misunderstood herb is capable of bringing you back to your glorious sex days. Here are 13 big things that you need to know how this little herb can help you big time with your sex life.

1. It Will Increase Your Testosterone

TestosteroneWhile it is true that there are many other testosterone boosting supplements out there, tongkat ali is the most natural and safest way to get your testosterone levels to an epic level.

How exactly? Apart from being a plant which is basically its most natural feature, this herb works differently than any of those testosterone boosters.

While other boosters work by boosting the testosterone itself, tongkat ali works by increasing the amount of leydig cells – the cells responsible for the reproduction of testosterone. Not only that, the natural extract of this herb also works with sex hormone-binding globulin (SHGB) to level out the testosterone production of your body in a natural way.

2. It Will Increase Your Sperm Count

Increase Your Sperm CountWith today’s technology and your everyday exposure to harmful radiation, from cellular phones, computers and other radiation-emitting gadgets, it is not surprising that cases of low sperm count are rising.

Men who often expose themselves to unhealthy lifestyle have to face the ugly truth of low sperm count when the tests are complete.

Good thing tongkat ali is there. Studies have shown that men who use tongkat ali have significantly increased their sperm count after a gradual decrease due to lifestyle and medical problems. If you take tongkat ali, you can be sure that your sperm count will be at normal level or even more.

3. It Will Increase The Quality If Your Sperm

sperm quality Not only will your sperm count increase and maintain at a healthy amount, your sperm quality will also become better, increasing the fertility probabilities.

Studies have shown that men who take Tongkat Ali have relatively healthier and more active sperms than those who do not take this testosterone boosting supplement.

Men who were not tongkat ali users before also showed a significant improvement in the quality of their sperm after using this herb. If you are planning to have a baby, you can seek help from tongkat ali to make your sperm healthier and of good quality.

4. It Will Increase Your Fertility

Increased sex drive, increased sperm count and better sperm quality – put them all together and you have the perfect ammunition for fertility. Research and survey has confirmed that men who use tongkat ali have bigger chances in fertility than those who do not use. Some men use this herb not for pregnancy. However, if you think you are ready to take the next step and have your own little toddler running around, this may be the fastest way to get your lady knocked up.

5. It Will Increase Your Libido

Tongkat ali has been proven to be a natural aphrodisiac for men. This is because of its natural testosterone boosting capabilities, this herb can make you crave for sex anytime of the day. In fact, the probability of libido increase in using tongkat ali is higher than eating other forms of aphrodisiac like chocolate or oysters.

brainStudies have confirmed this, too. Tongkat ali has been tested on older men – a 76-year-old man who ingested the natural libido-boosting herb was a subject.

The results were astounding and the brain activity was surprisingly active. He shared that he had sexual fantasies and erections all day long.

6. It Will Increase The Power Of Your Ejaculations

For most men, the power of their ejaculation is something that they can brag about. It is one display of the sexual capabilities and prowess. If you are looking for a way to increase the power of your ejaculation, then you’re in luck. Tongkat ali has been known to give your ejaculation more power and to shoot higher. That’s right. Along with better sperm, your ejaculation can reach higher and farther, which for some women and men, is impressive.

7. It Will Increase Your Sex Life

Increased libido, increased testosterone and increased ejaculation power is an equation for increased sex life. Maybe it will not turn you into a porn star like how those men in porn films are, but it will definitely get you close to being one. With the raging urges to have sex, the added energy and testosterone levels, you’ll be looking for sex and having regular sex.

8. It Will Make Sex Whole Lot Better

Tongkat Ali
Photo by Mokkie / CC BY-SA 3.0

Tongkat ali has been reported to give men harder erections. There have also been reports where men are able to recover their erections faster than normal.

Which means they are able to have back to back sexual escapades without fearing that their penis would tire out.

An even better report has claimed that some men are able to achieve multiple orgasms – something that rarely happens to men and mostly just happen to women. With more sexual urges and harder erections, you are guaranteed to have a better sex life.

9. It Will Increase Your Penis – Sort Of

Tongkat Ali may not be a penis enlargement product, but with all the sex you will be getting and the increase in testosterone levels, it is not surprising if your tool down there increase in size too. To increase your penis size, the common advice is to have more sex. The regular erection and surge of blood to your penis will naturally increase its size.

10. It Will Enhance Your Wellbeing

depressionTongkat ali is also known to be a mood-booster for men. It works with your happy hormones to stabilize your mood and enhance your emotions, which can prevent stress and depression.

This means more positive and happy energies which can have positive effects to your personal life and work life.

11. It Will Increase Your Muscles

Muscle gain is one of the benefits in using tongkat ali. When cortisol hormone drops and your testosterone level increases, this helps in burning fat faster which will also mean that you can work your muscles up. You will still need the help of work out and exercise to increase those muscles, but you already got all the boost you need. All you need is the effort to work out.

12. It Will Decrease Your Fat Levels

Tongkat ali decreases your steroid hormones, which in turn also helps in reducing and burning down your fats. It makes your body fat easy to burn and this is a good start to working on a fit body. What tongkat ali does is it increases the testosterone levels and decreases cortisol, which aids in shredding down the unwanted fats in the body. Now that you have the aid in burning down your body fats faster, all you need to do is help out with exercise.

13. It Will Increase Your Athletic Capabilities

With all the benefits that you are guaranteed to get with tongkat ali, it is quite exciting to know that you also get a bonus. Taking tongkat Ali will apparently also increase your athletic capabilities. The increase in your energy will be a great help in doing sports.

weight liftingTongkat ali is also known to be good in keeping your heart rate at a normal pace and to maintain your body temperature. This is a good combination for men who like to do intense work out or weight lifting. It can help a lot in your physical wellbeing.

Sure, there may be plenty of other ways to bring your sex back on, with the advancements we have in technology and the medications that pop up just about everywhere.

Here’s a question: are you really willing to risk your health on these chemicals that can do more harm than good to your body; or are you going to choose the natural way of getting your sex groove back with tongkat ali? The answer is not that hard to see.

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