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L-Arginine: 10 Amazing Things This Lowly Amino Acid Can Do for Men

L-Arginine 10 Amazing Things This Lowly Amino Acid Can Do for Men

Amino acids can help the body in many ways, in terms of health and system functions. It aids the vitamins and nutrients to maximize their benefits in the body and keep it healthy and in shape. One type of amino acid is L-arginine. It helps the body in making proteins, which is essential to keep the body strong and able.

The need for L-arginine in the body may be conditional. This means that some body structures may repel it, while others may absorb it and use it to the body’s benefits. Even so, it helps the body in many ways.

medicationFor men, it can help with erectile dysfunction conditions and many more health problems that arise common at middle to older age.

You will find that it can help with some of the most common physical conditions and what’s more, it’s a natural way of treating these conditions, instead of undergoing medication treatments.

L-arginine is available through a healthy diet and your choices of food. You can find it in animal or plant sources. Among the animal sources are dairy products, pork, beef, seafood and poultry. Among the plant sources are wheat, flour, oatmeal, nuts, seeds and beans. As the list of food sources suggests, having this amino acid in your diet will also mean ingesting lean sources of protein. That is only one of the many amazing things that L-arginine can do. Here are 10 other great things that it can help you with.

1. Reduces High Blood Pressure

high blood pressureHigh blood pressure is common in aging men and can be a great inconvenience: you can’t eat what you want, you’re not allowed to be stressed a lot.

And there are a number of things you can’t do unless you want to see the wrath of hypertension eat up your whole being. That’s high blood pressure. It’s not nice, and many can testify to that.

Luckily, there’s L-arginine. This lowly amino acid helps regulate the blood and the blood pressure in the veins. This prevents or at least controls high blood pressure and prevents heart problems brought about by hypertension. That alone is enough help in the body for some, but always take your prescription medications and check with your doctor before trying L-arginine.

2. Amps Up Growth Hormones

Growth hormoneGrowth hormones are what we call the ones responsible in making a man’s body look like masculine.

You know – the beard, the hair everywhere, the wide shoulders and the overall manly physique. Well, L-arginine helps in pumping up the growth hormones in the male anatomy.

So, if you want to look like a man – or at least how they depict a “man” in today’s generation – L-arginine can help you with that endeavor. You just have to ingest this amino acid to your diet, so growth hormones can play their part also.

3. Increases Muscle Mass

Muscle MassIf you’re a guy who’s obsessed with muscles and body building, then listen up. L-arginine is known to help growth in the muscle mass.

Accompany it with a few hours in the gym, and you can get the perfect body-building tone that you want.

This amino acid helps with the regulation of the blood, and therefore brings the necessary nutrients to the different parts of the body and makes them grow faster in a healthy way. Plus, L-arginine and the nutrients it contains are good for the muscles.

4. Promotes Protein Production

Protein is a vital part of your diet. It keeps you strong and healthy, even in the later years of life. An abundant supply of protein in the body can mean that you have the stamina to keep working and keep going on your daily activities.

Protein can be found in many types of meat and fish, which also contains the amino acidsthe body needs, while working for the production of protein. Now, as you know, protein helps in keeping your bones and muscles strong, which is important if you want to stay standing longer.

5. Improves Blood Flow

heart diseasesDid we mention that L-arginine helps a great deal in the blood department of your body? This amino acid works well with the heart and the blood vessels.

It also helps regulating the blood and its circulation around your body. This is vital considering that all parts of your body need the constant supply of blood to function correctly.

Basically, L-arginine works best with blood flow. It is its main calling in its life and has always been a reliable component in making the blood healthy. It prevents heart problems, such as coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure and other heart diseases, too.

6. Decreases Angina Symptoms

Angina is a heart condition where the symptom is mild to severe chest pain. This happens because of the reduced blood flow to the heart. This is mainly caused by semi-blocked veins and arteries, preventing the blood to flow freely. Angina, when not treated properly, can lead to serious heart problems, and even heart attacks.

doctorSince L-arginine helps with the blood regulation and circulation, it helps keep the blood flow smooth, despite blockages in the arteries and veins.

Although it does not address the condition directly, it is one way to reduce the symptoms,but do discuss its usage with your doctor first and continue to take any prescriptions for your condition.

7. Quickens After-Surgery Recovery

After-Surgery RecoveryThe longest part of surgery is the recovery time and the healing period. Waiting for a full recovery and for the wound to completely heal may be difficult, since you have limited things to do, while resting and waiting for healing.

You also can’t risk any strenuous activities that may open the wound again. If you’re an active person, this could pose a dilemma.

The answer is L-arginine. For quick recovery and faster healing of the wound, this amino acid can help greatly. With its ability to work with the blood harmoniously by keeping a constant supply of nutrients to the wound area, healing and recovery can be faster than a normal process.

8. Relieves Migraines And Headaches

headachesMigraines and headaches can be a big problem for many people, and can ruin an entire day. If you are a busy person and don’t have time for any illness, headaches can be a real inconvenience.

Pain killers and meds may not always be the best option, since taking them regularly may also affect your kidneys or liver, and that is a much bigger problem. L-arginine can help with that.

Studies show that a constant supply of this amino acid in the body will help fight and prevent headaches and migraines. Take note: it is not an immediate cure for a headache. But it can prevent one, especially if you constantly have it in your diet.

9. Strengthens The Immune System

Our immune systems have a big role for the entire body. It is responsible for fighting the viruses and bacteria that threaten to invade our system. It also keeps our body stronger when we are hit with illnesses. Without the immune system, we’re practically toast. But what keeps the immune system strong? Because after all, it’s only just another system in the body, and it can still be invaded by ailments.

L-arginine is the answer. This amino acid helps in keeping the immune system healthy and strong, therefore making it able to fight the diseases that are threatening to enter our body. This means that an abundant supply of L-arginine in the body will help in preventing diseases and keep you strong and healthy.

10. Addresses Erectile Dysfunction In Men

Erectile Dysfunction In MenMost erectile dysfunction cases are nothing more than a lack of blood flow, or the male organ’s inability to regulate the blood from within.

As you know, an erection is a rush of blood to the penis and is responsible for making the penis hard. Without the blood rush, the muscles remain limp.

With L-arginine’s association with the blood and its ability to maintain the blood circulation healthy, this amino acid can help a lot in erectile dysfunction cases in men. The right amount of L-arginine in the body can keep the blood flowing smoothly and correctly in the all parts of the body, including the male organ, therefore helping to address erection problems.

As you age and grow older, your body will eventually go through some physical conditions whether you like it or not. The best way to counter it is by making sure that you are healthy and strong enough to fight these health problems. L-arginine can be a big help to you in that department.

Health buff or not, we need amino acids in our body to keep us standing strong and healthy. L-arginine does not only help cure and fight health problems, it also prevents them from happening in the first place. It can even help with erectile dysfunction, so really, it’s a full service package. It may just be a lowly amino acid, but it certainly does great things for men.

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