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6 Sexy Apps to Help You Get Your Groove On

6 Sexy Apps to Help You Get Your Groove On

What kind of a sex slave are you? Are you in for a different kind of foreplay? Or maybe, you want to make use of a virtual tool to make sex even more exciting. If you ran out of ideas when it comes to fun in bed, you may want to try something that is a bit more innovative. Maybe something that can really entice and get your groove on without you having to exert a lot of effort.

Are you the freakish type? Do you stuff yourself with a lot of appetizers before getting to the main attraction? No matter what kind of bedroom persona you have, there is always the right kind of app for that.

 1. Discover New Sexual Positions

It sucks to read books while having sex. Take those thick manuals and change to a virtual tool that lets you to learn more about the Kamasutra in just a few short swipes of your hand.

iKamasutra app
Photo by HostingCoupons / CC BY-SA 2.0

The iKamasutra app offers step-by-step instructions with illustrations that will help you to perform even the most complicated sexual positions.

With iKamasutra app, you can track your level of expertise from a novice to Kama Sutra Grand Master.

To see new positions that you can try, shake the phone and choose from the given options. Share the new positions that you can find and learn with your partner. You can even send the object of your affection an email directly from the app itself.

 2. Keep Your Black Book with You

This may sound weird and a bit risky for your privacy or secrets, but it really exists. You are being introduced about an app that can let you record the details all your steamy sexual escapades.It includes the name, picture, contact information and more useful data that can help you track and remember sweet things.

Another cool thing about the app is that it lets you rate the level of your satisfaction from your encounters. With this, it will help you to recall the best sex that you have had – just in case you forget.

girlfriendOther relevant information about the experience may include whether you used a condom or not, whether you had orgasm and the positions you have used.

Just don’t mess up and let your girlfriend see that your little black book records are increasing everyday, even if you only had sex with her once.

 3. Turn Your Phone Into a Vibrator

If regularly sterilizing your phone is not a problem for you, the Sexy Vibes app is just the right app for you. Single or not, it is still best to keep this app in your phone, so that you can pull off something during desperate times of sexual drought. Like the title of the app would imply, this lets you to turn your phone into a vibrator.

smart phoneSexy Vibes makes use of vibration patterns. You can send it to your partner’s phone or be in company with a stranger via the “smart matching service” of this app.

Feel the good vibes rushing in. Your partner may like it too, so better keep it ready on your smart phone.

 4. Play the Exciting Game of Sexual Consequence

Get more audacious and adventurous with the Spicy Sex Wheel app.

partner If you can’t decide of what kind of sex you are going to have with your partner or if you can’t come up with any good sex moves, let the app do the talking.

To make it work, you just have to spin the wheel and perform the sexual act that comes out of the screen.

The selections on the wheel can be customized. You can add up more sexual acts that you can come up with. Want a chance for an hour session of fellatio or cunnilingus? Are you ready for anal sex? If you can’t ask for it, give that task to the amazing Spicy Sex Wheel app.

 5. The Sex Position of the Day

Cosmopolitan offers a detailed guide about new and exciting positions that you can try. There are lots of easy, average and tricky sexual positions that you can go for. Apart from illustrations, you will also be given and detailed instruction as to how you can do it. Let the administration know about your feed back through the “carnal challenge” rating system.

 6. Refresh Your Sex Memory

Refresh Your Sex MemoryDid you wish to experience certain kind of sex position but you and you’re partner were not able to do it because you forgot how? This app will remind you about it.

Listing down your desired scenarios and positions do suck, but it is indeed easier with the app.

Spicing up your love life is important. When it comes to this part, you may think that sex alone will always be the answer. But aside from sex, there are still some things that you can do to keep the spark on check. Everything can be done easily, especially if you made use of the above apps to help you out.

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