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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Giving Her Loving Bites

10 Do's and Don'ts for Giving Heo r Loving Bites

Fact: You can’t run away from foreplay. Think about foreplay as your sidekick. No matter how strong and able you are in bed, you need support from someone – or something – to make sure that the work is done – and done well.

There are three things you need to use to make things in the foreplay department more exciting: your mouth, hands and tongue. These three things should work hand in hand to be able to give your girl the most pleasurable oral sex she will ever have. However, that doesn’t end there. There is one part of your body that could also do the work and bring your game to the next level – your teeth.

Yes, your pearly whites. Surprisingly, your teeth, and the act of biting have a special kind of power that could bring pain and instant arousal at the same time. However, the key here is biting her in the right places. Here are 10 important things you need to keep in mind before you give your girl some teeth action.

1. Do Create A Buildup

shouldersNo soldier will go directly on the battlefield without checking the area first. The same concept goes with sex. Before you let your inner Edward Cullen out, you need to make sure that she is aroused enough to experience the pain and pleasure of biting.

Start your foreplay with your signature moves. Kiss her, caress her, slowly take off your clothes and talk dirty to her. You can also try something new to get her excited. Once she is in the mood, slowly and gently drag your teeth to wide fleshy areas such as shoulders, hips or thighs.

Keep in mind that you want her in an aroused state, both physically and mentally, before using your teeth. Pay attention to her body language before giving her a teeth job.

2. Don’t Bite In Random Areas

neckThis is crucial. Even if she enjoyed the biting action, this doesn’t mean you should use your teeth anywhere in her body. Random sensual biting could be a turn off. More importantly, biting the wrong areas could freak her out and ruin her mood, especially when this is the first time someone has done this to her.

Always remember that biting is an art. Hence, don’t just bite on anything you see. Focus only on erogenous areas such as her neck or thighs. The end goal is to let her moan in pleasure, not in pain or agony, so take it easy.

3. Do Focus On Erogenous Zones

You already know that biting in random areas is a big no-no. When it comes to sensual biting, your girl’s erogenous areas deserve the spotlight. Consider your teeth as your fangs. You can’t just bite anywhere in her body, since there are areas where pain is something she can’t manage. The question now is what areas you should focus on.

womenStart with the nape of her neck. This is a highly sensitive area where most women want to be kissed. This could be a good area to work on before moving to other areas. Alternate teeth and tongue action, so it won’t get boring.

Once she is aroused enough,pay attention to her breasts, the curve of her waist and her lower back. Then, go down to her inner thighs and make sure you skip her you-know-what. The inner thighs are also highly erogenous zones that would make her beg for some action in her pleasure area.

Make small, gentle bites on your way up to her vaginal area. This will definitely blow her mind and make her beg for more.

4. Don’t Make Animal Noises

Again, biting is an art. She may love how you bring out the inner tiger in you when it comes to sex. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to take the role seriously or sound like an animal. There are certain kinds of noises that don’t deserve a place inside the bedroom, which includes slurping and smacking. This makes you look inexperienced and such noises have nothing to do with boosting her libido and keeping her in an aroused state.

inside the bedroomSilly comments should also be kicked out of the bedroom. Comments such as “Yummy,” “This is fun,” or other comments you normally hear in the playground or dining area don’t need to be inside the bedroom.

Even if you mastered the art of nibbling, making annoying noises could still tick her off.

5. Keep The Biting Quick And Painless

Here’s the truth: biting could be painful. There are women who don’t want any teeth action because of fear of pain. They have a point. It’s your job now to change that perception and make her realize that sensual biting is a pleasurable one. In giving her love bites, make sure that you do this as quick and as painless as you can.

The longer you bite, the more pain she feels, which is not good. Therefore, make sure that the bite should last for a few seconds, say one to two seconds. If you want to keep it longer, she has to ask for it first. Don’t bite her intensely without her permission. The last thing she needs is a Dracula on her bedside, so keep the sensual biting quick.

6. Don’t Gnaw, Just Nibble

lollipopHere’s the thing: you are not a rat, or any other type of rodent. Therefore, there is no need for you to gnaw, resemble a chewing motion, or nip on a particular area only.

The more you focus on just one area, the less pleasurable it becomesfor her, which makes sensual biting less exciting.

At the same time, it makes her feel like a cookie or a lollipop that you enjoy nibbling. Keep your sensual biting quick, clean and erotic. After all, there is nothing sexy and exciting about feeling gnawed upon, unless that’s her preference, so go ahead and gnaw all you want.

7. Share A Safe Word

Sensual bitingSensual biting is a combination of pain and pleasure, which makes the act even more exciting. This is also the reason why there are women who secretly yearn for this.

However, sensual biting could make you do the unthinkable. Even if you promise to go easy on her, you might lose control and get carried away while in the situation.

Therefore, it is best that you agree on a safe word in case she feels some kind of pain she could no longer manage. This way, you could easily tell if you’ve gone overboard and lets you know what’s going on her mind. This would make you stop, go back to reality and remind yourself to be gentle.

8. Don’t Forget That Biting Could Be Painful

Biting Could Be PainfulThis is why having a safe word is important. Men get carried away, especially when you are turned on and in the moment.

That’s okay. However, you tend to cloud your judgment and forget that there are consequences for every action you do in bed.

Therefore, don’t forget that biting, no matter how sensual you intend it to be, could be painful and dangerous.

This could lead to scratches, redness and minor bruises if you are not careful. The good thing is, this could easily fade but still, that’s not the goal. You want to make the experience as memorable and pleasurable as possible for her, sans the wounds.

9. Change It Up Often

Even if you are giving your girl some teeth action, this does not mean you should focus on it alone. Alternating methods are a fun way to keep things more exciting and pleasurable in the bedroom.

By alternate, this means switch modes. Use your mouth, then tongue, and then your teeth, then repeat the cycle. Even if you alternate, keep in mind that your teeth are the star of the show. Therefore, use it wisely and appropriately.

10. Don’t Forget You Also Have Needs

men get embarrassed
Photo by Jayel Aheram / CC BY 2.0

Sex is a two-way process. You need to be in concert with one another to make things pleasurable between the sheets.

Even if your goal is to make her scream in pleasure, keep in mind that you also have your needs in bed.

Hence, don’t hesitate to discuss the possibility of getting some tongue action from her. Most men get embarrassed when discussing things that could make you beg for pleasure.

Don’t be like those men. Plus, women would love some honesty inside the bedroom. It makes things more exciting. Tell her how you want her to bite you and allow her to take control in bed from time to time. If you prefer a certain method of sensual biting, go ahead and say it. Honesty delivered in a nice manner could go a long way.

Keep this in mind: sensual biting is a pleasurable experience for a woman. In fact, not many women won’t admit it, but they secretly long for someone who will give them some teeth action. However, don’t just do it without even considering the do’s and don’ts of sensual biting. Just follow these simple tips and you will surely give your girl a wonderful and pleasurable time in bed.

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