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9 Essentials of Making Passionate Love in the Great Outdoors

9 Essentials of Making Passionate Love in the Great Outdoors

Being served almost the same meals every day makes you lose your appetite. You probably just want to skip it and find something else to eat. The same goes for sex. If you keep doing the same things in bed over and again, sex becomes less exciting and just plain boring.

public place
Photo by Samuli Lintula / CC BY 2.5

With a dull sex life, many people wait until it reaches the point where they do it just to get it over with until they don’t do it anymore. Be adventurous and spice up your sex life. Keep her excited by bringing in some novelty.

You can choose from a lot of options, but one of the best ways to try something new and exciting is to have sex outdoors.

Sounds crazy but yes, doing it in a public place will take your sex life to a higher level. Here are a few tips to make your outdoor experience truly memorable and less traumatic:

1. Just Don’t Get Caught

It’s all fun and pleasure until you get caught with your pants down or worse, end up in jail. This is not the scenario you both want to end up being involved in, so be smart. If you’re planning to take her for an intimate outdoor rendezvous, choose places with low risks of getting caught, like a secluded beach or forest.

lots of treesYou could try a park with lots of trees and bushes, or inside your car in a quiet place. Choosing the perfect time is another thing to consider, as well.

If you want to get naughty while playing it safe, do it early in the morning, or late at night when there are no people in most public places.

Don’t get too consumed, always stay alert. Watch out for distant foot steps and listen for the rustle of leaves and the breaking of twigs. It pays to be extra careful.

2. Pick A Discreet Location

public toiletNot all women are in for a “public stunt,” so if you’re girl is a bit hesitant; convince her by picking a safe and comfortable location.

Choose a spot somewhere with a lesser chance of running into other people and covered with huge trees if ever you plan to do it while taking a hike.

If you’re up for it in a public toilet, please be a gentleman enough to take her somewhere clean. You can’t wait to get in then get it out but at least don’t make it a disgusting experience for her.

3. Choose Better Sex Positions

If you want a fast escape if ever someone passes by, standing positions provide great pleasure without having to get naked. You can carry her then lean against a wall or make her bend over a little with her back to you. Lift her skirt then slip your trousers lower so you can penetrate her. If someone happens to pass by, you don’t have to rush to get dressed, and you can easily pretend nothing happened while giving each other meaningful glances.

4. Dress For The Occasion

Avoid skin tight pants
Photo by Douglas E. Sherwood / CC BY 2.0

If you want the perfect execution of your outdoor plan, it is important to dress appropriately. Avoid skin tight pants and belts. Make her wear a skirt or a dress for easy access.

Surely, you don’t want to get caught butt-naked. If you both want to be ready for the action, go commando, but be sure to bring extra underwear if you plan to go some place else afterwards.

5. Utilize What’s Available

Make the best of what’s available. If you’re out for a hike, it won’t be hard to spot a huge tree where you can lean her against as she wraps her legs around you. If you’re out camping and suddenly find a waterfall, enjoy your private moment on the rocks behind the falling water. Look around first and see if you can find something to make your experience more enjoyable. All it takes is your imagination.

6. Spread A Blanket

beachYou want to make the experience as comfortable as possible for her, so better bring a blanket whether you want to do it at the beach, field or a forest.

You certainly do not want crawling insects, sticks, other sharp and hard objects ruin what could otherwise be your unforgettable outdoor sexual experience. Plus, you don’t want to piss her off if sand, dirt or debris gets into her girly parts.

7. Come Prepared

Getting caught is part of the fun, but it could also be a reason you’re girl can’t concentrate on being aroused. Amp up the pleasure with a handy lube and choose unscented ones to avoid attracting insects and bugs. If she’s not on the pill, don’t forget your condom. Doing it outdoors is not reason enough to get careless. One more thing, dispose of the rubbers properly. There’s nothing more disgusting than running into littered used condoms.

Male enhancer pillsAnother thing, the thrill of getting caught adds to the excitement, but can also make it difficult for you to get and maintain a solid hard on. Blow her mind with fear and pleasure by popping up a pill.

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8. Cover Up

If you want your naughty rendezvous to be a bit private in somewhere public, why not make use of a tent? It may not provide a wide space, but it will provide enough cover. Try a spooning position or let her be on top while almost half of your lower body is out of the tent. Get creative with sex positions as long as it does not make the entire thing fall on top of you.

9.Be Silent

keep your voices low
Photo by torbakhopper / CC BY 2.0

This regulation doesn’t just apply to libraries and courtrooms. You’re making it less obvious, yet both your moans and groans are loud enough to attract anyone’s attention. If you can’t get on with soundless sex, keep your voices low.

Better yet, talk normally, as you pleasure each other. Pretending like nothing is happening add up to the fun and excitement. Having outdoor sex comes with a lot of benefits; novelty, fun and pleasure. But be sure to do it discreetly with these tips. There is nothing worse than getting caught “red-handed.”

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