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7 Seemingly Benign Drugs That Can Do Bizarre Things To You

7 Seemingly Benign Drugs That Can Do Bizarre Things To You

Doctors warn people as to how drugs can negatively impact their health. Some drugs that exist nowadays are handled with care or are being avoided because of their strong side effects. Apart from these, there are other medications that look harmless and gentle.

HeadachesSome individuals tend to abuse or regularly take them without worries, as they are presuming they are safe for their health. What they do not know is that, a few seemingly benign drugs have weird and dangerous downsides they should watch out for.

Headaches, rashes, diarrhea, palpitation and allergic reactions are some of the side effects of many modern drugs.

These are nothing compared to the downsides that you can get from some different seemingly safe and gentle medications out there.

Turning you into a psycho, giving you bigger internal organ problems and sexual dysfunction are only a few of those strange, but alarming side effects that you don’t want to encounter. Here are seven seemingly benign drugs which deliver some bizarre effects:

1. The Anti-Malarial Drug That Can Crack You Up

Who would have thought that cases of depression, suicide and murder could be prevented by simply stopping from consuming anti-malarial medication?

Lariam, which is being taken by thousands of people a day is claimed to be the cause of some scary side effects. Scary as it could turn you to a killing psychopath or at worst, a suicidal bomber.

Photo by maxwellgs / CC BY 2.0

Some incidents of self-injury and homicide from different parts of the globe are being linked to the psychiatric side effects of Lariam.

As time passes by, more and more people are campaigning to stop the distribution and recommendation of the drug.

Other downsides of this medication include dramatic mood changes, paranoia attack, fatigue, anxiety, vertigo and confusion.

The numbers of patients noted for negative changes in behavior due to Lariam are gradually increasing. It would be a better cure for malaria victims to consider taking alternatives or other medications, rather than risking their lives or the lives of others, to a more uncontrollable and damaging medication.

 2. Lose the Pain and Fever With the Great Pretender

When it comes to medications, the master of pretending is the ever-approachable Tylenol. This drug is also known as acetaminophen or paracetamol. Both can provide relief from pain and fever.

Since this is an over-the-counter medicine, you can easily grab a Tylenol anytime you need it. This medicine may look harmless, but what you don’t know is that, the drug can give more side effects that you can ever think of.

kidneyTylenol causes liver and kidney diseases. The more you take it, the more you’re making yourself prone to such devastating ailments.

Apart from your liver and kidneys, the drug may also damage the intestines and other vital organs of your body.

Parents must seek for an alternative, as kids may be badly affected from paracetamol that you are giving them every time they are sick.

Replace Tylenol with cold compresses for fever. If you are generally healthy, you just have to let the sickness take its course. For pain, herbs such as turmeric and ginger will let you have a natural kind of treatment. Massages and rubs are good alternatives, as well.

 3. From a Parkinson’s Patient to a Gambling Junkie, Sex Addict or Both

Parkinson’s disease
Photo by Bruce Blaus / CC BY 3.0

Parkinson’s disease really sucks. It can make you choose to push a self-destruct button rather than acquiring it.

This could be the reason as to why some people chose to feast on Mirapex and be a porn addict. Ditching Parkinson’s disease for the price of living a gambler or sex maniac’s life? Not bad, eh?

Aside from Parkinson’s, Mirapex can blow away bipolar disorder, restless leg syndrome, headaches and other diseases.If you have Parkinson’s and the abovementioned health conditions, do you think it is worth it to become a pathetic gambler or a horny junkie?

Some Mirapex victims sued the manufacturers for turning them into tequila addicts and casino lurkers. Lawsuits were also brought by people who suffered from addiction to pornography, cybersex and binge eating. It looks like everyone is not happy with the downsides of the drug. Does it imply that they are choosing to have their Parkinson’s back?

4. Paracetamol’s Friend is Not Your Friend

muscleA reason why it is not advisable to take in ibuprofen as an alternative for paracetamol and acetaminophen is that, it offers a different set of side effects. Though it may not damage your liver and kidneys, it targets another vital part of your body, which is your gut.

Ibuprofen may be effective in relieving muscle pains, but what most people don’t know is that it causes gut problems and autoimmune issues. Like the previous advice, it is best to look for natural remedies for pain and fever.

Children should not be exposed to this medication because of its harsh effects. Apart from herbs, nutritional therapy, massage and acupuncture would be great alternatives.

 5. The Medication That Can Turn Your Acne Into a Brain Tumor

Accutane may wipe out the acne away from your face, leaving healthy and smooth looking skin, but the price to pay is a brain tumor, which can be excruciating and uncomfortable. It’s true that the medication is effective, especially if a huge wave of pimples is trying to conquer every part of your face. The downside, on the other hand, may not be worth it.

Brain tumor
Photo by Marvin_101 / CC BY-SA 2.0 DE

Brain tumor is the worst thing that you can get with the use of Accutane. If you are a bit lucky, you will only experience its symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and unidentified whooshing noises.

Like other medicines with bizarre effects, the manufacturers of Accutane are being accused of ruining the lives of many. A brain tumor surely is both frightening and devastating.

As an alternative, anti-acne creams or anti-bacterial washes are still the best ways to deal with acne problems. Considering facial treatments may also keep you safe from the downsides of the said drug.

 6. Calming Antidepressants That Also Cool Down Your Sex Life

talk to your doctor
Photo by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / CC BY 2.0

Apart from depression, antidepressants are also prescribed to patients with eating disorders, anxiety disorders, chronic pain and hormone-mediated problems. This medication may sound nice and harmless, but it has downsides that will change your impression upon hearing it.

Antidepressants can negatively impact the different aspects of sexual function. They block the serotonin, norepinephrine and acetylcholine, which are three brain agents responsible for transporting signals.

This causes ejaculation failure, impotence and decreased libido. Sexual side effects have to do with dosage.

You can talk to your doctor and ask him to lower the dose to avoid the downsides of antidepressants. Ask if there are alternate cures for depression apart from drugs.

 7. Antipsychotics For a While

Antipsychotic medications are prescribed to patients who are suffering from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other serious psychiatric conditions. It is also given to people with depression and agitation. They sound friendly and effective at first, but what you might not know is that, the negative effects can make you a lot crazier – by robbing you of your sexual function.

All antipsychotics block the dopamine that is responsible to control emotional responses. Levels of the hormone prolactin are also being increased, which can result in reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and difficulties in reaching the orgasmic stage. Acetylcholine is also blocked, and this leads to overall sexual side effects.

drugsDosage can impact your sexual function. You can discuss with your doctor and ask him for alternate cures or if you can take in smaller dosage of antipsychotics.

Were you shocked by the above list of seemingly benign drugs and their nasty side effects? If you don’t want to experience the downsides of the above medications, you need to keep this list in mind and always look for an alternative. I

f in case you were left with no choice but to take one of the above medicines, consult with your doctor if they can lessen the dosage of the drug for smaller chances of acquiring some serious side effects.

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