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3 Ways to Find a One Night Stand You’ll Want For the Rest of Your Life

3 Ways to Find a One Night Stand You’ll Want For the Rest of Your Life

How do you hookup with someone sans the guilt? The answer is pretty simple: By hooking up with the girl who’s willing to hook up with you, too. You are less likely to feel guilty when you know you both wanted each other.

1. Hookup With A Beautiful Stranger

Hookup With A Beautiful StrangerSex with a stranger is truly an exciting experience simply because you don’t know each other. Also, you won’t probably see each other again and if you do, it won’t be awkward. Here’s how:

  • She Talks Openly About Sex. Girls don’t normally share private, intimate info to a guy. But, if she keeps on talking about the moves she’s good at and that she is taking contraceptives, most likely she’s sending you a sexy message. You are likely to get lucky soon if she is indirectly giving you hints that she won’t mind having a one night
  • She Is Touchy-Feely.We’re pretty sure you’ve got a lot of girlfriends, and you’ll know if a touch is more than just a friendly pat or if it’s something a bit more sensual. A girl is touchy-feely when she makes skin contact, even if unnecessary like a lingering, forceful stroke on your arm or thighs while she’s laughing at your silly jokes.
  • She’s Obviously Flirting with you. A girl is out rightly flirting with you if she makes eye contact and when her laugh becomes deep and sexy, instead of whole hearted and natural.
  • She Doesn’t Take A Step Back From Your Advances. A girl who is not interested won’t even pay you any attention back. If she is not embarrassed and even responds to your sexual moves, then you know she is up for it.

2. Hookup With A Friend

Hookup with a friendHooking up with someone you already know can be fun too, especially if you find that friend attractive. And who knows, maybe romance will spark. Here’s how:

  • Look For A Friend Who Hooks Up, Too. Observe your friends and sort out those who are sexually active and open about their sexcapades. You don’t want to start making your moves with the wrong girlfriend. You’ll fail even without attempting.
  • Initiate Phone Sex. After selecting a potential bed buddy, call her at night. Start innocently. Ask a random question until it leads to something interesting, so she won’t put the phone down. Then, ask open-ended questions with answers that may relate to sex. After that, start by confessing about your sexual adventures until she opens up about her, too. This way, you are revealing things that will linger in her thoughts.
  • Sext With That Friend. If you’re not feeling up to a sexy phone call, you can do it through text. Not saying it verbally can make you less anxious and conscious of what to say.
  • Send Her A Sexy Photo. Always ask first, but you can send a sexy shot of yourself, but don’t send a nude photo. You want to get her to see past the friendship, but you don’t want a lawsuit, either. By getting her to want you too, you won’t feel guilty about what will happen in the future. Building sexual tension can be rewarding once the sex happens.
  • Send A Clear MessageGo Out And Have Fun With Friends. If a friend is planning a night out, be there. After a meal and a drink, you’ll can talk about sex and love. A game of truth or dare is also a good way to start talking.Do not take advantage of a friend who is drunk, though. That is not the right way to go.
  • Send A Clear Message. Hookups can mess with a friendship, so be sure you both know what it is and what it’s not. Think about whether you are interestedin casual sex or a real relationship with her. Find out what she wants, too, so you’ll both be on the same page.

3. Be On Your Best Behavior

Hookups are sexy, but they have the potential to turn into a nightmare for you and the girl. When hooking up, remember these things:

  • If the girl you are eyeing is a stranger, don’t hesitate to make the first move. If she draws back from you, that means no, and a no is a no.
    Show respect, don’t be bitter and go find another prospect. Hooking up is fun and a good way to enjoy sex, but not every girl is up to it.
  • If you want to hook up with a friend, test the water first before diving in. You’ll feel it if she’s interested. Make sure you both want it and know what happens after it so no one getshurt, and you can go on like nothing happened.
  • Never hookup with two friends that belong to the same circle.
  • Don’t hookup with a friend who will kiss and tell. The news about you will spread soon if you do.
  • Don’t hookup in a cheap place, or at your parent’s or her parent’s house.
  • male enhancement pillWhether you are hooking up with a friend or a total stranger, practice safe sex, even if you know she is taking contraceptives. A hookup is not worth getting STDs or any infectious disease.
  • Make sure it is one of the best nights of her life. How? Take a shower and brush your teeth. If you’re nervous, you can try a male enhancement pill to make sure your man tool won’t back out at the last minute. A product like ExtenZe can help.
  • Have fun and be yourself.

Hooking up is a great way to explore your sexuality and enjoy sex without the commitment. Even if you intend a hook up to happen only once, it’s not impossible to want to do it again with the same girl, especially after a mind-blowing sexual experience. Ask for her number. For all you know, she might be the one for you. If she’s a friend, wait for her to initiate. If you’re thinking of pursuing her, stop inviting her simply for sex and start showing her the other sides of you.

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