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6 Beneficial Things Men Need to Know to Avoid Injuring Their Penises   


It might sound as a crazy urban legend to make boys not experience cravings for sex. Sadly, it’s true. You could injure your penis while masturbating, during the actual sex, and even while zipping your pants. Worse yet, if you are not too careful, you could get an infection, and you don’t want to know what the symptoms are, because they can be difficult to deal with.

A Look At Penile Fractures

You might say that penis doesn’t have a bone and relies solely on blood flow to keep it erect. How can it be bent or broken? This is a good question.

corpora cavernosaA man’s penis has two chambers of sponge called corpora cavernosa. It also comes with a thick membrane surrounding the erectile tissue.

If you are not careful, or your partner is railing too hard on your pubic bone, the powerful thrust could lead to a cracking sound, followed by an immediate loss of erection.

Aside from the cracking sound, how will you know if you injured your man down there? Here are signs and symptoms to look for:

  • A sudden, severe pain in the testicles or scrotum.
  • Genital pain or swelling that doesn’t go away after several hours.
  • vomitingPenile pain or swelling, accompanied by fever.
  • A lump that appears suddenly.
  • Change in the shape, size, or feel of a testicle.
  • Blood in your urine.
  • Urinary problems that comes with fever, vomiting, chills or pain.
  • Pain during urination, ejaculation or passing stool.
  • An abnormal discharge from the penis.
  • Pelvic pain that lasts for more than five days.

If any of these symptoms happens to you, make sure to contact a doctor immediately. The doctor needs to perform several exams and order lab tests to check what went wrong down south. At the same time, this will minimize further complications in the area and save what needs to be saved.

However, there is a better idea. Save yourself a trip to the emergency room. Here are some effective things you could to keep your member out of danger:

1. Say yes To Safe Sex

condomFact: sexually transmitted infections or STI are common these days. All you need to do is to forget your condoms, and then have sex with random women you don’t even know the name of each and every night.

Preventing sexually transmitted infections from knocking at your door is easier than treating it. All you have to do is to be responsible with your actions and practice safe sex.

Before the sexual relationship, be honest to your partner about the possibility of having STI. For your and her peace of mind, make sure both of you are tested.

If you have multiple partners at the same time, it is important to use protection at all times. Condoms may not be the ultimate prevention tool but they do help minimize your risk. If you have or feel you might have STI or your partner does, abstain from any sexual activity at all costs. Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. Yes, an STI is a treatable condition. However, you don’t need to go through that if you are always be responsible with your actions.

2. Practice Simple Lifestyle Changes

Do you always feel the urge to scratch the area down there? You might have jock itch or a fungal infection on the skin of your groin area. You might also have yeast infection, and yes, even men could have it.

applying creamsThese conditions are treatable and you can easily get away with it. However, save yourself from applying creams and drinking prescription drugs to treat the infection. All it takes are simple lifestyle changes such as:

  • Dry your groin area properly before wearing your undergarments.
  • Always go for cotton underwear and loose fitting clothes. This allows your skin to breathe and prevent bacteria from taking advantage of the moist environment where they could multiply.
  • After swimming, change wet clothes immediately to allow your skin to dry out.
  • Trim your pubic hair. Apparently, long pubic hair is an ideal environment for yeast infections.
  • Wash the area down there. However, use products that are gentle on your skin since strong chemicals could destroy its natural balance.
  • Take it easy on the carbs and sugar. They contain yeast, which is not a good idea.
  • Stay away from sexual contact, if your partner has a yeast infection.

Make sure to consult a doctor and have yourself checked to rule out any conditions. This way, you will receive the appropriate treatment.

3. Take It Easy On Sex Positions

Fact: sex is pleasurable. When you do the right positions, sex will surely take you to a different dimension. However, be careful. The cowgirl and doggy style are fun and pleasurable positions to do, but believe it or not, this could be the reason for your trip to the emergency room.

According to a studyAccording to a study published in the journal, Advances in Urology, the 42 confirmed cases of penile fractures were because of sex. That’s not all. It turns out that cowgirl is the most dangerous position, at least based on the said study.

The woman on top position is not a dangerous one. What makes it dangerous is when your girl arches her back a bit farther. Your penis gets over  extended and there is a possibility that the ligament attaching your penis to your pelvis can be torn.

This doesn’t mean you are safe to do other positions except cowgirl. Even the reverse cowgirl could break your penis. Sex positions that require entry from the behind, such as dog style and anal sex could spell danger. While thrusting, you could accidentally hit your partner’s pubic bone or tailbone, which could fracture your penis. Take it easy cowboy. Think about this situation as shooting guns, but you just missed the target. Ouch.

4. Masturbate Gently

watching porn videosDid you know that you could fracture your penis even during your alone time? Giving your man down there some pampering while watching porn videos doesn’t hurt.

However, if you are thrusting against a pillow, make sure not to ram yourself into something hard underneath it since this could lead to penile fracture.

Locking the door during your session could also help you avoid penile injury. Think about this. You are turned on and your man is standing loud and proud. All of a sudden, your mom or little brother entered your room. Out of panic, you grabbed whatever you could find or suddenly turned your back so no one could see your erect member.

Another ouch moment.

5. Say No To Infidelity

They say karma is the best revenge. Sadly, cheating and infidelity are common in most house holds these days, which will never be okay. If you happen to do some side trips with another woman aside from your ladylove, then don’t be surprised if karma comes knocking at your door. The question is how does karma relate to penile injury?

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a small study regarding penile fracture under sexual situations. The said study looked into 16 patients who suffered from severe penile injury. According to the said study, half of the patients who suffered from this type of injury happened while they are having extramarital affairs.

What Does This Mean?

What Does This Mean?There will always be a thrill of knowing that there is someone out there who finds you attractive and charming, other than your wife. However, this is not a good reason to do some monkey business behind your partner’s back.

Most of the time, cheating sex is rushed. Yes, it does happen inside the bedroom, but sex in uncommon places such as offices, cars, and inside the bathroom are common.

When you get caught, that’s where the real problem starts to happen. There is a possibility you might break your member because of panic. If you are not yet convinced, then hear this out.

A Singaporean businessman was having an affair with his secretary. He was getting a blowjob from his secretary while inside a parked car. Things must be going well that they didn’t notice a reversing van coming straight to them. Unfortunately, his secretary bit his manhood, and you know what happens next.

To make things worse, everything was caught on tape. The secretary’s husband was suspecting an affair and hired an investigator to follow his wife. Now, he has proof – and karma to bank as his sweet revenge.

6. Take It Easy On Everything

Penile injury could happen even in the most benign, everyday situations. You could injure your member while you are at work, while driving, spending some “alone” time, and even while cleaning your gun. The important thing is to take it easy. You are not in a contest while having sex. Your job requires your brain, skills and hands, not your penis. You are not part of the cast in Fast and Furious. Practice control, and put safety in mind in everything you do.

In case accidents strike, relax and bring yourself to the doctor immediately. The doctor will evaluate the damage and examine the extent of the fracture before prescribing treatment. Don’t put everything in your own hands. Otherwise, this could lead to permanent damage down there – and nobody wants that.

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