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10 Ways to Be the Sex Master of Your Bedroom

10 Ways to Be the Sex Master of Your Bedroom

Are you great in bed? No, really – think about it for a second. Do you command authority, cause her to orgasm, or have him begging for more sex with you? Sexual intimacy can make or break a relationship. Regardless of how long you have been dating or married; if the sex isn’t continuously amazing, then you may have something to worry about.

relationshipAll too often, we find ourselves in a rut in a relationship. The typically humdrum of our everyday lives just tends to get in the way. Or, perhaps you feel like you have never really that good in bed.

It’s okay to admit it, and chances are if you are looking up this article, you are admitting that there’s room for improvement. How much room, exactly, is up to you.

Improving your performance in the bedroom can only do wonders for your relationship. While some of these tips may work for that one night stand, your sexual connection with your partner tends to be stronger and more mature when you are with someone you have grown to love and care for.

Every woman has the fantasy of having her man take control in the bedroom. Likewise, every man would like a break from being the dominant one in the bedroom. Whether you are typically the controlled or the controller, we have a few tips for you.

Here are the ten ways to be the sex master of your bedroom:

1. Stop Overthinking It

OverthinkingChances are that if you are analyzing your bedroom performance, then you are putting a lot of thought into this pursuit. While this is very admirable, you need to make sure you are not overanalyzing your sexual performance.

You never want to overthink things in the bedroom, because once your ego, or lack thereof, gets in the way, then other things can fail to perform, if you catch our drift.

Before you do anything, take a deep breath and relax. Genuinely enjoy any sex with your partner. Once you relax, you are on your way to beginning the journey towards becoming amazing in bed.

2. Stimulate Her Brain Before Her Vagina

This one caters mostly to anyone trying to master sex with a woman in the bedroom. Did you know that the number one most important fact is that your work doesn’t start in the bedroom, necessarily? You can start to master sex with your partner anywhere, anytime. Here’s how.

The brain is one of the most important sex organs. Yes, you read that correctly – the brain is an important sex organ. Instead of rushing to take it to a physical level with your partner, start by stimulating her brain, instead.

Women become turned on based off of their emotions, whereas men can be easily turned on by a visual. When you jump right into physical activity, you neglect one essential action that can help her be more turned on.

bedroomOn the surface, stimulating your lady’s brain will help her imagination run wild and she will feel wanted – these are both things that you want to happen in order for you to gain ultimate power in the bedroom.

You can easily activate her brain by sending naughty texts, role-playing and dirty talk. While some of this might seem unnecessary to you, it will definitely help heat her up before she even reaches the bedroom. But how about some tips for once you start heading to the bedroom?

3. Understanding the Main Difference Between Men and Women in the Bedroom

womenIf it’s ultimate mastery in the bedroom that you are after, there is one important concept that you must understand: men and women get turned on differently.

Stereotypically, men complain that women never want to have sex. But, did you know that this is because their male cohorts are not turning these women on properly? It may sound odd, but when it comes to sex, men are like microwaves, whereas women are like ovens.

Why exactly are we creating an analogy comparing genitalia to appliances? Well, it actually makes perfect sense. Men, similarly to a microwave, can be easily turned on and off in order to work effectively. You want to heat up your chicken, then you pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and boom. There is your chicken.

But let’s say you need the oven to bake your chicken. Now you need to preheat the oven before you can even place the chicken inside to cook. This is exactly like what females experience when men pounce on them for sex.

Guys remember this tip – the next time you are horny, try to analyze whether or not she is in the mood. If you sense that she is not, then this sex session won’t be enjoyable for either of you. So, instead, invest time into turning her on through sensual foreplay. Remember our first tip. Dirty talk, sending naughty texts and making her feel hot and sexy long before getting physical.

4. Timing is Everything

master in the bedroomThe master in the bedroom delicately balances the fine line between going too slow and moving too quickly. It’s a timeless problem.

The guy is ready to go, so he flings himself on his lady, who isn’t exactly feeling very sexy. Nothing comes of this, as the guy is automatically shut down for coming on too strong.

Then there’s the guy who is unconfident, and therefore moves entirely too slow. The female might be left wondering why he isn’t making a move, and the window of opportunity slowly closes shut.

In order to become the master of the bedroom, then you must understand this balance. Pay close attention to her body language, and keep your pace in mind. This doesn’t exactly apply to only men, however. Women can take notes from this tip, too.

Men don’t always want to be in control; ladies are responsible for timing, as well. Why should the guy always have to make the first move? If a woman times it correctly and finds this balance, then she is sure to please her partner with a welcomed surprise. There are, however, a few important times to take it slow. Do you know when those times are? Keep reading to find out.

5. Exactly When to Slow Down

sex organWhile it is important to monitor your pace and make sure you are not moving too slowly, there are a few instances where you should move like molasses. So, exactly when is this?

Well, we have mentioned that her brain is one of her major sex organs, so it should make sense that building anticipation will help her get to thinking about what you are going to do before you do it.

Building up suspense is sure to drive her wild. This works on guys, too. While they’re all ramped up, slowing down the action will tease them into wanting you even more. Way to go, ultimate sex master!

So, when are the best times to build up this anticipation? If you are heading down south, you know, for one reason or another, then slowly kiss your way down instead of just rushing. Suck on your partner’s nipples. Yes, guys like their nipples kissed, too. Lick a line going down their stomach, and grab their butt – all while you work your way down.

6. But, When Should I Speed Up?

confidentRemember, balance is the key. Once you have slowly worked your way around your partner’s body to build suspense, go in for the kill and establish your dominance. But, how exactly does one do that?

At the root of it all, women want to surrender to their feminine wiles. She may be the most independent woman in the world, but she will love you confidently pinning her down, just hard enough to comfortably keep her in place.

There is, however, a fine line here – it is possible to be in control and confident without being a complete jerk. Remember: she must always be comfortable and feel safe with you. This is a delicate balance here between confident gentlemen and horrible abuser. We think you know the difference between the two.

So, always make sure that you are being confident and in control in a gentlemanly manner. Take her hand and put it where you want it. Lead her to the bedroom, pin her down gently and then tell her what you want her to do to you. All of these things are great ideas.

7. There Has to Be an Emotional Connection

partnersPassionate partners will often claim that there is a “connection” between them, and this connection is just another secret to become the sex master of your bedroom.

Allowing yourself to open up emotionally to your partner is a key when looking to lead your partner to the ultimate sexual experiences, time and time again.

How exactly can you make yourself emotionally available? Discuss your sex lives together, make your partner feel comfortable, and you, also, should feel comfortable. In order to make all of this happen, there has to be genuine care between both partners. It will be difficult for you to emotionally connect with someone you don’t care about, and vice versa.

Having such a connection in your relationship is important for a variety of different reasons.

8. Laugh it Off – Humor is a Must

When all else fails, you need to understand the age-old adage that says Rome wasn’t built in a day. You are trying to improve your sexual performance, and some of it may be trial and error. If you and your partner have a genuine connection, then you won’t be afraid of failure, because your partner would never think less of you for trying so hard to please them.

9. Put Her Orgasms Before Yours

partner’s orgasm
Photo by KariHak / CC BY 2.0

It sounds cliché, but the ultimate sex master is selfless. The ultimate sex master has their partner naked before them, viciously seeking to turn them on and make them feel sensuous.

Put your partner’s orgasm before you. Ladies should orgasm before intercourse even begins, according to the sex master. The ultimate sex master genuinely puts themselves before their partner.

They could not care less if they orgasm Instead, their partner’s orgasm is more important than their own.  Sound too good to be true Yes, this concept is difficult and extremely selfless. But, this is what separates those who are “good” in bed from those who are unforgettable.

10. Educate Yourself

It is always essential for you to accept that there is always room for improvement. Even if you feel like you are the supreme master of your bedroom, there is always something new that you can try to make your partner have an even stronger, more passionate orgasm.

Humility is a great quality to have when on the journey to become spectacular in the sack. Your partner will love these genuine, quality characteristics that you portray. Still, don’t feel like you are going to stack up in the bedroom? If you are a guy interested in enhancing your performance, or if you are a lady shopping around for your guy, then check out You are sure to find all natural yet effective products to help achieve bigger, stronger, and more potent erections.

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