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7 Ways to Sex Up Your Boring Bedroom

7 Ways to Sex Up Your Boring Bedroom

Do you have to pass through piles of laundry, scattered toys and numerous other hurdles to even get close to your bed? Is your bed covered with dull-colored bed sheets and mismatched cushions? Well, it’s the common sight of many bedrooms, especially for those in relationships where both partners are busy at work and with child care.

In an effort to organize each and every nook and corner of other parts of the home, most women ignore the importance of their bedroom. The result? Their bedroom remains disorganized, messy and unsexy. And, it’s definitely not good for their sexual life.

partnersA bedroom should not just be a room for relaxing; it should also be a comfortable love-space for partners. After a long hectic day of work, only a sexy bedroom can help to put partners in the right mood.

If you are daunted just by the thought of making your bedroom sexy, let’s tell you it is not as difficult and expensive as you might think. So, ladies get ready – it’s time to give your bedroom a sexy makeover using the following effective tips:

1. Revive Your Sex Life Aesthetically

Beautiful colors, the right arrangement of furniture, and attractive interiors are equally important for augmenting the overall look of the bedroom. You should avoid placing bulky furniture if your bedroom is small in size. Most importantly, unclutter your bedroom and keep it clean.

bedroom ambienceSoothing colors are essential. Blends of blue colors lulls the bedroom ambience; thus shades of blue and purple are specifically recommended. You can also visit your nearest paint store and ask for suggestions.

When looking to add wall hangings and pictures, choose those that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Picking a beautiful picture of you with your partner to add to your bedroom wall is a good idea, too.

However, refrain from showcasing pictures of all the family members on your bedroom wall. You would not like your parents or kids staring at you in the night when you both are in the middle of any dirty business.

Another effective way to add sexual appeal to your bedroom is by adding flowers. Beautiful glass vases with your choice of flowers will seriously take away the melancholy atmosphere of your bedroom. If you are unable to take care of the flowers and change them daily, then skip the fresh ones and rather add artificial flowers. Dead flowers are depressing and are not good for your relationship.

2. Create a Sexy and Sensuous Smell

To feel and look sexy, you should be relaxed. Smell is one of the most powerful of all the senses that keep you mentally and physically calm. And, when you create a seductive smell in your bedroom, chances are that your sex life enhances magnificently.

couplesFor some couples, a freshly showered partner wearing a sensuous perfume is enough to set the stage for intimacy.

However, if you want your entire bedroom to smell sexy, don’t forget to add rejuvenating aromas to your personal space to stimulate sensuality.

Try some scented candles, fresh flowers, incense or natural perfumes to turn on the mood and keep your bedroom smelling as sexy as it looks. Sprinkle a few drops of aromatic essential oils such as lavender, musk, pumpkin or sandalwood on your bed, pillowcases, on your body and spray it around the bedroom to enhance that intense energy.

You may try a diffuser to infuse your bedroom. Among all the scents available, lavender and pumpkin are two commonly used potent perfumes, as they work as aphrodisiacs for men. Undoubtedly, perfumes are a quick and easy way to keep sheets smelling fresh and your stressed loved one tranquil. They can sweeten your time together and do wonders to your sex life.

3. Turn Off the Television and Switch on the Music

The bedroom should only be a place for relaxing, sleeping and having sex. Avoid installing a television in your bedroom. If you have one, throw it out of your bedroom. Instead, put a small stereo and play calm and soothing music for enhancing the mood.

soft and soothing musicThe latest rock music is great for nightclubs, but a bad choice to play in your bedroom. Certainly, the sound of soft and soothing music in the bedroom is a great stimulator for sensuous and erotic emotions.

Choose a type of music that soothes both you and your significant other. It can be collection of classical or soft rock. Also, don’t forget to play songs that convey special meanings, and provides memories for you both. Play your favorite tunes every time you hit the bed to create a warm mood.

You may also like to invest in tinkling chimes and trickling water fountains, as the sound of flowing water and chime bells triggers relaxation, love and serenity. If you want to avoid being overheard, consider hanging thick and flowing curtains, since fabric absorbs sound.

4. Your Bedroom Should Taste Sexy, Too

Yes, that’s right. Your bedroom should look, smell, and taste sexy as well. Well, taste is not always connected to eating. We are talking about flavored lubricants that can enhance a yummy angle to your love making.

What if you really want to feel full and hydrated during your sack session? Ensure to keep a jug of clean and cool water on the table next to your bed. You might need to have a few sips of cold water after that exhausting sexercise.

dark chocolateKeeping a sexy bowl of aphrodisiac foods, such as dark chocolates, apricots, apples and avocados nearby could turn out to be a healthy snack that you both can share together.

These foods are known to heighten sexual arousal and intensify desire. If you are worried about the calories, just relax – all those activities that you will do under the wraps will definitely burn those in no time.

If you don’t want chocolates or apples to interfere during your intimacy, then ditch them. Instead, try foods that appeal to both of you. Sometimes it’s not what you eat but how you eat, and feeding each other can be sexy and erotic.

If you want to take your lovemaking to another level, try this: bring your favorite sauces, honey or melted chocolate, in your bedroom. And, how to eat them? Just trickle a few drops of honey on your honey’s tummy and lick it all over.

So, you like to kiss your honeybunch just before getting out of your bed. But, what about your dragon breath? Keep some mints handy in the nearest drawer of your bedside table and grab them before you grab her in your arms.

5. Keep It Soft to the Touch

We have not considered another most important element that can help to create a soft stage for a rock hard intimate session.Yes, we are talking about softness of touch. Invest in good-quality soft bedding and warm rugs.

Soft sexy beddingsSoft sexy beddings and a fur throw will definitely make you hug your loved one more closely.

The other things that you must ensure to invest in are plush throws that are specifically designed to absorb your love juices or other leftovers of sexual intimacy.

Just toss these soft, velvety and fluffy plush throws on your bed sheets, sofas or any other spot of your bedroom where you are likely to make love. So, no more messes and worry now. These blankets are super soft and absorb everything that you’ll throw at them.

6. Dim the Lights

Lighting is the essential element in creating an erotic effect in your bedroom. It is quite dull to rustle inside the sheets when you can’t even see your partner. However, being able to see the curves and creases of your partner in subtle lights escalates that erotic passion you have always desired.

In order to enhance the lighting effect, chuck out bright lights since there is nothing sensual about them. Bright lights are truly unsexy and unflattering. Even Angelina Jolie wouldn’t look sensuous in bright lighting.

Transform your personal space to have a sumptuous glow with attractive table lamps, shadows, highlights and chandeliers. To intensify the lighting effects, use pink light bulbs, instead of white ones. If you are on a budget, you can use pink or red nail varnish to paint your white bulb. This will cast your room in a sexy, warm glow.

Dimming the lights will undoubtedly turn you on. Candles can also do the trick. Nothing can create an exotic ambience like candles. So, it’s great to invest in decorative, colored and fragrant candles and burn them often. They offer the warmest, softest and sexiest glow all over the room. Everything looks great in candlelight.

7. Offer Another Room to Your Gadgets

Your bedroom is exclusively meant for just both of you. The furniture, artwork, pictures, colors, and items displayed in your bedroom should be a reflection of your favorites. An attractive bedroom with loads of gadgets is not at all sexy.

Remove all electric stuff, computers and office files out of your bedroom. Such gadgets kill the sex and increase boredom. If you work from home and are short of space, ensure to stack your belongings in the other room before you hit the bed.

GadgetsMake your bedroom a gadget-free space, so that you can concentrate on your partner, rather than on your electronic tools.

It has been found that too many gadgets can divert couples to such an extent that either they don’t have sex, or when they do, it’s just not as exciting as it should have been.

It’s just not possible to pull a night full of sex after a hectic day. Time constraints, messy bedrooms, work pressures, gadgets and various other turn offs can take a toll on your sexual life. If you are really keen to amp up your latent sex sessions, ensure to follow the above-mentioned tips to renovate your bedroom to a sex haven and your nights into inciting sexual meet-ups.

To further intensify your love-making sessions, guys can try all-natural male enhancement supplements from These natural supplements promise rock hard, bigger and more frequent erections. They also work to increase your endurance for longer lasting sex. Erotic bedroom, dim lights, soothing music and a perfect lover – what else can make you feel ready for a lovemaking session?

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