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How To Increase Penis Length: 5 Top Notch Techniques

How To Increase Penis Length: 5 Top Notch Techniques

A longer and thicker penis is desired by many men and can have a positive impact on their self-confidence. Exploring how to increase penis length and girth can be your first approach to greater self-esteem and success. This will not only improve your relationship with your spouse, but will also help in your profession and other areas of your life.

Read below to find out  the 5 popular ways to increase penis size.

1. How To Increase Penis Length Using Weights?

ligament cutting surgeryA weight used to increase penis size is a stainless steel bearing with silicone and strong magnets at both ends. You wrap the silicone around the head of the penis and leave the weight to hang.

There is no need to stretch the penis since the pull of the weights does all the stretching.

This treatment is also prescribed for men who undergo ligament cutting surgery for increasing penis length. Most men are very embarrassed to use this method. The thought of walking around with a weight dangling from their penis makes them shudder.

Also, the constant stretching cuts down the blood circulation to the penis and can damage it. If you are hesitant to use weights for male enhancement, you should read reviews by men who have used this method.

2. Penis Lengthening Using A Pump

The pump is one of the most commonly used tools for how to increase penis length. It looks like a cylinder with a vacuum pump and hose. The device may look promising, but most men find the treatment painful. Moreover, the process is quite slow and it takes time to get effective results.

You are required to hold the device for ten to fifteen minutes and check the gauge frequently because sometimes it loses suction. You can use a measuring tape to check the length of your penis to determine what progress you’ve made.

Most men find the use of a pump to increase penis size to be uncomfortable because when sucking the air out of the chamber, the cylinder pushes inward to the body and makes the skin tender.

Some men also get a circular mark because of the pushing of the cylinder. Every man is different and you may not be aware of how sensitive your skin is.

A group of men was surveyed about how to increase penis length using pumps, and most of them were not happy with the results. For a few of them it worked only temporarily and they found the treatment painful.

3. The Ring of Fire Penis Enlarger Erection Aid

This ring
claims to increase the size of the penis over time. It is purposely designed to provide an immediate boost to penis size just before sexual intimacy.

ringThe ring is worn around the penis and testicles. This unusual gadget has copper and zinc rods that act as anode and cathode. The ring creates a small galvanic current when it comes in contact with the acids and salts on the body.

The current flows around the ring and stimulates cell and muscle growth, while the copper and zinc provide other benefits to the human body. According to the manufacturers of this ring, men achieve a longer and thicker penis. Sperm count, stamina and libido are also increased.

The ring can be worn while you are sleeping, walking or performing your daily activities such as watching television. However, it should not be worn when bathing, swimming or any other activity that requires you to be in water. Although it sounds like a magic wand, it is not safe to wear this ring on the delicate organ of the body.

If you are really interested in using this weird device, ask yourself, “Will it be comfortable to walk around with rods on my penis or is it safe to allow a current to run through the penis?” Surely, you will get the answer.

4. Increase The Length Of Penis With Surgery

Penis enlargement surgical procedures can be used for increasing penis length as well as girth. Most of these surgical procedures involve injecting fat or implanting silicone into the penis. Ligament cutting surgery is also done to make the penis look bigger.

Dermal graft implant surgeryDermal graft implant surgery works by taking graft tissues from other parts of the body and adding them to the penis shaft to increase its girth.

The key benefit of this surgery is that when successful, immediate results can be seen.

However, there are severe drawbacks and potential damage to the penis, as well as the patient’s inability to easily get an erection.

5. Have You Tried Herbal Supplements ?

Perhaps the most effective treatment for how to increase penis size is to take natural male enhancement supplements.

These supplements work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis, which in turn causes the tissues to become engorged. More blood flowing to the penis stimulates erections and helps to make the penis longer and wider.

Natural herbs such as damiana, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, astralagus and yohimbe are very effective in relieving sexual health issues. Along with the use of natural herbs, you can perform penile enlargement exercises that are safe to use as well as highly effective.

Which penis exercise works best? Kegels, elevations, jelqing and ballooning are all remarkably effective, easy to learn and work amazingly well. When trying to find out how to increase penis length, you should talk to your doctor to rule out the possibility of any underlying causes. Taking advice from an alternative medicine professional and recommendations from your friends will help to narrow your search for an effective treatment to increase penile length.

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