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10 Things That Prove Oxytocin Isn’t Just for Women

10 Things That Prove Oxytocin Isn’t Just for Women

Men play the field for some time in their young lives. It’s a natural occurrence that most of them, if not all, go through in order for them to be called a man. Thus, the proverbial “men are all alike,” and the trail of broken hearts that they leave behind can be a reality. But contrary to what women think, men are capable of falling in love. And when they fall in love, they fall in love hard.

As cheesy as it sounds, you are capable of falling head over heels – or soles, since men don’t really wear heels – when you finally find the one. You may have found her, you may still be searching, but the fact remains that you sticking to one and making her the object of your universe is a possibility. The best part of this phenomena is that science can explain it. You can hardly argue when science decides to get involved. You may have heard of oxytocin.

random womenApparently, this brain chemical dubbed as “the love hormone,” is not only abundant in women, but also in men.

That means, your playboy attitude may just be a temporary life segment and when your brain finally decides to mass produce this hormone, you can say goodbye to all those random women and say hello to one special woman.

Aside from keeping you tied and happy to one woman in your lifetime, oxytocin can plainly be just a happy hormone that can make you stress-free. Here are the 10 great things that oxytocin does for men:

1. It Relieves Stress

Stress Stresshappens to everyone, men and women alike. What’s more bothersome about it is that it affects you externally with wrinkles and all that, and internally with fatigue, loss of appetite and high blood pressure.

Luckily you have oxytocin. It does not only work in women, because obviously men have it, too. It’s also not just for love, being the “love hormone.”

Research was conducted with people who were showing signs of anxiety, depression and stress who were injected with oxytocin for the study. Results were astounding and showed that those who were injected with oxytocin had visibly less stress and depression. So, if you’re feeling a little down, just think that oxytocin is on its way to boost your energy up.

2. It Makes Beautiful Memories

recent studyA recent study and experimentation had a few selected men inhale the gas version of oxytocin.

Surprisingly, the procedure has augmented the memories of these men when they were younger – happy memories about their parents and their childhood.

Apparently, the brain kept these emotional memories at the subconscious and had them resurfaced when there was an abundance of oxytocin in the brain.

This discovery is touching and emotional, to say the least. It proves that you are capable of keeping these wonderful and happy memories in your life. So, you might have forgotten the actual date of your wedding, but it does not dissolve the memory of how happy you were during your wedding day or how beautiful she looked to you.

3. It Boosts Your Sexual Cravings

Oxytocin is a “love hormone.” Being the love hormone, it boosts certain cravings that you may have for your woman or anyone of the opposite sex. Since men think about sex for most part of their day – and don’t deny that you do – oxytocin is there to boost your cravings and have you running home to your woman in no time.

adrenalineWhen the brain releases oxytocin, it’s more like adrenaline, but in the love and sex department.

You get spontaneous erections anytime, anywhere and you’ll be hot and ready by the time you are alone.

4. It Improves Your Social Skills

A study of oxytocin has revealed that an abundance of the hormone in the body will make socializing easy for you. Socializing can be difficult, especially if you are surrounded by people you don’t know and have different interests than you.

business deal
Photo by reynermedia / CC BY 2.0

Young men who have not had a break through in the production of oxytocin in their body will have a difficult time socializing, mostly keeping to themselves, or with the only group of people that they are comfortable with.

Oxytocin, being the happy hormone, can improve your social skills on a much higher level.

People who have higher oxytocin levels in their body are more enthusiastic in meeting new people and talking to them regardless of the topic. Men, this might just be the answer for successfully closing that business deal.

5. It Triggers Protectiveness Over Important People In Your Life

In a study done for oxytocin and social groups, it showed that men who have an abundance of oxytocin in their body tend to be more protective of the people in their group or the important people in their lives.

husbandTalk about bro-mance and over protectiveness. But it actually connotes a positive trait for men. Fathers, older brothers, husbands and boyfriends who act strict and sometimes jealous are just a little overdosed with oxytocin.

It is actually a good thing. Protectiveness will keep your brain active and alert to identify anything that may harm the people that you care about.

6. It Promotes Sleep And Rest

Because of the hormone’s ability to alleviate stress, it keeps the brain relaxed and tension-free, therefore promoting sleep and rest. Oxytocin is said to have a calming effect on the brain and the nerves in situations that normally induce stress.

rest and sleepThis actually sounds promising to men. In the corporate and business world where everything is fast-paced, you may hardly have the time to pause and your brain always works overtime in an effort to keep up with your deliverables.

It’s a good thing oxytocin is there to calm you when you’re cooling down and about to end your hard day. Oxytocin is said to have a loving and tranquil effect, which leads you to rest and sleep.

7. It Cultivates Generosity

Studies show that oxytocin in the brain can promote generosity and concern for others. It is, after all, called the love hormone. Which means that an abundance of oxytocin will make you feel enthusiastic in giving and sharing what you have with others. The feeling of concern will prompt you to want to learn what the other person needs and therefore giving you the opportunity to help out and being happy about it.

8. It Makes You Want To Cuddle

OxytocinWaking up next to the woman you love is an ecstatic feeling and one good way to start your day. With the right dose of oxytocin released in the brain, it will make you more affectionate and touchy-feely in the morning.

That explains the wanting to cuddle part before your day starts every morning when you wake up.

At the same time, being the love hormone, oxytocin also intensifies your sexual cravings, so that kind of sets the mark.

9. It Promotes A Solid Relationship

relationshipA man will come to a time when he wants to build a strong and lasting relationship. It’s kind of like a practice run on the whole settling down thing. That is because of the higher level of oxytocin that the brain will produce – something that happens later in a man’s life.

Because it is after all the love hormone, oxytocin will make you want to see your loved one more often, spend time with her more often and become happier when she’s around.

This alone can solidify your relationship as you both work together to become a stronger couple. That and the amount of sex that you will be getting and giving because of how oxytocin works in your brain will make your relationship and your man tool rock solid.

10. It Makes You Stick To One Love

Studies show that a man in love has a higher level of oxytocin in his body. This promotes a stick-to-one attitude,which means a man may not look at other women the way he did when he was single. That explains the gleam in your eyes when you see the woman you love.

Oxytocin also alters a man’s brain in such a way that he only finds his woman attractive, while the others are just in the background. You may still look at other women, but nothing compares to her. This explains why some men, even when flirted upon by other women, really have the power to ignore and reject other women.

men and womenSo basically, oxytocin lives in women’s brains their whole lives – which explains the “falling in love” in early stages, something that some teenage boys fail to understand sometimes.

But eventually, a man will also start releasing more oxytocin in the brain and he will start what womenfondly call as “growing balls,” admitting to himself that he is in love and he is sticking to one woman.

It’s not a miracle hormone, ladies,quiet down. It’s purely body chemicals working at the time that they are designed to work. That’s where the difference between men and women starts. But if it’s all the same, men and women will eventually get to that stage of wanting to settle down. Let’s give a big round of applause for oxytocin.

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