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Nine Unbelievable Penis Problems That Are Way Too Common


You heard a lot of horror stories about a man’s penis. Some stories talk about the man who cuts his own junk,while there are accounts about men whose penises were locked inside a woman’s vagina. There were stories about penis-eating animals, which you must admit, must’ve scared you bad. You figured this must be society’s way of saying you should not have sex until you are ready. After all, urban legends are urban legends.

Apparently not. When it comes to matters involving your man down there, nothing is impossible. You could fracture it, break it, bend it and even cut it, and this is no laughing matter. Believe it or not, there are men who went through hell because they thought their penis is invincible. If you love yourself and care so much about your member, then read this. Here are penis problems that are actually real and experienced by real men.

1. The Vaginal Lock

man and a womanFor sure, you heard stories some where about a man and a woman interlocked during sex. This is when your penis gets trapped inside a woman’s vagina while doing the deed.

To make things worse, you can’t just pull it out without damaging your manhood. There is also a possibility that you might break your member and permanently damage it.

The best thing you could do is to bring yourself – and your girl – in the emergency room, wrapped in a blanket, and in a sex position you were last doing. The doctor will inject a certain drug to stabilize the woman’s vaginal muscles, so you can get your penis out. Don’t be surprised to see if your man down there turns bluish purple to black. Don’t worry. You’ll get better, and your man down south will be functional again.

2. You Can’t Get It Up

ladyloveYour ladylove is in the mood for a steamy session of lovemaking. You were a bit tired and stressed out from work. Since it’s only once in a blue moon that your girl asks for sex, you decided to give in to temptation.

Unfortunately, your man down south is not cooperating. You blamed stress and work and promised to make it up to her the following day. Fact: Erectile dysfunction is a common issue – and it could affect men of all ages.

There are many reasons why you can’t get your man up, the most common of which is psychological. This means it’s all in the head. You are allowing stress, anxiety, and pressure to take over your brain and body, instead of going with the flow. Keep in mind that your penis needs an ample supply of blood flow to get it up.

Stress and anxiety change normal blood flow, thereby affecting your erections. Aside from psychological issues, erectile dysfunction could also be a physical issue.Erections could also be affected by hormones or nerve endings. If you can’t get it up, the best you could do is to discuss this with your doctor to determine the exact cause.

3. Jock Itch

genitalsDo you always feel the urge to scratch the area down there? You are sure it’s not STD because you always use condom when having sex. May be you have jock itch.

Also known as tinia cruris, jock itch is a fungal infection on your genital or groin area. Aside from the itchy feeling, you will also notice redness in the creases in the butt or thigh area. In some cases, this could extend in the genitals or scrotum.

There are variety of reasons why this happens. Heat, sweat, and your skin rubbing together are the most common causes of jock itch. Therefore, wearing breathable fabrics and loose fitting clothes could help minimize this condition. You could also apply talcum powder in the thigh area especially if you sweat a lot. Don’t forget to properly wash your area down there and dry the area completely, before putting on your clothes for the day.

4. Curves In All The Wrong Places

doctorMen are not supposed to have curves. However, there are cases you might have it down south. This is known as Peyronie’s disease. Some degree of curves down there is okay, especially if you have been that way for as long as you can remember.

However, if this curvature comes with painful erections and uncomfortable sex, then this requires medical attention. Up to 120,000 middle-aged men are diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease every year.

This is caused by plaque buildup or scarring on the inside your penis. This could also be the result of an injury or trauma down south that didn’t heal properly. However, don’t rely on these reasons alone. Even if you didn’t hit your member, as soon as you noticed an unusual curve down south, then you should see a doctor right away.

5. The One-Minute Man

One-Minute ManFact: Men orgasm faster than women do. However, if you reach the big O within one minute from penetration, then you have a big problem. This is called premature ejaculation, or PE. This is when you have an orgasm within a minute of penetration.

It could be either a lifelong condition or something you just acquired. Whatever it is, this will surely bring you a feeling of distress and anxiety inside the bedroom. You might also start saying no to sex.

Premature ejaculation is not a biological issue. However, your psychological state could also play a major role inside the bedroom. Medications that slow down ejaculation process could help address PE. Counseling could also help you prolong the penetration process. If you are one of the many men who experience PE, make sure to talk to your partner about this, as well.

6. Delayed Ejaculations

Let’s say you last longer than one minute in bed. You have no problems getting an erection and you are sure you are able to satisfy your woman’s needs in bed. The problem is you keep on going and yet, you can’t reach the big O. This condition is called delayed ejaculation. Although you have no issues getting or keeping your man up, you can’t seem to let go of that big O, especially when doing it with your ladylove.

high blood pressure pillsDelayed ejaculation is not a result of an abnormality going on inside your body. This happens when you spent too much time inside your bedroom and your man down there looks for the same stroke when you’re having sex.

Medications such as antidepressants and high blood pressure pills could also cause the delayed ejaculation. Limiting your masturbation session could help solve your ejaculation issues. Address any physical or psychological issues to help you get off easily. You also need to teach your body and let it experience a different feeling of sensation to be able to enjoy sex more. It’s going to take some time. Be patient.

7. Blood In Your Semen

HematospermiaYou are sure that semen is supposedly clear. After the deed, you noticed blood stains on your sheets – and it’s not your girl’s period. Before you freak out, you should know that this condition is called hemospermia or hematospermia. ‘

Don’t worry. It’s not cancer, though it won’t hurt to schedule that trip to the doctor, especially if it doesn’t go away on its own.

Blood in your semen could mean different things. It could be an infection in the prostate, inflammation, and stones in the ejaculatory ducts, among others. Most of the time, it is nothing major, especially when it doesn’t come with other symptoms, such as blood in your urine. Relax. It will go away on its own.

8. When Yeast Is The Beast

Most people think that only women can get a yeast infection. It turns out that even men could get it too, and you need to do something about it. Yeast infections in men happens because of variety of reasons.

Antifungal creamsThis includes having sex with someone who has yeast infection, wearing tight-fitting undergarments, too much exposure on hot environment, antibiotic use and frequent sex among others.

When this happens, you will experience burning sensation and itchiness down there. The good news is yeast infection in men is treatable. Antifungal creams and taking antifungal drugs could help get rid of yeast infection. If your partner has yeast infection, make sure to use a condom to minimize the risk of transmission.

9. A Broken Penis

Most experts will argue that although an erect penis is called “boner,” a man’s penis doesn’t have bones; hence, it is impossible to break something, which doesn’t have bones. This is a good point; however, breaking your penis does happen. It might happen to you if you’re not too careful. What “breaks” is the corpus cavernosa or the cylindrical tubes, which fills with blood to keep your man down south erect.

If you love rough sex and enjoy positions, such as doggie style or cowgirl, then you are at a higher risk of breaking your penis. Banging too hard could rupture and cause blood to fill your member. This could lead to pain, swelling, and if left untreated, permanent deformity or loss of sexual function. Unusual situations don’t mean they are impossible to happen. In case you found yourself stuck in a serious penis situation, make sure to bring yourself to the emergency room as soon as you can. Don’t be embarrassed. The more you put everything in your own hands, the worse it could get.

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