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10 Effective Ways to Wreck an Erection

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your man up? It’s all about blood flow. Proper and adequate amount of blood flow results to better, longer and stronger erections. This means you need your heart to be in its best state, because it is the organ primarily responsible for pumping blood in all the […]

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8 Fast Facts About the Male Sexual Health-Physical Health Connection

You heard it countless times already. Your sexual health and physical health will always have a special, unparalleled relationship. This is because your erections rely heavily on blood flow. Without ample supply down south, you might find it challenging to get it up, or maintain it in an erect state during game time.

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When Sex Attacks: 11 Surprising Bedroom Safety Strategies

Having a good time should not be such a bad thing, especially if the good time you are talking about is sex. Sex should be a pleasurable source of fun and enjoyment, and not some hazardous activity. However, there are some cases of injuries that are brought about by sex. It’s true. As unfortunate as […]

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The Family Jewels: 13 Serious Things About Men and Ball Shrinkage

When you talk about men’s reproductive health, the focus switches from the penis to the family jewels, the testicles. Your testicles are where you reproduce and store your sperm until they are ready to be unleashed and make a baby. The average size of a testicle range from two to three inches long and one […]

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Men and Sex: 5 Reasons the Sunshine Vitamin Can Help You After Dark

According to Mayo Clinic website, erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to get or keep an erection that is firm enough for sex. Not being able to get it up once shouldn’t be an alarming issue. It could be because of stress, too much alcohol or a lack of sleep. However, if you can’t […]

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12 Valid Reasons Penile Fractures Are Not Some Crazy Sex Myth

Your penis is an intricate combination of muscles and nerves, woven together to form your most priced organ. The nerves are responsible in sending the message to the brain on how your penis should act; the muscles are responsible to act up on these signals, thus you get an erection. It’s a simple physical process […]

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11 Mistakes Men Make When Trying to Get the Help of ED Drugs

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that occurs when a man is having difficulty with his erections, as the name suggests. Through years and years of study, science has come up with ways to address these problems to help maintain a man’s sex life even if he has a case of erectile dysfunction. We’re talking about […]

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10 Sexual Tools for Keeping Every Man on Top of His Game

Fact: men and sex are two concepts that go together. Always. Some men may not place sex on top of their priority list, but it will surely be a part of it. After all, sex brings a different kind of pleasure and experience,and it also provides tons of health benefits. Who would say no to […]

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Nine Unbelievable Penis Problems That Are Way Too Common

You heard a lot of horror stories about a man’s penis. Some stories talk about the man who cuts his own junk,while there are accounts about men whose penises were locked inside a woman’s vagina. There were stories about penis-eating animals, which you must admit, must’ve scared you bad. You figured this must be society’s […]

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