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Penis Weights: The 7 Incredible Benefits They Deliver

Penis Weights Benefits

The use of penis weights to increase the size and girth of the penis is not something new. Even dating back to ancient times, men were using penis hanging techniques to enhance the size of their penises.

Men from some tribes in Uganda in Africa and Indus Sadhus hang rocks and similar items on their penises in order to increase their size. These techniques gave them amazing results. The ancient peoples passed them on to future generations, right to modern times.

painThere is no doubt that you may be afraid of the pain one associates with hanging weights from the penis.

The truth is that hanging weights from the penis is very effective and gives more benefits than you can imagine.

The benefits outweigh the fears and side effects associated with them; and thus it is worth giving a trial.

Penis enlargement weights create traction on the penis, causing it to increase in length and girth. So, if you do it the right way, you will obtain remarkable results. Below are some important facts about penis enlargement via weights.

How Does A Penis Weight Work?

penis tissuesPenis weights help men increase the length and width of their penis in the same manner weights help bodybuilders to build muscles and well-toned physique.

When you hang weight on your penis, you are creating some tension. The tension will cause some tears in the penis tissues.

Through the action of proteins and hormones in the body, these tears will heal and grow. The repair of these tears will lead to the growth of penis cells, which will culminate in the emergence of large penis size. The penis will not only increase in length, but also in girth.

This is because the penis becomes long as you stretch it, just like most bodily tissues become longer when stretched. The cellular growth that occurs as result of repairing the tears due to the tension as the penis stretches will increase it in girth, as well.

Although there are different types of weights for penis enlargement, they all achieve penis increment using this principle. However, the models do not offer the same level of comfort and they are not of the same quality. Some designs are more comfortable to use. They also differ in their ease of operation. Some designs are easier to use than others.

Penis Weights, Stretchers And Extenders

increase penis size There is the tendency for some people to confuse stretchers and extenders with penis weights. They are not the same, even though they increase penis size and girth using the same principle.

Apart from the physical appearance, you should only use weight hanging for penis enlargement for a short time. This is because with penis weights, you have to hang a large amount of weight on the penis to obtain quicker results in a short period.

Extenders and stretchers are for long-term use. The tension on the penis that stretchers and extenders deliver is much less than the tension penis weights makes. This explains why men can use stretchers and extenders for a longer time before effective results occur.

What Are The 7 Benefits Of Penis Weights?

Weight hanging for penis enlargement gives some benefits to the users. They also have some edge over other methods. Here are some benefits of hangers and weights for penis enlargement:

  • As Much Length As You Want: The weight hanging technique makes it possible for users to achieve as much length as you want.You can hang any amount of weight you like.
    If you are consistent with weight hanging, with time, you can achieve as much length as you desire.It all depends on the number of weights you hang.
  • Control For Better Results: You have control in this technique, because you determine the weight or tension you create at a particular time. This means that as you progress with the technique, you can decide to hang more weights to obtain better results.
  • Enlargement In Length And SizeNo Hands Operation: Penis weights allow some freedom to the hands. Once you hang the weights, your hands are free and you can go about your business doing other things.
  • Enlargement In Length And Size: Penis weights promote growth, not just only length, but also in girth because of the cellular growth that occurs during the repair of tissues of the penis.
  • Unlimited Angles And Fulcrum: You can overcome any plateau you may encounter during the penis enlargement process, thanks to the availability of unlimited angles and fulcrums.
  • Minimal Time: Another advantage of penis weights over other techniques is that you only need a few minutes a day to perform the exercise.
  • Safe Use: Weights for penis growth cause little or no side effects if you use them properly. As you do the penis exercises with the weights, you can monitor yourself to avoid injury.

Penis Weights: Understanding The Disadvantages

As you know, anything that has advantages also has disadvantages. The important thing is to be aware of what they are, so you can avoid them. Here are some disadvantages of weight hanging:

  • They can cause injury when you don’t properly use them.
  • They tend to be more suitable for advanced exercisers.
  • They don’t permit free movement. You are required to stay in a place when you hang the weights to avoid injury.
  • Consistency is required in order to obtain a remarkable result.
  • The starting process may be slow. This is the initial period when you have to adjust the attachment point and stretch the skin.

Penis Weights: The Most Popular Types

There are various types of penis enlargement weights circulating in the internet today. Here are some of the most popular types of weights for penis enlargement.

  • LG hangers
  • Bib hangers
  • PEWeights

penis enlargement supplementsPenis weights give remarkable increase in penis length and girth when you use them properly. However, they have some drawbacks that can result from improper use.

If you find it uncomfortable hanging weights, you should consider using other methods, such as the penis enlargement supplements you can find at

Supplements contain natural ingredients; however, be sure to double check with your doctor to make sure they are safe for you to take. This is especially important if you take other medications, vitamins or minerals. Shop around for effective and quality penis supplements.

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