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Discover Exactly What Turns Women On – For Men by Women

Discover Exactly What Turns Women On - For Men by Women

Every man wants to know what turns women on. For many centuries men have been looking for ways to discover the universal answer to this question. Unfortunately, most of them make the mistake of thinking that women are turned on by the same things they are.

While all guys know the obvious difference between men and women, they don’t understand that it applies to all aspects of their lives, including the bedroom. Women are turned on by completely different and sometimes even opposite things than men are.

Seduction rules might seem confusing, but thankfully there are a few general rules about turning a girl on that apply to most women out there. Get ready to do your homework and you will definitely succeed in fulfilling your desire.

What Turns Women on: The Little Things

Let’s start from the little things you can do to turn a girl on. These are not hard to achieve and are accessible to every man out there. They might not be enough to seduce a woman you are after, but they will allow you to get on the right track.

  • six pack
    Photo by Walt Stoneburner / CC BY

    Tight Jeans – Many women are turned on by men in tight jeans or shorts. You don’t have to have perfect legs for this trick to work. It’s the tightness that does the job and makes women sexually interested. This advice will work for men who don’t have skinny legs.

  • Unbuttoned Shirt – Some girls go crazy over the way men look in an unbuttoned shirt. You don’t even have to unbutton it fully. If you don’t have amazing muscles and a six pack, just open up a small part of your chest. For ages a hairy chest has been considered a sign of age and experience. So women instinctively like it.
  • Breakfast in Bed – Practically every girl dreams about a man who can cook. How many times did you hear about “breakfast in bed”? A man juggling frying pans and handling a knife doesn’t just turn a woman on, he deserves admiration. A man who knows his way around a kitchen is amazingly sexy.
  • Silence – This might seem like a paradox. Everyone knows how much girls love to talk. If you are always ready to discuss the latest fashion trends or are ready to banter on any subject, a woman will treat you as a friend but will never be turned on. Girls consider silent men strong and mysterious. Don’t talk more than you absolutely have to and a woman will be intrigued.
  • perfumeSmell – We are not talking about perfume or deodorants. Each man has his own specific smell that can turn a woman on. Don’t overdo the perfume or perhaps don’t use it at all. Just make sure you deal with the sweat. Masking your natural smell can be a bad idea since it can turn a woman on.
  • Husky Voice – Women love a husky voice. In fact, they consider it sexy; however, it is hard to make one if you don’t own it. Just try to make your voice as strong as possible and don’t raise it. Loud pitches are usually the best turn-off.
  • Soft Hands – When a woman looks at a man, she first notices his face and his hands. If there is nothing you can do about making your face look a certain way, you can work on your hands. Make sure your hands look as neat as possible. Nails should be cut short and skin should be soft.
  • A Hug from Behind – A well-done hug is much sexier than many seduction tricks. A soft and romantic hug from behind can serve as foreplay, antidepressant and a tender proof of your feelings. If you know how to do it right, you can turn women on whenever you please.

Making Her Happy: What to Do in Bed

Little things are great for foreplay, but if you are wondering about what turns women on in bed, you need to learn a few more complicated things. For many men this knowledge comes with experience. Some believe that once they get into bed, they’ll automatically know what to do. In most cases it’s not true.

Spend some time learning what turns women on physically and you will get a good start in bed. Doing your homework is important for any aspect of life, including sex.

  • about sexTalk about sex. Show your intentions to her. Talking about sex is one of the few things that turns both men and women on. So you can’t go wrong here. Just be careful not to use cliché phrases from some old movies. Such approach can be a real turn-off.
    Focus on how beautiful and sexy she is and how much she turns you on. Explain that you can’t wait to get her clothes off. It is simple. Just describe your feelings as they are. You’ll see that the words will have a great effect.
  • Pull her close. Women love when a man demonstrates his strength. When wielded the right way, strength is a great aphrodisiac. So show your intention by pulling her body close to yours. Let her feel your erection. It will turn her on better than words.
  • Kiss her slowly. All women love passionate kisses when they are already turned on. But when you are just working on the foreplay, don’t get too forceful. Start with kissing her forehead, her eyes, and her cheeks. Don’t rush as it can ruin the mood. You’ll immediately feel if your technique worked. The girl will show you when she needs more.
  • Turn off the lights. While guys really like looking at a woman and studying her body, girls are usually self-conscious about the way they look. They are never satisfied with their legs, breasts and bellies. So you will make her much more comfortable by turning the lights off. She will be able to relax which is imperative for your goals.
    There is no reason to create absolute darkness, you can dim the lights instead of turning them off completely. Dimmed lights are also considered romantic. So by doing that you’ll be creating a romantic atmosphere that any girl will appreciate.
  •  sexual fantasies Ask her what she wants. Women have sexual fantasies just as men do. However, they will rarely tell you about them unless you ask. Let her know that you are ready to do whatever it takes to please her: be it dressing as a fireman or playing doctor.
    Be careful! If she agrees to your offer and tells you about her wishes, don’t ever turn back. If you laugh or roll your eyes, you may forget about sex with this woman forever. So before asking, be sure that you can handle role playing.
  • Touch her in the right places. Sounds obvious? To some guys it’s not. When guys are heated up, they rush to stick their hands inside girls’ bras and panties. While such approach will surely turn a guy on, it can make a girl feel uncomfortable.
    Start by light touching her stomach, her waist, and her feet. Run your hands through her hair. Be soft and slow with your touches and leave all the desired places for later. At the moment your goal is not to satisfy your sexual desires but to give pleasure to both of you.
  • Offer her a massage. Turning women on with a massage is one of the oldest skills men have. You don’t have to be a massage guru to do it. Just do a little homework and watch a couple of videos. It doesn’t have to be some special sexual massage. Learn some simple massage relaxation techniques. It will only take a couple of hours to learn but the result will exceed all your expectations.
    Massage skills will help you when a girl is feeling tired or upset. Such moods usually act as stop signs for most guys since they know they’ll most likely be refused. A simple massage is an innocent way to turn a woman on even if she is not up to it.
  • Make eye contact. When you are in bed with her, make sure to make eye contact. Long eye contact does wonders for making women understand what a guy wants. If you are really turned on, a long sexy gaze will make the girl shiver inside.
  • RelaxRelax. When you are in bed with a girl, make sure that you are relaxed and turned on, so she sees your reaction to her. If you are too nervous and are convulsively thinking about ways to please her, you might lose your erection.
    Don’t ever let her see that you are not sure of yourself. A bad erection is something that will make her self-conscious. One of your best weapons is your uncontrollable passion and desire.

Turning Women On: A Serious Approach

The knowledge of what turns a woman on sexually can be divided into two parts. Before you start using the physical tricks, you need to get a woman to bed. In order to do that you must learn how to turn her on without touching.

Seducing a woman without physical contact is a real art and needs a serious approach. There are several qualities that a man can possess or master to turn a girl on at a distance.

  • Be intelligent. Intelligence is one of the greatest aphrodisiac for a modern woman. Girls can forgive smart guys their not-so-perfect bodies, lack of money and even untidy clothes. Just don’t overdo the smartness. If you see that a girl can’t handle an intelligent conversation, don’t force it. You want the girl to admire your intelligence, not feel stupid next to you.
  • Use your sense of humor. A good sense of humor is not something you can master in a matter of hours. You either have it or you don’t. Be honest with yourself and understand whether or not you can make a good joke. If you can do it then wield this weapon. Women are attracted to men who can make them laugh.
    Remember, if you can’t make a good joke, don’t even try. Stupid and unfunny jokes will just make you both feel uneasy and definitely won’t turn anyone on.
  • Show your strengthBe strong. Show your strength. It can either be physical strength if you have it or strength of character. Most women don’t appreciate whining men. They are usually discouraged when a man shows his soft side. Such behavior can be justified in a serious relationship but is a bad idea when you are trying to turn a girl on.
    The worst thing you can do is forget to carry her grocery bags on the way home or ask her to help you change a tire. Allow her to see your strength and she will want to check it out in bed.
  • Look good. If you are not a movie star or a Noble prize winner who can sweep a girl of her feet by just saying her name, you need to take care of your looks. You will doubtfully find a girl who wants to have sex with a guy who didn’t take a shower. Make sure to always smell good and look neat.
    Take good care of your hands. The importance of neat hands can’t be over stressed. No girl will allow you to touch her in special places if you have long and dirty nails.
  • Dress well. You don’t have to go out of your way to look as a male model. Make sure your clothes are fitted, clean, ironed and the colors don’t clash. The rest is optional. Don’t forget about your underwear. Worn-out undies can become a terrible turn-off.
  • Surprise her. Women love surprises and gifts. It doesn’t have to be something terribly expensive. The popular belief that diamonds are women’s best friends is not true for many girls. What matters most is the attention. Listen to her wishes and her desires and you will soon understand what she needs.
  • Be protectiveBe protective. Most girls are sensitive princesses at heart and they need a prince to save and protect them. Do whatever you can to show that you are ready to slay the dragon. Think about her safety before you consider your own. Be careful not to become overly protective. You don’t want to infringe upon her freedom. Every girl needs her space.
  • Be Her Prince Charming. If you manage to act like Prince Charming for just one week, you won’t need to learn any more tricks on what turns a girl on. Offer her help whenever she needs it. Be chivalrous: open the door for her, let her into the elevator first, pick up something she dropped. Always keep your word.
  • Bring her flowers. One of the greatest way to show a woman your attention and appreciation is to bring her flowers. The positive emotions she will get from this gift can become a great aphrodisiac. Ask her briefly about her favorite flowers and bring them to her several days later.
  • Feed her. Women are often dieting but they will never refuse a really tasty meal. Don’t ask her about which food she likes best, she will probably tell you something about salads and rice. Just cook her a hearty dinner with dessert or take her out to a restaurant.
    A woman who is hungry for food will rarely be hungry for sex. So make sure your girl is well-fed. If you don’t have an opportunity to offer her a full-time meal, get her some dessert. Sweets, especially chocolate, improve blood flow which can lead to sexual desire.

The Popular Seduction Myths

macho manWhen guys are looking for ways to seduce women they often make unfortunate mistakes. All the extensive work you’ve done for luring a woman to bed can become obsolete if you make just one little mistake. Women are hard to turn on and easy to discourage. Here are some common seduction myths men have about women.

  • She loves a macho man. Acting like a macho man might be a good idea if it comes to you naturally. If you behave with a sense of grandeur about yourself, most women will just be scared of getting into bed with you. Don’t put on an act. If you are not a macho at heart, you won’t become one overnight.
  • Getting a drink will help me. If you feel scared about seducing a woman, a glass of wine might seem like a good idea. However, this works only with one glass and only if the girl drinks one too. If you drink too much alcohol, you can simply lose your erection at the most important moment. If you drink but your woman doesn’t, she will be turned-off by the alcohol smell coming from your mouth.
  • There is nothing complicated about women. It’s good to be sure of yourself but you have to face it: women are complicated. What works for a male in bed will not work for a female. What turns you on can turn her off. So make sure you learn a few things about a woman before jumping into bed with her. Otherwise you might have to jump right out.
  • Throwing money around is sexy. If your goal is a one-night stand, you can throw your money around. Some girls will definitely want to sleep with you for money. But is it what you want? These girls are never really turned on. All they want is to get “paid”.
    Other girls consider throwing money around a rather stupid idea. You won’t ever turn the object of your affection on by doing something so thoughtless.
  • eyes matter for womenWomen love with their ears. This statement is not always true. In fact, eyes matter for women almost as much as they do for men. You will need to learn some things about what turns women on visually. You will be surprised at how important visual things are to girls. So if you think that saying sweet things will mask your wrinkled shirt, you are wrong.
  • She wants me, she just doesn’t know it yet. Thinking that you know more about a woman than she does about herself is outright stupid. If she really wants you, she will show it. If she doesn’t, pushing her will only lead to a disaster. Women know when they want sex. They don’t need a man to tell them that.
  • Women love to look at erections. Some guys make it their goal to show women a large bump inside their jeans; however, this will only work when you are already in bed. In the best case showing your erection in public will make her get up and leave. In the worst case she’ll laugh at you and tell all her friends about your stupid move.
  • If she kissed me, she wants sex. For a woman a kiss is far from sex. It is a way to show her tender feelings. A kiss for a girl can be something romantic. If she kissed you, don’t immediately try to go further, you will ruin the moment for both of you. Kisses and sex are related but for women lip contact has a much deeper meaning.
  • Women are differentAll women are the same. Women are different. Each one needs a specific approach. There is no way to guess what the woman likes without getting to know her better. Thinking that all women are the same will not help you learn how to turn them on since what works with one might be a complete failure with another.

Who knows exactly what turns women on? Only women themselves do. While mastering the important seduction techniques, don’t forget to ask a woman what she really wants. You might discover something you never considered before.

Give yourself some time to learn. Women need a lot more than men to get turned on. Remember, if you do a really good job, you will be rewarded beyond your expectations.

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