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Top Penis Sleeve Pointers for Safe and Satisfying Sex


If you wish no further changes with the size of your penis, but you want to feel bigger while having sex, then penis sleeve is the best way to go for. Penis sleeves are best for guys who are happy and contented with the appearance of their penis. This is mainly for partners to provide a different level of stimulation and sex experience.

Cock sleeves are one of the most common sex toys. Like any other special paraphernalia, when it comes to sex, a cock sleeve provides additional pleasure and excitement. It also serves as an extender. It works either solo or with a partner. The penis sleeve is a dick-shaped device, which fits different sizes of cocks.

 What Materials Make Up Penis Sleeves?

What Materials Make Up Penis Sleeves?In modern days, a penis sleeve can be made of plastic, silicone or rubber. This is quite far from the ancient tools, such as a sheep’s bladder.

The shape of the penis sleeve is generally cylindrical, taking a form of a cock. Sleeves constructed with stretchable materials will easily match the various sizes of the penis.

The end of the penis extender sleeve has an opening. This is where the penis goes in, and then you just pull it up to cover the glans and the shaft. A penis sleeve may come in a variety of designs.

Some have holes, while some have additional flexible spikes for increased stimulation. Apart from these soft and flexible spikes, a penis sleeve can include bumps and lumps. This makes the sex experience more intense and pleasurable between partners.

Benefits Of A Penis Sleeve

There are a number of benefits when it comes to using a penis sleeve. As one of the most common sex toys, it is able to give an extended and higher level of joy when it comes to sex. Here are some benefits of penis extension sleeves:

  • The bumps, lumps, spikes and other added features add up to the pleasure and sexual stimulation for women. Penis sleeves are also useful for partners who are willing to further explore and seek for the best surprises that sex has to offer.
  • condomLike wearing condoms, a penis extension sleeve can also provide extra stimulation to the wearer.The tight penis sleeve rubbing against a hard cock may double the fun.
  • The use of a penis sleeve may give a psychological boost to the man.This solves some anxiety problems and other problems when it comes to male arousal or erection.

A Few Disadvantages To Consider

There can be some drawbacks with a penis sleeve. Though they may not be that serious and numerous, it is still important for men to be aware of these. Here are some of the penis sleeve downsides:

  • penis sleeve
    Photo by Jesster79 / CC BY-SA 3.0

    It may be hard for some men to find a sleeve that fits properly. If a penis sleeve fits too tightly, it can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, a loose one may fall off in the middle of sex.

  • Though it may provide additional stimulation or pleasure on both parties, there can be a point during the intercourse when the use of penis sleeve makes the sex more difficult.
  • Penile irritation may exist after the usage of a penis sleeve.Some materials that made up the sleeve may cause rashes, soreness and redness of the penis.

Penis Enhancement: It’s A Good Thing

Another known usage of a penis sleeve is to enhance the effects of penetration. It has no direct effect when it comes to penis enlargement, apart from the boost that it gives when it comes to the sexual intercourse.

Know How To Use It, Not Lose It

Wearing a penis sleeve can be as easy as a condom. The tip of the erect penis goes into the opening provided. Then you just slip it on until the glans reached the end. Once it is in place, the head and the shaft will extend, depending on the penis size of the user.

This will make the penis feel thicker, longer and wider. A penis sleeve makes sexual intercourse more exciting, stimulating and satisfying. With additional features in the form of bumps, lumps and soft spikes, it guarantees additional pleasure in every push and pull. Apart from being a safer alternative when it comes to penis enhancement, a penis sleeve is easy to use.

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