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10 Ways to Get the Forecast on His Sexual Droughts

10 Ways to Get the Forecast on His Sexual Droughts

Most people know how hormones and illnesses can affect a man’s libido, erections, and performance. But did you know that the weather also plays a part when it comes to sex and desire? Yes, the weather can significantly affect your sex life, and you may not be consciously aware of that, since you think you are fairly sexually responsive and active whether it’s hot or cold.

Haven’t you noticed how energetic and in the mood you are during a sunny summer day? Or how lazy and dull you are during a cold winter night? How you react to other things may also be the same way you react to sex, depending on the weather. Here are some sexual forecasts, so you’ll know how to prepare:

1. Midsummer Love Dates Back To Pagan Times

Pagan celebrations for fertility dating back to the old times were celebrated during the summer solstice for crop harvests and human reproduction. For some reason, midsummer is also the perfect time for fertility celebrations even today, and in particular, in Sweden.

drinking vodkaIt’s known as a “sex celebration,” where festivities include dancing around a maypole, eating different kinds of pickled herring, singing, and drinking vodka.

After nine months, a baby boom is expected to happen. There must be something about the weather.

2. The Sun Gets You In A Playful Mood

Being out under the sun gets you in the mood. How and why? Exposure to the sun’s brightness can increase serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced by the brain and the intestinal tract, which directly affects mood, sleep, memory, social behavior and arousal. Thus, less serotonin makes a person depressed and in no condition for arousal or sex.

Photo by Sunridin / CC BY-SA 3.0

Another neurotransmitter released by the brain during a sunshiny day is dopamine. A chemical responsible for body functions, such as movement, cognition and pleasure.

Another thing, dopamine helps regulate testosterone levels in the body. You know how vital testosterone is when it comes to desire and masculinity.

3. Heat Is A Libido Booster

Photo by CYL / CC BY-SA 3.0

When summer is almost near, there will be longer days and shorter nights, meaning the sun rises earlier and sets later than usual.

As mentioned previously, sun exposure increases levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are both responsible for increased sexual desire and arousal.

Go out and enjoy the sun, instead of avoiding the exposure, but don’t forget your sunscreen. On the other hand, a lot of men and women say they shun body contact during a hot day because the added heat from their bodies make them feel even more uncomfortable and irritable. So, does this mean the cold weather is more comfortable for body contact?

4. The Sex Scent Is In Sweat

If there’s heat, there’s sweat. Sweaty bodies may seem disgusting, but the pheromones sweat contains can send sexy vibes to the opposite sex. Pheromones are sex scent compounds released by the body through sweat. It sends signals subconsciously that trigger attraction and desire. Plus, pheromones send a signal only to your biological match. That explains a lot why many people love smelling their partner’s used clothes.

5. Bare Sexy Bods Are Everywhere

During the hot summer days, everyone gets to wear their sexy summer outfits. For women, they wear sundresses, short-shorts, and miniskirts, sleeveless and belly-baring tops, not to mention those skimpy, colorful bikinis.

Those sexy outfits are enough to keep the temperature rising and men drooling.

party on the beach6. Summer Hook Ups Abound

Summer is also the best time to get loose and have some fun. Having a party on the beach with more than a few drinks, and then a hook up later seems to be more common during this time.

When you’re in the mood for fun, you’re in the better mood for pleasure.
Winter, on the other hand, is more of a challenge.

7. Hibernation Instinct Sets In

When the temperature is low, so is your drive to perform. Apart from the hibernating animals, humans also have the hibernation instinct passed on to them from their ancestors. Notice how you just want to curl up in bed and sleep for hours, or eat and watch TV in your warm clothes during the cold days of winter. The cold makes everyone lazy even in bed. That’s the truth.

However, the cold weather is also the perfect time to get warm and cozy. What better way to do it than be naked in bed and pass on each other’s body heat under a thick blanket. Don’t forget to give her a pair of socks, because it’s easier for a woman to reach orgasm when her feet are warm.

8. Low Body Temperatures Numb Feelings

men and womenThe cold makes your body numb from sensual sensations. Lower body temperature due to cold weather can also dampen both men and women’s sexual arousal.

You may already have experienced how your penis shrinks when it’s cold. On the positive side, a woman’s nipples easily get hard and erect from the cold, which is a sure turn on for a lot of men.

Pop up the blue pill and opt for some divine intervention. Despite the freezing cold, you can still both enjoy a hot steamy sex scene with the help of a male enhancer. If you want it hard and fast, try ExtenZe. It’s made from a unique blend of herbs proven to give bigger and harder reactions. It can make you last longer in bed, too.

9. Christmas Feast Poses A Dilemma

hot chocolate drinksNotice how you eat so much during the winter. Winter comes with the holiday seasons where parties and dinners always seem to take place.

You can’t say no to those hot chocolate drinks, delicious desserts, and sumptuous meals. Whether you want to eat healthy or not, there’s no denying that you eat much more during the holiday season.

Weight gain from pigging out can make you feel less confident about your body. Less confidence means feeling less desirable, especially when you have to be naked in bed.

10. Layers Of Winter Clothes Come On And Stay On

winter clothesYou reach arousal when you see more of your woman’s skin, so it is no wonder those layers of winter clothes make her less appealing and desirable.

The weather plays a big role when it comes to sexual desire. It has physical and psychological effects that can either kill or lift your mood for sex, but there are ways to counteract that.

Avoid winter weight gain by staying active. Go outside and enjoy cold weather sports and activities. You’ll thank yourself later when it’s sexy time.

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