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9 Easy and Effective Erection Enhancers

9 Easy and Effective Erection Enhancers

In our youthful years, at the peak of our sexual lives, we could enjoy sexual encounters quite regularly, even multiple times per day. Such regular sex keeps up happy, healthy, and in shape, but over time we began to lose the prowess we once had. Erections became more difficult to achieve and maintain, and ejaculations often now occur prematurely.

These sorts of problems affect a huge percentage of men at some point in their lives. Today we will look at some causes and solutions behind these tricky troubles.

What Causes Erectile Problems?

Erections are achieved by the presence of blood in the penis. Blood engorges the spongy tissue found in the area, allowing a man to have an erection and engage in sexual activity. Erections most commonly occur due to sexual stimulation of some variety, be it auditory, visual, tactile, or simply imaginary. Erections can last from a couple of minutes to much longer, depending on the circumstances.But, when erections start fading too quickly, you might have a problem and sex becomes difficult to enjoy and engage in.

anxietyOne of the top reasons behind erectile problems is anxiety. Look at your life and identify any stressful areas. You might have performance anxiety, for instance you may be too preoccupied with disappointing your partner. You could also find your mind drifting away to other thoughts due to a hectic lifestyle.

Some other potential culprits might be the presence of a new type of medication, or a change in your health or diet. Finally, it’s worth remembering that drugs and alcohol can have a negative effect on the way our bodies function, too.

Our hormone levels and sex drives change throughout our lives. Nobody can maintain an intense level of sexual activity for years on end.So, it’s perfectly normal for you to experience a lack of libido from time to time. The most important thing is to keep calm and avoid adding to your sexual anxiety.

9 Ways To Have Longer Lasting Erections

There are various factors that affect one’s ability to attain and maintain an erection. Below you will find nine useful ways to recover the long-lasting erections of your youth:

1. Eliminate Anxiety And Keep Calm

preoccupiedThe process of getting an erection begins in the brain. So, many erectile problems are therefore caused by negative thoughts, and the buildup of stress and anxiety.

Simply put, if you think you are going to have an erectile problem, you are more likely to make yourself have one.

Similarly, if you are too preoccupied with performing well and not disappointing your partner, you can actually have negative effects on your body. Unfortunately, thanks to the influence of the media on modern life, many of us have unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others when it comes to sex. You need to know that sex is nothing like what you might see in movies and porn. It can be different for everyone. We all have awkward moments and troublesome encounters from time to time.

To help ease the pressure on yourself, try to remember you are not alone. No man is a lovemaking machine his entire life and it’s normal to have little problems now and then. Realize that this is all in your head. Clearing your mind and believing in yourself can help to eradicate the problem. To ease yourself back into action, remember that lovemaking isn’t all about the penis.

You can use other parts of your body, as well as toys to please your woman and enjoy sexual encounters together while you take the time to recover. These sorts of problems are often only temporary and will go away as your confidence returns.So try not to worry and free your mind of any anxiety.

2. Make The Most Of Foreplay

womenWhether we suffer from erectile problems or not, it’s always significant to focus on foreplay. A large percentage of women need more time than men to achieve arousal and sufficient lubrication for penetration. Similarly, most women cannot have orgasms via vaginal penetration alone.

Enjoying the various activities involved in foreplay is an awesome way for you to connect with your partner.Please her, and give yourself time to get into the mood. As you spend time focusing on foreplay, you’ll find any anxiety you had will fade away. This will make erections easier for you to attain and maintain.

3. Focus On A Healthy Diet

We are what we eat. It’s always imperative to monitor our diets and control the things we put into our bodies. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of antioxidants will keep your blood flowing smoothly. It will prevent any circulatory problems that could lead to erectile troubles.

Eating fatty junk foods won’t necessarily give you sexual problems, but they can make you feel bloated and lower your sexual desire. This is due to the high fat, sodium and sugar content in most fast foods.

healthy dietHaving a healthy diet will also help you in a number of other ways. For instance, eating the right things can help you stay fit and look better than ever before.

When you look sexier, you will find it easier to feel sexy and have less anxiety about performance in bed.

When it comes to going the distance in a sexual encounter, it’s beneficial to stock your body up with the necessary energy in the form of carbohydrates, like breads, rice and pasta. Be sure to choose the whole grain variety instead of overly-processed foods.

In terms of testosterone and proper hormonal balance, men need plenty of zinc in their diets. You can find zinc in seafood, beans and in many other tasty foods. The right amounts will keep your body producing sufficient levels of testosterone and other hormones. If none of these foods tempt you, you can find zinc in tablet form.

dark chocolate Foods can also have aphrodisiac properties. In particular, when it comes to men, dark chocolate is the classic example. This sweet treat triggers the release of endorphins that are associated with sex.

These chemicals make you feel good and help to relax your mind, so are ideal for anyone suffering with anxiety. Red wine is also recommended.

Although you should limit your intake to a glass or two per day, as too much alcohol can have a negative effect on your lovemaking prowess.

4. Communication Is The Answer

This is the answer to any relationship: talking. Don’t hide your problems away and keep them to yourself. This type of behavior won’t solve anything. It will actually make the problem worse, as you feel alone and your partner will be confused by your lack of communication.

You can’t hide erection issues; thus, it’s best to get it out in the open. Talk about potential causes and ways you can work around the issue together. Your partner is supposed to be the person you trust the most. You should never feel afraid to share intimate feelings and issues with them.

stressInitially, the two of you can decide on some simple strategies to enjoy sexual encounters without putting too much pressure on you. You can test out some new activities and could even spice up your love life in whole new ways.

Together, by trying new things and communicating, you can become even closer and soon any stress or worries you have will disappear.

You might be a little apprehensive about starting this sort of conversation, but don’t fret. Most of us find it rather embarrassing or awkward to talk about sex, hence just try to keep the mood light. You could start off by saying “This is a bit embarrassing, but  I am having some problems and I wanted to share it with you.” You partner loves you and will react with compassion, not criticism.

Either way, it’s better to start the conversation and get it out of the way than to try to hide the problem. Your partner will notice your lack of arousal and could easily interpret this as a lack of interest or attraction towards them. Feelings can easily get hurt, so communication is vital.

5. Take It Easy On The Porn

Even when we are in relationships, partners can sometimes feel the need to have a private sexual experience. Masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy, and it can be a wonderful way of releasing some stress and relaxing one’s nerves after a hectic day.

However, you can have too much of a good thing, and overdoing it on the porn can negatively affect you both mentally and physically.

alcoholFrequent masturbation can lead to a lack of arousal in sexual encounters, since you just aren’t as excited as you would normally be. Meanwhile, excessive porn watching can create unrealistic ideas about what sex should be like, and that can have terrible effects on your relationship.

Take the example of someone who drinks each day. As they drink more and more, they build up a tolerance and require even more alcohol to get drunk and feel the effects.

It’s the same way with porn. The more you watch, the more stimulation you will need to become aroused and enjoy sex.

This can manifest itself in various ways.For instance you might try and talk your partner into performing acts she isn’t comfortable with, and that will not help the two of you grow closer. Excessive porn consumption can actually desensitize your mind to sexual stimulation, making it harder for you to get erections.

6. Cut Out The Cigarettes And Alcohol

junk foodNot only can junk food impact your sex life, but smoking and drinking can, as well. We all know that too much alcohol can make erections pretty hard to attain. But, that’s not the only problem.

Alcoholism can make you put on weight, grow moody, and suffer kidney and liver problems that can easily affect your sex life.

Smoking is also terrible for your regular health, as well as your sexual health. Studies have linked smoking directly to erectile dysfunction in men over 50. Another study asked smokers and non-smokers to rate their sex lives out of 10. On average, non-smokers classed their sex lives at nine out of 10, while smokers averaged five out of 10. Why is this?

Well, smoking makes breathing harder, meaning you have less stamina in bed as you run out of breath more quickly. Smoking is also a known contributor to impotence. Moreover, smoking also makes you stink and become less attractive to a sexual partner. Smoking also reduces blow flow, and for strong, long erections, it all about blood flow to the penis.

7. Start Doing Regular Exercise And Reap The Rewards

Exercise is the perfect remedy for people with erectile problems, or any sort of sexual issue. So much of our sexual prowess is linked to our circulatory system and our stamina levels. By exercising, you improve your blood flow and make erections easier to attain. The same applies for women. More exercise gets your blood pumping to your sexual organs, making vaginal dryness a thing of the past and orgasms easier to attain.

exerciseAt the same time, by working out, we get fitter and can last longer when having sex, which is an exercise in itself. You can also become stronger and thereby capable of trying out some new positions you couldn’t perform before.

Work up to three sessions of cardio exercise per week. This can take a variety of forms from cycling to swimming, or even a brisk walk around the block.  You can also try strength training to build up your muscles, burn off some fat, and look sexier than ever before.

Also guys, keep in mind that your penis can actually appear smaller when you have a big belly. Work off that gut and you might find an extra inch between your legs.

To directly boost your erectile capacity, give Kegel exercises a try. These exercises are designed to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, which are what we use to hold in urine and are vital for erections. To do a simple Kegel exercise, imagine you are peeing and try to hold it in for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat this 10 times a day and you will notice improvements.

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Emotions

Emotional intimacy is a vital part of any relationship, be it romantic or otherwise. The way we form connections with family members, friends and lovers is by sharing our intimate thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged or rejected. This is vital for our mental well-being, as we each have a need to feel connected to at least one other person.

Nobody wants to be completely alone, and by hiding in your corner and keeping everything to yourself, you will see your stress levels and problems build up and multiply. Sharing your innermost feelings and thoughts with a loved one will assuredly help you get over any problems you are experiencing.

9. Natural Supplements Are Your Friends

penis enhancement pillsMany men out there with sexual health issues are turning to the wide variety of sexual supplements available in-stores and online.

These penis enhancement pills offered by companies like for instance, are able to boost a man’s sexual performance and capacity, allowing him to enjoy longer-lasting sexual sessions.

As with all drugs, the end results will vary from person to person.Hence, it’s essential to know what you are taking before you take it. Extenze pills contain ingredients like ginseng, ginkgo biloba extract, saw palmetto, nettle, oat straw and cayenne pepper. You can see that they are extremely natural and effectively a kind of herbal remedy with no nasty chemicals or additives.

One Final Tip

The most imperative thing to do when experiencing a problem like this is to calm down. You are not alone, it is not the end of the world, and you will recover. As we said, nearly every guy in the world experiences a problem like this at some point in his life and it’s perfectly normal.

You will get over it and the recovery process will begin when you accept your problem and realize it isn’t a big deal. Just relax and stop criticizing yourself or feeling guilty. It’s not your fault. It happens to everyone. Your partner loves you and your sex life will come back better than before if you just believe.

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