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8 Fast Facts About the Male Sexual Health-Physical Health Connection


You heard it countless times already. Your sexual health and physical health will always have a special, unparalleled relationship. This is because your erections rely heavily on blood flow. Without ample supply down south, you might find it challenging to get it up, or maintain it in an erect state during game time.

However, not all men are willing to talk about their health, especially when it involves what’s down south.

Most of the time, you are scared, embarrassed or worried about what your doctor or other people will think about your condition – and this extends inside the bedroom.Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that men are less likely to go to their doctor for checkups compared to women.

Here’s a question for you: how much do you know about your body? Read on learn more about male anatomy and to gain a better understanding of the sexual health and physical health connection.

1. It All Boils Down To Lifestyle Habits

drinkingDid you know that up to 90 percent of erectile dysfunction cases are due to physical-related issues? By physical, this means various illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, kidney problems, diabetes and gum disease, among others.

How, You Might Ask?

Erection is dependent on blood flow. When you experience issues down south, it is your body’s way of telling you that something is going on inside, and you need to pay attention.

Bad lifestyle habits such as excessive drinking, smoking, lack of sleep, unhealthy food choices and a lack of exercise could lead to certain chronic illness, which clogs the arteries and restricts proper blood flow.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Chronic illnesses require medications to minimize symptoms. There are certain medications such as drugs for high blood pressure and kidney diseases, which affects proper blood flow. This could lead to issues down there as well.

While you still can, evaluate your lifestyle choices and make a shift to healthy ones. Prevention is always better than cure.

2. Smoking And ED Are Good Friends

smokingPoor lifestyle habits often lead to serious medical conditions, and eventually erectile dysfunction. One of the deadliest habits you need to get rid now to save your health is smoking.

Various studies show that smokers are more at risk for ED than non-smokers. The reason for this is nicotine. This substance constricts the blood vessels, thereby decreasing blood flow down there.

At the same time, smoking either kills or damages your sperm, which could be an issue if you are trying to start a family. If that’s not enough to make you stop, then smoking also leads to lung cancer, which is among the top killers all around the world.

3. The Average Penis Size May Not Be What You Think

Admit it. You constantly ask this age-old question, does size really matter? In fact, a study published in Psychology of Men and Masculinity journal revealed that 45 percent of surveyed men were not satisfied with their man down there. Because of this, you look more ways to add more length and girth down there since the bigger, the better, right?

Not really. It turns out that the average penis size is one to four inches when in a flaccid state and five to seven inches when erect. If you belong somewhere within those parameters, then you are fine. There is no need to go through expensive penile enhancement surgery. Citing the same study, majority of women are content with their partner’s size.

However, there is one condition, which requires medical attention. Six out of every 1,000 men have a condition called micropenis. This is where a man has unusually small penis, with an erect penile length of seven centimeters. Hormone treatment and surgery are available; however, the guarantee of success is slim.

4. Know What To Do When Sex Becomes Painful

Know What To Do When Sex Becomes PainfulHave you heard those horror stories about men breaking their penis? It turns out that these stories are true – and it’s not there to scare you. Blood-filled chambers surround your penis to keep it erect in important situations.

If you are not careful, say you are in a middle of an acrobatic sex or you are pounding too hard, one of the membranes surrounding the penile chambers breaks and cause a painful rupture. This leads to pain and sudden deflation of erection.

If this happens, make sure to go straight to the emergency room for treatment. Untreated penile fractures could lead to permanent deformity, scarring, or erectile dysfunction – and you don’t want that. A better option will be to take it easy inside the bedroom. Observe care and precaution to minimize injury down south.

5. Biking Can Be A Good Thing Gone Wrong

One of the best ways to boost both your sexual and overall health is by exercising regularly. You need to keep your heart healthy and at the same time, make sure that you will last longer in bed. In this case, biking could be one of your workout options.

Did You Know That Biking Could Harm Your Sexual Function?

BikingThe perineum,or that area between your sex organs and anus, contains arteries and nerves, which supply blood in the penis. Sitting on a bike seat for prolonged periods takes the pressure on your perineum.

This could also affect and damage the pudendal artery. As a result, sitting on a bike seat compresses these nerves and leads to loss of sensation and reduced blood flow among others.

Aside from this, several studies show that men who regularly bike experience genital numbness and at a higher risk for ED. Still, this doesn’t mean you should stop riding your bike. Go for wider and padded seats, avoid tilting your seat upward, raise the handlebars, and take breaks especially during long rides.

6. Understand Sperm’s Long Shelf Life

During menopause, women experience rapid loss of fertility and hormonal changes, which could make childbearing difficult. Did you know that you could still father a child even in your 60’s? According to the National Institutes of Health, the probability of erectile dysfunction increase as you age. However, this does not mean you are unable to get it up, have sex, and father children. Your body is able to produce sperm regardless of the numbers in your birthday cake.

exercise in your daily routineStill, there are protective measures you need to do improve sperm health. Quit smoking, learn to manage stress, minimize alcohol intake, include exercise in your daily routine, and maintain a healthy diet.

How you dress up is also crucial, which means avoid tight pants, go for loose fitting boxers, and minimize, if not avoid hot baths. You can also take zinc and folic acid supplements to prolong your sperm’s life.

7. There Is No Such Thing As Marathon Sex

You’re browsing for porn and can’t help but notice those videos that last for hours. This makes you wonder if you can do marathon sex. Here’s the truth: sex that lasts for hours does not always happen. According to a survey, it only takes seven to 13 minutes from penetration to orgasm, with foreplay not included. This means all you need is a few minutes to reach the big O.

However, don’t limit your sex to 15 minutes. You can spend extra minutes stimulating each other to ensure that you are both in the mood. If you want to last longer in bed, penetration wise, then regular exercise will help. Working out improves your endurance and gives your energy level a boost, which is something you can bring inside the bedroom.

8. Sex Comes With Health Benefits

Sex Comes With Health BenefitsHere’s the positive part. When you take care of your body, your body will reward you with good things, including better function down south. In fact, regular sex comes with tons of benefits, including enhancing your overall health.

If you are constantly saying no to some action, then here are reasons why you should have sex more often.

  • Sex Is A form Of Healthy Exercise. It exercises different muscle groups and makes you sweat. In other words, you are having a cardio workout in the most pleasurable way possible.
  • Lose Weight FasterSex Helps You Lose Weight Faster.Since you are sweating, it follows that you are also losing weight. You are making your fats cry and at the same time, having fun. It’s a win-win.
  • Sex Is A Free And Effective Stress Reliever. Did you know that orgasm releases feel good hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins? These happy hormones suppress stress, anxiety, and depression and make you feel good after. No payment necessary.
  • Sex Boosts Your Immunity Big Time. Working out inside the bedroom boosts immunoglobulin. This makes you immune to flu and protects you against other common illnesses.
  • Sex Increases Your Pain Tolerance. Instead of taking painkillers, why not have sex? It comes with many health benefits, too.

What do these all mean? Take care of your health. If this requires you to seek professional help to address any conditions, then go ahead and do it. The earlier you start taking care of your body, the easier for you to reap the benefits and enjoy sex even more. Remember, your sex life depends on your health. Don’t let it down by doing the opposite.

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