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10 Slanted Notions We Have About Sex

10 Slanted Notions We Have About Sex

The topic of sex comes with many mysteries, taboos and preconceived notions. Many cower at the very thought of talking about sex, and it’s this fear that drives these misconceptions. Well, we are here to squash some of these preconceived notions that we all have about sex by dispelling the top ten slanted sex taboos and notions.

If you’ve ever wondered if men really think about that pimple on your face, or if women think you’re weird because you masturbate, then you’ve come to the right place to have these answers finally resolved.Read below to know about 10 completely skewed notions we have about sex. They may surprise you.

 1. Men Can’t Control Their Penises.

partnerIf you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where your partner could not become anatomically excited, then chances are you took it personally.

I mean, who wouldn’t? Here you are trying to have a sexy encounter with your lover, and he can’t even be attracted to you anymore?

So, you scour the Internet to try and find the answer as to why your man can’t get an erection anymore, and you stumble upon this common answer: It’s all in his head. And it’s true. Often times, the inability to achieve erection is psychological. Perhaps your partner is experiencing a bout with depression or anxiety.

Stress and tiredness have been linked to the inability to achieve an erection, so the best thing to do next time you find yourself in this situation is to calmly and patiently assure your partner that you’ll wait and not judge.

Chances are that if your partner is comfortable, they will relax and stop thinking so much, and then they will be able to provide you with everything you’re looking for. And hey, if not there’s always tomorrow – or medical science. If it continues or increases, doctors are there to diagnose and treat the problem. Be proactive.

2. Pleasing Yourself Is Gross.

embarrassmentMasturbation seems to have this little cloud of negative connotation following it around, right? We hear that someone masturbated and the first response is something along the lines of, “Ewwww.”

Admittedly, the person doing the masturbating has no problem with it during the act, but this sense of shame or embarrassment lingers in the air afterwards.

Of course there is a time and place for masturbation, I mean public indecency is a thing that lands people in jail. But, there is nothing to be ashamed of, so long as the act is in the privacy of your own home.

Masturbation actually has positive side effects when done sparingly. Men can experience more stamina during sex if they masturbate. Women can learn more about what really helps them achieve an orgasm, if they try and find out for themselves. So what’s to lose? Absolutely nothing. There is a stigma attached to masturbation and there definitely shouldn’t be.

 3. Sex During Her Period Is Disgusting.

womanWomen often feel embarrassed to explain to their partner that it is “that time of the month.” Menses is seen as “dirty,” as well, after all, blood is everywhere – need we say more?

Women should not be embarrassed by their periods; instead, they should embrace that menses actually is a great time to have sex.

That’s right, during the week of her period, some woman are extremely horny. So, take advantage of that. Period blood is often associated with any kind of blood, and therefore pain and suffering. However, menses blood isn’t dirty at all and it actually can act as a lubricant if you, you know, find a towel to clean up and everything.

4. Blowjobs Are Revolting.

So, the counterpart to the “periods are gross” taboo is the thought that blowjobs are disgusting.

Many women feel as though it is simply repulsive that men ejaculate and pee from the same area. Therefore, they of course want this body part no where near their mouths.

Here’s the deal: Did you know that there’s a part of the male genitalia, called the Cowper’s gland, which actually cleans the urethra, so you don’t have to encounter any pee? Well, if you are really against giving your man oral sex, then you are just going to have to find another excuse other than this one.

5. All sexual Relationships Are Created Equal.

We as humans naturally compare ourselves to others. Maybe we are nosy, insecure or competitive, but regardless of the reason, we are constantly seeking comparison.

coupleThe bedroom is no exception. Couples find themselves talking about their sex lives, asking questions like, “Well, how often do you do it?” and “Is it always really brief?”.

But the truth is that we as humans also naturally lie.That’s right, we lie. Shocking? We didn’t think so.Chances are that the “normal” couple you are comparing yourselves to is lying about how often or how they have sex.

Many people like to say that two to three times a week is the average, but truthfully, who can be certain with these lies running rampant through the rumor mill? Never compare your sex life to anyone else’s; cherish it for its individuality, and improve on any areas that you and your partner see fit.

 6. Everyone Has The Same Sexual Desires.

relationshipAs much as we like to think that our soul mate is interested in the same things as ourselves, sexually speaking, in everything that we are, there is little to no truth to this statement.

Especially in a longer relationship, you will find that you and your partner have different needs and desires. You may not want to have sex but he does, or maybe you want to cuddle sensually and he doesn’t.

Men are naturally more excited by visuals, whereas women are proven to be excited by feeling secure in their appearance. Why not combine the two? Ladies, give your man a striptease; men, compliment your lady. There, problem solved.

 7. Either You Are Good In Bed Or You Aren’t.

The idea that someone is either “good” or “bad” in the sack exists. Your girlfriend may gush about their previous night with a guy who was great in bed, but this all can be chalked up to experience. The thought of being labeled as a sex deviant or dud is simply untrue – sex takes practice and maturity.

bedroomDo you remember your first time? Would you want someone to label you based on that single unexperienced encounter? Chances are many of us wouldn’t like that very much, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Sex should be appreciated as, well, really an art form, if you will. You practice and finesse your abilities, and you will find that you mature along the way.

Just like someone goes to the gym to build up stamina and physique, you should consider your sexcapades as practice that are only helping you gain confidence and ability in the bedroom.

8. Night Time Is The Right Time.

Photo by Sherri Christian / CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you ever had the urge to have sex with your partner, only to be told, “Let’s just wait until later”? Well, either they areblowing you off, or your partner believes in the preconceived notion that sex belongs only to the night. To keep things light, let’s opt for the latter here.

Many cultures believe that night time indicates intimacy and privacy for a couple, but is there really anything wrong with a little afternoon delight?

No. In fact, mixing up the timing of your sexual encounters may spice things up for you and your partner. Stop watching the clock, and get your groove on this afternoon – or even tomorrow morning.

9. Anal Sex Is Only For Women.

Naturally, anal sex in and of itself is still the butt of many taboo related topics – see what we did there? But, why is it that when we think about anal sex, we always imagine the female receiving it?

It seems quite bizarre and backwards to imagine the female initiating anal sex with her male counterpart as the recipient, but there is actually more positive effects of this than you may think. The male G spot, coincidentally, is located just inside the anus. So, really there’s only one way to access it.

researchSome men may never admit to wanting this area to be explored, because they feel it will detract from their masculinity or sexuality, but in actuality it would be to everyone’s benefit.

Research proves that G spot stimulation can lead to the ultimate orgasm, so why be bashful of this part of your body?

10. Homosexuality Is A Choice.

Most people who oppose homosexuality argue that it is a choice, and therefore anyone choosing that path is morally incorrect – but science has proven otherwise. Although some homosexual people claim that they did make a conscious choice, others have proven to be influenced by genetics.

While there are still no definitive answers, scientists feel that homosexuality, at least in males, can sometimes be attributed to fraternal birth order. The studies continue, so it won’t be long before even more myths on homosexuality emerge in the future.

doctorAnother slanted notion we have about sex is that consulting the aid of any kind of product or supplement is a no-no.

But the truth is that natural enhancements, such as those from, can only help enhance your sexual experiences -and naturally, at that.

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to help boost your sex drive, then we highly recommend talking to your doctor regarding some of today’s natural supplements.

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