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7 Ways Stress Leads to Dead End Sex

7 Ways Stress Leads to Dead End Sex

Stress is inevitable because it gets to you anytime and anywhere. Heavily trafficked roads, unfinished paper works, heaps of unpaid bills, problematic teens and so much more can cause angst. Stress could lead to more serious health issues both physical and mental. A lot of men also reported that stress is the number one reason for their poor sex life.

Stress can alter moods, trigger the release of the unnecessary amount of hormones, as it inhibits the production of vital hormones, which makes you feel awful and causes you to resort to unhealthy habits. While your body needs stress once in a while, too much stress can do more harm than good. Here are ways how stress leads you down the path of dead end sex:

1. Stress Leads To Depression

Stress Leads To DepressionToo much stress can cause depression, which can isolate you from your environment. First, it can make you lose interest and satisfaction from the things that once make you happy.

It draws you away from the people you love, your work, your friends and the activities you used to enjoy. Depression can heavily impact every aspect of your life, and your sex life is no exemption.

Second, you turn to sex as an escape to these negative feelings instead of your desire. Back when you were a child, you have developed a habit of dealing with negative emotions. You distract yourself through playing, watching TV, eating candies and a lot more. As an adult man, you distract yourself through sex.

Although you don’t have the desire, you do it compulsively for the sake of relieving your emotions. In turn, it will only leave you unsatisfied and unhappy which could add more stress. Moreover, medications of depression caused by too much stress have side effects that can dampen your sexual desire and affect your ability to achieve erection and orgasm.

The intensity of the side effects may vary from person to person. Medications are best treatment options for depression so talk to your doctor about your concerns about its effects on your sexual life.

2. Stress Affects Sex Hormone Production

CortisolWhen you are stressed, your body reacts by releasing hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. These two hormones are needed by the body daily, but only in small amounts.

However, during stressful periods, your body tends to release bursts of cortisol and adrenaline over a short period. Thus, reducing the production of sex hormones, testosterone.

So, if you’re feeling that stress is beginning to take over you and before it could take its toll on your life, find ways on how to handle it effectively. Take a break or get involved in recreational activities. Better yet, have great sex with your partner to ease stress.

partner3. Stress Makes You Want To Eat A Lot

If eating is one of your ways of coping with stress, then it’s no surprise you’re slowly gaining weight. Weight gain means fewer visible muscles as your belly and other parts of your body start to become soft and saggy.

Those excess fats will make you less confident about your body hence you feel less desirable. A poor self-image will make it difficult for you to be confidently naked in bed with your partner. Less sex could strain relationships, which can add more stress.

4. Stress Turns You Into A Grouch

Stress is a negative thing thus it reflects negative emotions. When you are stressed, you are likely to be easily irritated. Most likely, you vent out your anger and frustrations to your partner, you yell at small things and you reject physical contacts. If this happens after every stressful day, how can you be sexually intimate with your partner and how will she desire a grouch like you?

5. Stress Is A Communication Barrier

relationshipYour relationship suffers when you feel stress due to lack of proper communication, and if ever there is, it will only consist of hurtful words and angry tones.

Women need to feel emotionally connected to be sexually aroused and if you don’t communicate, then how will she feel connected to you?

If you constantly cut her off when you’re stressed, then expect less and less sex. Moreover, sex makes you feel connected to each other. This only means that stress not only affects your sexual life, but ultimately your relationship.

6. Alcohol Becomes Your Friend When Stressed

AlcoholYou usually end up in a bar after a stressful day at work. If this is how you cope up with stress, you might need to find other ways to do it.

A drink or two may heat up your body for a hot night in bed but, more than a few drinks on a daily basis over a long period can seriously hurt your ability to achieve and maintain erection.

Too much booze, even for just a day can dampen your mood and decrease libido. You can still have sex, but may not be as pleasurable when you are sober.

7. Stress Leads To Sleeplessness

Too much stress from financial and office problems could lead to sleepless nights, which could affect your sexual desire. Deprivation of sleep makes a person easily irritated, angry and in no mood to mingle with other people how much more to respond to sexually.

How can you respond when you’re body and mind are craving for enough shuteye? Ironically, having sex can relieve stress. If you can’t handle stress well, it could create a vicious cycle where less sex leads to more stress, and more stress leads to lesser or no sex at all.

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