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10 Little Vitamins That Can Help Your ED Bigtime

10 Little Vitamins That Can Help Your ED Bigtime

The fear of not pleasing your partner – or yourself, and especially yourself – can be like a big problem gnawing at the back of your head. So, you think ahead and make sure that you don’t get to the point where you only have to use your hands or your tongue to please her. That’s right folks. Erectile dysfunction can be a pain in the butt, as well as your front, literally.

For years, science has produced ways to treat erectile dysfunction, which is a common condition for middle-aged to older men. Businesses have been rolling, medicines have been popped and everyone stays happy, because impotence is just a thing of the past.

ED drugs But wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to take medication at all? As common as it is, taking ED drugs is still a punch in the gut of manhood, knowing that without them, you really could not function anymore.

Like every other health condition, men can treat erectile dysfunction with a boost of some nutrients that your body needs – nutrients that you might have lacked before. So, instead of bombarding your body with ED drugs – chemicals that may pose harm to your body – you can choose the natural and healthy way. After all, it’s an ego boost to know that you don’t need drugs to get you going. Here are 10 vitamins and nutrients that can help with your erectile dysfunction:

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D
Photo by Health Gauge / CC BY 2.0

A group of researchers came together to study what is causing erectile dysfunction in men. The result was astonishing. It showed that men with erectile dysfunction demonstrate a lack of Vitamin D in their bodies.

What does this tell you exactly? It’s a simple equation leading to the knowledge that you need a great deal of vitamin D in your body to prevent erectile dysfunction.

That means you need to eat more fish and dairy products and expose yourself to sunlight every once in a while. The abundance of vitamin D in your body will definitely help avert the dreadful erectile dysfunction.

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin ATo boost up your sexual appetite, you need your libido to be active and continuously producing. Vitamin A can help you with that. Vitamin A is essential in regulating your sex hormones, namely progesterone.

In a simpler way of presenting it, vitamin A makes sure that your body has enough libido to make your appetite for sex just right.

Regular sex means you need to your keep your appetite wet all the time and making sure that you’re hungry enough. A well functioning libido is the key to that. That’s why you need to eat your carrots, squash, mangoes and other vitamin A rich foods that can help you boost your sex hormones.

3. Vitamin C

 Vitamin CVitamin C is not just good for your eyesight; it’s good for everything else in your body, as well. Taking vitamin C would help produce hormones for fertility and to have a healthy sex life.

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? But, it doesn’t stop there. Vitamin C also helps strengthen capillaries and veins and helps in regulating the blood. You know erection is a blood rush, right?

Vitamin C also keeps your sperm healthy and helps in their production. The list is endless for this wonder vitamin. So, just keep on eating those oranges and citrus fruits to keep the vitamin C level of your body abundant and help prevent erectile dysfunction.

4. Vitamin E

Prostaglandins are hormones that increase your sex drive and keep it on that level. If there is a sex drug, there is also a sex vitamin and vitamin E holds that throne. Vitamin E is also use as an anti-aging antioxidant because it helps protect the cells.Keeping the cells healthy is also an important, but in the world of sex, vitamin E pumps up your sex drive, which is an important component in keeping the sex in your life alive.

fast foodInstead of oily potato chips or fast food, go for those apples, nuts and seeds to keep your body abundant in vitamin E and keep your sex drive active.

A good sex drive will keep you sexually active and keep your friend down there in action all the time, making him strong and healthy.

5. Vitamin B1

An erection is a group of nerves and muscles reacting to the blood rush and growing as a result. Vitamin B1 optimizes your nerves on all parts of your body – yes, including down there. That is something that you need to make your erection hard and strong. Apart from that, vitamin B boosts your stamina to keep you going for a long and hard sex.

drink milkVitamin B also improves the blood circulation of your body and since erections happen when there is a rush of blood, healthy blood circulation can make you hard fast.

So eat more meat and fish, drink milk and other dairy products to keep the Vitamin B1 in your body abundant and keep your erectile dysfunction at arm’s length.

6. Magnesium

Magnesium in your dietSome erectile dysfunction cases are just a lack of androgen and estrogen in the body. That is what you work on to increase to prevent or cure the condition. Luckily, there is magnesium. Although it can only be found in small amounts in the body, it plays a big role in fighting erectile dysfunction and also curing it.

Magnesium helps in creating estrogen, androgen and neurotransmitters that are all responsible to boost the sex drive. A strong appetite for sex can just be the key to prevent erectile dysfunction and keep you sexually active.

Ingesting Magnesium in your diet can pave the way for an active sex life. Magnesium can be found in fruits and vegetable such as avocado, spinach and other seeds.

7. Selenium

seafoodSelenium, in the male body, can be found mostly in the testicles. In fact, almost half of the amount of selenium can be found there. It helps in the production of sperm and keeps them strong and healthy. This naturally means that a lack of selenium in the body – or in the testicles specifically – would lead to a lower sperm count, which eventually could lead to erectile dysfunction.

Selenium can be found in common foods like citrus fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables, dairy and seafood.

Keeping the selenium levels of your body healthy can help greatly in the constant production of sperm, which in turn, can prevent erectile dysfunction.

8. Zinc

Zinc is stored in a male’s prostate gland and should remain in a certain concentrated amount to keep the sperm production healthy. It is found that men with erectile dysfunction have low levels of zinc in the prostate gland. This simply means that they need the right amount of zinc to keep the sperm production going and also keep the body healthy. Zinc is also needed in the production of testosterone, which plays a big role in a man’s sex drive.

Zinc can help greatly in fighting erectile dysfunction and keeping the sperm healthy. So to keep your testosterone levelshigh and the sperm production going, consume those zinc-rich foods such as meat, fish, cheese and broccoli to prevent and help cure erectile dysfunction.

9. Horny Goat Weed

Asian natural remedies have always been a healthy and natural way of treating diseases. Erectile dysfunction is one of them. Horny goat weed is an herb that helps in relaxing and smoothing the muscles to increase the blood flow.Since erection is blood flow to the penis, this herbal medicine helps greatly in that aspect.

viagraHorny goat weed works like Viagra, but without the known side effects that Viagra brings.

It naturally increases the blood flow without altering any other body functions that foreign chemicals may bring. It’s a natural way of treating erectile dysfunction that has been around for centuries.

10. Ginseng

Sex drive is libido in action. Ginseng is another Asian natural remedy that treats erectile dysfunction without the fear of side effects. Taking ginseng with a 900mg dosage three times a day can help increase your libido. In the aspect of sexual performance, ginseng will also help to prolong an erection.

GinsengGinseng is like an energy drink but in the sex department. It can keep you hard for long and keep your sex appetite high and ready to go anytime.

It is like Viagra, but it comes from natural extracts. With its natural roots, it is not only side-effect free but also healthy for the body.

Erectile dysfunction is a health problem and can be dealt with ingesting your body with the right amount of nutrients to address this condition. The results may not be as immediate as how ED drugs work, but a healthy lifestyle is a habit that you need to form so that you can live longer and better.

Vitamins are always the healthiest and most natural ways for treating any physical condition. Erectile dysfunction is no exception to that fact. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, sooner or later, and with a dose of patience, you’ll definitely get your physique back in the bedroom.

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