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8 Steps to Make Hot Love for Hours, Not Minutes

8 Steps to Make Hot Love for Hours, Not Minutes

As you listen to the guys talking about their last night’s marathon sex lasting for hours, you feel bad for lasting not more than 15 minutes in bed. You may wonder about the secret behind their impressive stamina, so you can try it for yourself.

relationshipYes, women secretly dream of a man who can make hot love for hours. Who doesn’t? Plus, sex is not just merely for pleasure, but as a way of strengthening your relationship.

To become a “marathon” man, you need fresh ideas and techniques. No need to eavesdrop in the locker room. Here are a few listed below. And, there’s no need to worry it’s fairly easy.

1. Masturbate

Masturbating before doing the deed helps a lot, especially if you’re girl have been away for days, and you’re overly excited to make love to her. Notice that when you are overwhelmed with excitement and arousal, you get off quicker – most likely after just a few minutes. Masturbating helps regulate your excitement, but don’t do it right before hitting the sheets. Wait at least 2 hours before will work.

2. Keep it Shallow

last longer in bedIf you notice that continuous deep thrusts give you too much to handle sensations, and it takes you to a quick orgasm and ejaculation, try penetrating her with half of your penis in her vagina.

She won’t be fully satisfied with shallow thrusts, so do shallow and deep thrust alternately. This will make you last longer in bed and will also double the fun and pleasure.

3. Don’t Rush It

If you’re fond of intense non-stop pounding and drilling, then maybe it’s about time you shift to a slow-paced sensual lovemaking. Whoa, partner – just slow down a little, and enjoy the ride. What’s the rush? Sex is meant to be enjoyed, not a race where the first one to finish wins. Slow sensual sex will make you feel more connected to each other.

As you gently thrust inside her, caress and explore the rest of her body then kiss her softly and deeply in her mouth, on her neck and along her ears.  After all, it’s the journey towards your destination that matters most.

4. Practice Biofeedback

One of the most common treatments for premature ejaculation is by mastering to control the way your body reacts to physical sensations, particularly sexual stimulation. Also known as edging, this biofeedback technique requires you to bring yourself to the brink of orgasm, then abruptly stopping all stimulation to prevent ejaculation. But, before you hit on the sack with this technique, you might need to do it by yourself first. More and more practice will let your mind and body be in more control of your orgasm response.

forefinger and thumbKeep your lube handy, or your manhood will suffer cuts from too much friction. Another biofeedback method is called the squeeze technique.

Just as you orgasm, form a ring with your forefinger and thumb around the shaft just below the head of your penis.

Focus the pressure on the underside where nerves are densely located. By doing this, sexual sensations and tension are lessened to prevent ejaculation.

5. She Goes First

The pressure of making her reach orgasm can add to your anxiety, which could affect your performance. To relieve your worry, let her reach orgasm first with your mouth or a sex toy. This way you can focus on giving her and yourself pleasure. One more thing, don’t think that sex won’t be great without orgasm, because there are women who have difficulty reaching it and some even can’t.

6. Say No to Anxiety

partnersJust when you need it the most, your penis does not seem to cooperate. Now, don’t get all worked up. Performance anxiety is one of the top erection killers experienced by a lot of men.

Men experience it for varying reasons; lack of confidence, unrealistic expectations in bed and to fully satisfy their partners with pumping sexual performance.

If you focus too much on the goal, you miss out on enjoying the journey and the pleasure that comes with it. If your worries are starting to take over you, stop what you’re doing then take deep breaths to regain focus. Get the pressure out of your head and focus on the sensations.

7. Make a Switch

If you’re getting closer to the edge, slow down and change position. Don’t stop pleasuring her as you take a retreat, or you’ll piss her off. As you take a halt, tease her labia with the tip of your penis and if you’re ready to get back to track shift position with her on top. As you change the pace, don’t stop entirely, or you’ll lose the momentum of pleasure.

8. Go Numb With A Rubber

condomsIf you easily get off when you penetrate with your manhood naked, try using condoms to lessen the sensations. Choose condoms that are extra thick for a more effective desensitizer.

However, fewer sensations can also make it hard for you to maintain your erection. Maybe you should just follow the next tip.

9. Get Some Help From Penis Pills

If you want a fuss-free quick fix, then pop a pill. Plenty of men take male enhancing pills to get a bigger, harder erection and long-lasting stamina during sex. One of the popular brands is Extenze, an all-natural male enhancer made from a unique blend of herbs proven to improve erections and stamina. It can also improve the quality of your orgasms. Check out their website for the complete details at

10. Strengthen Your PC Muscles

After an orgasm and ejaculation, you’ll most likely end up spent beside her. Level up your game by being multi-orgasmic. This means you can orgasm again and again without losing your erection in between until you finally choose to ejaculate.

PC muscleSounds amazing, right? How do you do this? By strengthening your PC muscle through exercises called Kegels. This form of exercise involves squeezing the same muscle that control urine flow.

No need for intense techniques, you can work out your PC muscle anywhere. Lasting longer in bed means more pleasure and great sex. Just follow these eight steps and become the man every woman is dreaming of.

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