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10 Unpronounceable Erectile Dysfunction Fighters You Should Know About

10 Unpronounceable Erectile Dysfunction Fighters You Should Know About

Men perceive erections as one of the things that make them a real man. This is the reason they judge themselves harshly when their man tool can’t keep up with their sexual desires and their desire to pleasure their partner.

The conquest of men in improving their sex lives is like the conquest for the elixir of youth. It is never ending. Way, way back, men resorted to eating bull testicles, adding Spanish flies to their meals until pumps and squeezing techniques came into the picture.

common pillsToday, men with ED can take prescription meds like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, three of the most common pills among thousands of ED meds. However, not all men can take blue pills since the drugs can have adverse side effects.

Before resorting to treatments that can do more harm than help you, know more about these 10natural ways to help you with your predicament:

1. Kegel Exercises

You probably have read about Kegel exercises some where. Some experts say Kegels and other squeezing techniques may hurt more than help you. But, other experts agree it does help enhance sexual health and treat urinary incontinence. In one study, Kegel exercises done twice a day in a span of three months along with bio feedback and other healthy lifestyle changes worked to treat erectile dysfunction.

If you aren’t sure how to do them, ask your doctor how to do the proper Kegel exercise. You simple squeeze the same muscles you use when you urinate. The best thing is that you can do them anywhere and anytime, too.

2. Acupuncture

AcupunctureAcupuncture is placing fine, tiny needles on your body to relieve back pain, stress, body tension and depression. Lately, acupuncture has become an alternative treatment for impotence.

Several studies on ED and acupuncture showed different results, but the majority of them revealed positive results. In a 1999 study, acupuncture proved to be effective in improving ED, and it even helped 39 percent of the participants to become sexually active again.

3. L-Arginine Amino Acid

Blood flow plays a huge role in getting and maintaining strong erections in men. Whatever it is that improves blood flow can help you get better erections, too. L-arginine, an amino acid found in the food you eat,helps in the production of nitric oxide. It is a substance that relaxes and dilates blood vessels to promote blood flow.

In a 1999 study, men who took higher doses of L-arginine in supplement form reported ED improvements. The results showed that L-arginine supplementation was more effective in men who could not produce sufficient nitric oxide in their bodies due to cardiovascular disease.

4. Watermelon

WatermelonThis delicious summer fruit can do two things when it comes to heat. It quenches your thirst on a hot day and turns up the bedroom heat on a cold night. Perfect, isn’t it?

Watermelon is rich in citrulline, an amino acid known to improve blood flow all over the body, including your penis.

It is a delicious treat and it contains lots of other nutrients, too. Watermelon can give you an erection, minus the side effects like diarrhea and dizziness that comes from prescription ED meds.


The hormone testosterone is what makes a man so manly. It is responsible for your masculine features like muscle growth, hair growth and most importantly, your sex drive and sexual function. Men with low testosterone may suffer from erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, you can increase your low testosterone levels with prescription replacement therapy and, according to some studies, supplementation can also work.

ExtenZeOver-the-counter male supplements containing DHEA, a hormone your body turns into testosterone, may help in your battle against ED.

However, experts say DHEA has adverse effects as it can suppress pituitary functions. Moreover, its long-term effects remain unclear.

If you want to find a safe over-the-counter ED treatment, try a male enhancer like ExtenZe. It comes in oral supplements and as a personal lubricant. Try a product that comes with a money back guarantee, so you can see if it will work for you.

6. Ginseng

GinsengYou may be confused as to how ginseng improves ED, since there are a lot of ginseng variations. The one that treats ED is Korean red ginseng known by several other names, such as Chinese or Panaxginseng.

The root is the part of the plant usually found in supplements,which may be a bit expensive because you can only use the plant after it has grown for five years.

In a 2002 study published in the American Journal of Urology, 45 men suffering from erectile dysfunction received red ginseng and a placebo. Results showed great improvements in men who took the ginseng supplement in 900 milligrams three times a day than those who took the placebo. Apart from that, Korean red ginsengis a traditional Chinese medicine used to improve overall health.

Pomegranate Juice7. Pomegranate Juice

Heart disease and hypertension, or high blood pressure, are two major culprits for erectile dysfunction. But, what’s good for the heart and blood flow may be good for your bones, too. Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants to keep the heart healthy and your blood pressure in check.

Though, its effect on erectile dysfunction still needs more evidence, conducted studies show promising results. Whether to improve ED or not, there is no harm in drinking pomegranate juice, since it has a lot of other health benefits.

8. Yohimbe

Before blue pills and other erectile dysfunction meds came into existence, doctors used to prescribe yohimbine hydrochloride, a drug derived from the herb, yohimbe. Some experts say the herb and its derivative does not do much when it comes to improving ED. They even discourage its use because yohimbe has side effects such as anxiety, headache and high blood pressure.

9. Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed has a lot of medicinal uses. Some people use it to treat joint pains, body pains, fatigue, memory loss, hypertension and heart disease. Some use it to treat their erectile dysfunction, involuntary ejaculations and low libido. Researchers from Italy found the compound icariin in horny goat weed to be responsible for its effectiveness on ED.

10. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo BilobaGinkgo Biloba is popular for its benefits on enhancing the memory.It is also a traditional medicine for erectile dysfunction and helps treat ED due to antidepressant medications.

However, several studies on GingkoBiloba and its effects on ED showed inconsistencies until it gradually lost its popularity over the past few years.

If your inability to get and sustain an erection is hurting your confidence and straining your sex life, you can try these ten alternative treatments. Before doing so, talk to your doctor, especially if you take other supplements or medications, or if you have a medical issue. Your doctor can determine the main cause and provide good treatment options, too.

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