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Penis Health Care: 8 Serious Symptoms You Need to Know

Penis Health Care

The penis is one of the most sensitive and important body parts of the male structure. Due to its importance, it requires a different height of care and respect.  When it comes to penis health, men should no more than just how to use condom. There are many ways to keep your penis in good condition to ensure a healthy sex life.

sex organ
Photo by Baresh25 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Apart from protection, you must know the proper maintenance of your penis. It is also necessary for all men to be aware of the many different penis problems and ways to counter it.

With enough education and safe practice, you can keep your manhood secured and functioning. Take good care of your sex organ to make sure that it happily rises with you every morning.

Penis Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Here are some facts about the penis that you may not have heard of yet. Being aware of these may also come in handy for you:

  • According to studiesThe Benefits Of Circumcision To Penis Health – Most men around the world do not have circumcisions. According to studies, some of the reasons behind uncircumcised guys are religion, culture and preference. This makes them and their sex partners prone to some health conditions. Uncut penises are more likely to pass sexually transmitted diseases to their partners because men don’t clean them properly. Aside from this, circumcision also reduces the risk of having HIV and penile cancer.
  • It Is Not What It Really Looks Like – If you think that you have seen every part of your penis, you are mistaken. The fact is, half of the length of your penis is inside your body, while the other half is the one that you can see and hold. The real shape of an erect penis, including the inside part looks like a boomerang.
  • Sensitivity Fades with Age – Studies show that the sensitivity of penis declines as a man ages. Apart from this, difficulties in erection and ejaculation may surface. Living a healthy lifestyle can prevent or lessen this, however.
  • neck Know Your Pleasure Zones – The underside of the glans or head of the penis is the most sensitive part of the penis when it comes to sexual pleasure.
    The nipples, some areas in the anus, scrotum and neck are other sensitive parts of the male structure.
  • Use It Or Lose It – When it comes to penis size and health, it is a matter of using it or you might lose it. According to studies, erection helps in keeping the penis in good condition. The muscles of the penis need oxygen through blood flow to make it erect and keep it in shape.

If you don’t experience erection within a day, it is not a problem, as long as you are having an erection during sleep. While at the REM stage, impulses from brain makes the penis hard no matter what dreams you are having. Some men may not experience erection even at sleep due to penile damage caused by some health conditions, such as diabetes.

What Is Harmful For Penis Health?

Many factors may lead to bad penis health. Some can be minor, while some are conditions that are more serious. They are as follows:

  • male sex organUnprotected Sex – Sexually transmitted diseases can damage the male sex organ. Apart from this, the condition may affect the wellness of the whole body.
  • Heart Diseases And Diabetes
    Problems with the circulatory and cardiovascular systems can cause problems with erection. Due to poor distribution of oxygen brought by this condition, the penis get the best nourishment with the right amount of blood that it needs to be in good shape. Diabetes on the other hand may damage the veins of the penis. If this happens, it would be hard for a man to get an erection or be sexually stimulated.
  • Hormonal ImbalancesHormonal imbalances can greatly affect the penis health. Apart from this, depleted testosterone count may lead to decreased sexual drive.
  • Injury – Forced or acrobatic sex and intense masturbation are possible causes of penis fracture. This trauma can deal a great damage in the appearance and function of the penis.
  • pubic hair
    Photo by Aezram / CC BY 3.0

    Poor Hygiene – The risk of having a bacterial infection is extremely high with men who have poor hygiene. The pubic hair may carry tons of viruses that could be harmful if not removed by frequent washing and disinfecting of the genitals. If you don’t want to shave or wax your pubic hair, it is advisable to wash your male sex organ regularly to avoid infections and other conditions.

How To Keep The Penis Healthy

Regular maintenance of penis is required to keep it in shape. Other methods and health advisories are also available to guide every man when it comes to penis health care.

  • Groom – There are many ways that you can groom your penis. Shaving and waxing are some of the common options. Aside from being clean, a shaved and waxed penis can be more appealing to some women.
  • Proper Hygiene – Regularly washing and cleaning of the penis saves your manhood from unwanted bacteria. With good hygiene, you can prevent itchiness and other kinds of penile infections. Include the use of an antibacterial soap and clean water when it comes to washing.
  • Wear condomsBe Safe – Be sexually responsible by practicing safe sex. Wear condoms or be faithful to your partner. Test yourself if you are in doubt of your previous sexual encounters
  • Opt For Vaccines – Vaccines to control the human papillomavirus or HPV are available. This can be availed by men who are 26 years or younger.
  • Be Physically Active – Exercise and keep your body in shape. Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and may improve your sexual performance.
  • Stay On Top Of Your Mental Health – Your mental status affects your erection and overall sexual performance. Stress, anxiety and depression are some good examples that can affect your penis health. If you think that you are physically healthy, but you feel emotionally or psychologically disturbed, visit a specialist.
  • alcohol Stop Smoking And Lessen Alcohol Intake – Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may affect your erection.
    With long-term use, it could make your penis shorter and smaller in size. These bad habits can also cause a total wreck on your sexual performance.

Know The Facts: Common Penis Problems

Here are the most common conditions that can affect the health of your penis:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections – Genital warts, chlamydia, genital herpes and syphilis are some common examples of STDs. These sexually transmitted diseases can affect the penis health.
  • Foreskin Problems – Phimosis occurs on an uncircumcised penis where the foreskin is unable to retract from the head of the penis.
    Paraphimosis on the other hand is a condition where in the foreskin won’t go back to its original position after being retracted.
  • Erection And Ejaculation Issues – Erectile dysfunction, premature, painful and elongated ejaculation are some inclusions. These can be usually painful and uncomfortable for the person affected.

8 Symptoms Of Bad Penis Conditions

doctorMen should watch out for signs that may affect their penis health. Here are some of the symptoms that they should raise to a doctor when encountered.

  • Changes in Ejaculation Process
  • Blood in Urine or Semen
  • Painful Urination
  • Warts, Bumps, Rashes and Cuts
  • Severely Bent with Pain
  • Discharge
  • Severe Pain
  • Constant Itchiness

Your penis health relies on your ability to maintain a healthy way of life. Together with proper and regular maintenance, you can make sure that your penis is always in good working condition.

It is also important to know about dangers and their prevention, so you can avoid experiencing a bad penis condition. Remember, if you suffer from any troubling symptoms; don’t feel too embarrassed to see your doctor. They can help you feel healthy again quickly.

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