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24 Crazy But Fun Facts About Sex That Will Make Her Laugh Out Loud

You may see yourself as an expert who knows everything about sex, but you could be wrong. To be fair, most men think they’re experts who know every little thing about sex. The reality is that only male scientists who study the subject in depth know about sex, and even they don’t know every single thing about it, both past and present.

Want to be a walking encyclopedia when it comes to sex facts to attract the ladies? You just clicked on the right article that talks about the crazy but fun facts about sex that will make the ladies laugh out loud.

Interesting Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Sex is pleasurable. Sex can be weird, but it’s also amazingly interesting. You may simply see it as a pleasurable act, but what happens inside the body during arousal and sex just proves how complex sex is.

Here are interesting facts about sex that will blow your mind:

1. Some People Are Wired to Have More Sex Than Others

brains’ activitiesIf you were to ask different people on how sexually active they are, the answers would be different. For example, if you asked them how many times they have sex in a week or month, the answers may be considerably differently, but still they all would consider themselves sexually active. The fact is, some people’s brains are wired differently, which makes them want more or less sex.

According to a study that used EEG to record brains’ activities, some people’s brains are more sensitive to sexual stimulus than others, which means they are easily aroused and would want to hook up more often as a result.

2. There is Enough Sperm in One Single Man to Impregnate Every Woman on the Planet

How would your partner react if you tell her that you could impregnate every woman in the planet? When it comes to the number of sperm you release in a lifetime it’s probable.

On average, a male can produce about 525 million sperm cells in his lifetime with at least a billion released every month. In every ejaculation, a healthy adult male can shed up to 40 million to 1.2 billion sperm cells. Whereas, a healthy adult female may release about 450 mature eggs ready for fertilization.

3. Sperm Cells can Survive Inside the Fallopian Tubes for Seven Days

Once released inside, sperm cells travel to the cervix, the uterus then to the fallopian tubes. Weak sperm cells may die in the process while the strong ones get to go on with the journey. They can travel up to 2.5 centimeters (cm) every 15 minutes and the fastest swimming sperm cell can reach the egg in just 45 minutes while the slowest swimmer may reach 12 hours.

If the sperm cell cannot reach the egg, it may survive in the fallopian tube for up to seven days.

4. The Clitoris has Twice as Many Nerve Endings Than the PenisNerve

The clitoris and the penis are among the most sensitive body parts; however, a woman’s clitoris may be more sensitive to stimulation than a man’s penis because it has about 8,000 nerve endings compared to a penis with 4,000 nerve endings. Rightly so, because the clitoris is mainly designed just for pleasure.

It’s just amazing when you ran into fun facts about the human body you never knew before.

5. The Vagina Decreases in Size By as Much as 30 Percent When a Woman is About to Reach Orgasm

Have you ever noticed how the vagina tightens as your partner reaches the peak of pleasure? That’s because the vaginal muscle contracts and decreases in size by up to 30 percent as she is about to reach orgasm and during orgasm.

Several changes, both external and internal, occur during the big O. blood rushes and fills the genital area, pleasure and feel good hormones are released and the muscle contracts. According to experts, the intensity of the contractions vary on how strong the pelvic muscle is.

6. Masturbation is Known to Help Cure Depression

When your partner catches you pleasuring yourself, just tell her that it helps cure depression. If you’re lucky, she might believe your lame excuse of facts about masturbation and laugh it off.

The truth is, masturbation does help cure depression, and that’s based on science. Research studies show that men who masturbated were able to improve their depression. This is because sexual arousal and orgasm makes your body release feel good hormones that can help improve your mood. On the other hand, over masturbation may trigger depression, according to other research studies out there.

7. Orgasms can Help Alleviate the Pain of a Migraineheadache

If she refuses you because of a headache, now you have a reason to convince her to be intimate with you. Orgasms may help relieve headaches caused by migraines because during orgasms the body releases endorphins that act as a potent pain reliever.

8. Males Over 70 Have 230 Times More Sex Than Women Over 70

If you think older couples are done with sex, you’re wrong. They may not be as sexually active as many younger adults out there, but sex is definitely not over for them.

According to a study published in TheNew England Journal of Medicine where males and females, ages 57 to 85 participated, more than half of those who were ages 57 to 75 performed or received oral sex, while a third of those aged 76 and up performed and received oral sex, as well.

Sex isn’t just about vaginal penetration with a penis. For other people, kissing and touching are sexual acts, too. Research about fun facts about kissing, and you’ll know how it affects your body in many ways.

Participants of the study who had poor sex lives admitted that their lack of sexual activity stemmed from lack of a partner or serious health concerns.

9. White Women Have More Anal Sex than Any Other Group

White WomenThings must be changing in today’s modern times, according to recent studies, because if you think anal sex is a taboo for women, you’re wrong. Apparently, it’s not out of the question for them anymore.

According to a recent study, one in three straight women in the U.S. have tried anal sex at one point in their lifetimes. The study conducted was a survey type of research including more than 10,000 straight women. One third of the number of women surveyed admitted to having experienced anal sex previously. Most of them were women in their 20’s who were married or living in with their partners.

From these numbers, you could say that a lot of women are now open to a sexual act that was once frowned upon.

10. The Smell of Pumpkin can Increase Blood Flow to the Penis

If you ever find yourself rocking a solid erection while preparing for Thanksgiving or carving a pumpkin into a scary jack-o-lantern, you might fancy telling your partner that you’re the innocent party, and the pumpkin is to blame. There’s something about pumpkin that stimulates a man’s senses that leads to arousal and increased blood flow to the penis.

The next time you’re planning for a romp in the bedroom, tell her to ditch the perfume and bring pumpkin pie instead. If you are watching your weight, you have lots of other options, too. There is no need for pumpkin pies, because male enhancement supplements like Extenze are specially formulated to improve your sexual health gradually, but safely and naturally.

Even so, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor if it is safe for you to take such a supplement, especially if you are already taking something or have an existing medical condition. These pills can help you avoid asking the question on how to satisfy a woman sexually.

11. Men Tend to Have Less Sex When they Do More Feminine Housework

repairing carsGone are the days when men only do masculine jobs and women do feminine chores. Everybody’s pushing for equality nowadays and that’s a good thing; however, men doing most of the feminine chores like washing plates, doing the laundry and dusting the furniture are less likely to have sex.

Women appreciate their partners who help in household chores when it benefits the relationship or marriage, but most women tend to be more sexually attracted to men who perform gender-specific tasks, such as DIY carpentry, plumbing and repairing cars. This could be because they appreciate it when a man does something that a woman may not know how to do, like fix the furnace or change her car’s oil.

Did these fascinating facts about sex made you interested to learn more about sex? Read on.

12. Gay Men have Bigger Penises than Straight Men

According to a large study focused on the sexual orientation and behavior of men, homosexuals have a third of an inch longer penis size than straight men. One of the co-authors said in an interview that hormones during pregnancy may be a factor in the penis size and the sexual orientation of males.

The researchers gathered the measurements of the penis through self-reports. Most probably, the homosexual men lied about their penis size but the same co-author said that based on a study, heterosexuals are more likely to lie than homosexuals. So, are you going to tell the ladies this and later prove them wrong?

13. Thirty-Six Percent of People Under The Age of 35 Go Straight Into Their Social Media Account After Sex

It seems many people could not live without tinkering on their mobile phones every now and then. Whatever people do, they just can’t let go of their mobile phones for long. Even after having sex, the first thing some people would grab is their mobile phone.

Social MediaIf your partner does this most of the time then she’s one of the 36 in a hundred people under the age 35 to go straight on Facebook or twitter after sex. What about post sex cuddles? They say post coital cuddles strengthen intimate bonds.

Other form of using social media when it comes to sex is sexting and a lot of people do it. Teens and adults do it. Learn more on fun facts about sexting here at

14. Prehistoric Human Penises Used to Have Spines

Yes, you read it right. Prehistoric males have spines on their penises. Is this interesting fun fact funny or just plain weird?

The study which compared the genes of modern humans, Neanderthals and chimps found that human males used to have spines on their penis but it’s one of the many deleted genes in males today. Don’t believe this story? Find out here at The National Geographic magazine.

These spines aren’t sharp but tiny hard tissues. According to the scientists’ theory, the evolution in male species penises maybe brought by the changing forms of sexual relationships in humans. In modern animals, spines on the penises function as a plug to prevent other male’s sperm from fertilizing the egg. In humans, they don’t need the spines for sperm competition during fertilization because they now engage in monogamous sexual relationships.

This is a theory that still remains vague at this time.

15. Male Testosterone Levels and Sperm Counts are Only Aa Quarter of What They Were a Century Ago

SpermIt seems that modern men are becoming less fertile than what their forefathers used to be. According to a study, healthy men as young as 18 to 25 have irregular sperm counts. Even the sperms they produce are not of good quality based on the standard by WHO. Compared to other male animals, such as bulls, sperm counts in men plummeted which surprised many experts in reproductive biology.

Moreover, researchers noticed that cases of reproductive problems due to congenital defects have also increased. Are men going extinct after a few generations more? Only time will tell.

16. Shaving Your Pubes Makes You More Likely To Spread A Sexually Transmitted Infection

Some like it with all the hairy mound while others want it hairless. If you and your partner frequently shaves your genitals, this may fact may make you think twice next time. Going bald down there makes you more likely to contact sexually transmitted infections. Pubic hair protects your skin around the genitals from bacteria and viruses. Plus, cuts from shaving make it easier for harmful microorganisms to penetrate your skin.

Next time, go for a little trim to make it look neat.

17. Some Animals Perform Oral Sex, Too

If you love oral sex, so do bats, bears and wolves. These animals also participate in the practice quite often. How, you ask? Maybe you can find a video on YouTube to prove it, but that may not be a good idea.

18. Vibrators Were Not Actually Designed As A Sex Toy

It’s hard to believe vibrators weren’t really sex toys when you believed all along that it is. But, it’s really not. During the 19th century, people use vibrators to reduce hysteria.  Is it the vibration or the size that calms down a person?

19. Women are Friskier Than They’d Like to Admit

pornStraight women say they are only attracted to men; however, a study in Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario found that most women are easily aroused by sexual stimulus consisting of photos of naked male and female bodies, gay sex, straight sex and animal sex. To be fair though, a survey showed that some men searched and watched gay sex videos in porn sites.

20. Women can Make Their Voice Sound “Sexier” While Men Can’t

If you haven’t noticed, women can manipulate their voices to attract men. When a woman starts making her voice sound low and breathy, she is sending you a signal that she’s attracted to you. If your partner is playing this voice manipulation on you, you know what comes next.

21. Women Tend to Cheat During Their Fertile Period of the Month

If your partner suddenly throws aggressive sexual advances towards you then it must be the time of the month.  During their most fertile period, women want sex the most maybe because hormones are playing their part in ensuring that the egg gets fertilized.

Did you also know that at this time, women tend to prefer sex with more masculine men, such as soldiers? Uh oh… If she comes at you, try not to refuse or a soldier will do the job for you.

22. Men and Women Tend Not to Notice Disgusting Things When Sexually Aroused

Sexually ArousedSex is a messy stuff with all the sweat and bodily fluids spreading all over. Do you often wonder why people don’t get grossed out? That’s because sexual arousal overwhelms your brain’s response to disgusting things.

One study showed that women who watched an erotic video easily performed a disgusting act than those who watched a neutral video. Other past research showed that sexual arousal has the same effect on men, too.

23. Sex may Cause Rashes

As sexual arousal starts, blood starts to rush in all over your body. Blood flow will return to normal once sex is over and breathing becomes steady.

Increased blood flow and body temperature may cause sex flush or red rashes to appear anywhere in the body. It will eventually go away once your body normalizes.

24. Love And Obsession Affects The Same Part Of The Brain

According to a study, when a woman fall in love, blood rushes to a certain part of the brain that is responsible for pleasure. The same part of the brain that is responsible for obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Falling in love with a new person also lowers serotonin levels which is also common in people with obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

No wonder why people spend more time obsessing with a new partner and are blind to their faults during the early stage of the relationship. No wonder why when you recall the early stages of your relationship you would be left in awe as to why you stayed. Obsession played a part.

Sex is a wonderful thingSex is a wonderful thing, but it has it quirks too, which makes it even more exciting and interesting. Sex is also full of surprises. It gives you pleasure and it helps you make babies. What you don’t know is that inside the body, a series of changes take place during arousal, sex and orgasm you may not notice. Hopefully, these amazing fun facts about sex makes you interested to learn more.

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