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Penis Enlargement Oil: The 3 E’s of Erectile Enhancement

Penis Enlargement Oil The 3 E’s of Erectile Enhancement

One of the most talked about issues among men is male enhancement. Many men are constantly searching for ways to make their penis size bigger and increase their sexual potency. Therefore, many manufacturers have come up with lots of male enhancement techniques.

Penis enlargement oil is one of those affordable and popular choices that serve as an easy way to increase penis size. But, do such oils really work wonders? Let’s have a quick read to learn about male enlargement oils in detail and see if they live up to the tall claims made by their advertisers. So, read on and learn the truth.

What Is Penis Enlargement Oil?

herbsPenis enlargement oil can increase penis size. It often contains a blend of ingredients proven to enlarge the penis and enable effective erections during sexual intimacy.

Most popular oils contain a fusion of aphrodisiac herbs, spices and essential oils that increase blood circulation.

Although popular among men, it is not possible to make out the exact ingredients contained in most of the penis enlargement oils available on the market. This is because the FDA has not regulated these products.

So, there is a significant possibility that manufacturers can avoid including all the ingredients listed on the packaging. However, it is also true that the efficacy of male enhancement oil generally depends on the brand and reputation of the manufacturers.

How Is Penis Enhancement Oil Beneficial?

Penis Enhancement OilMost manufacturers claim that they test their oil to make sure it is safe and proven to increase blood circulation through topical application. Some of the beneficial effects of penis oils are:

  • They can cause permanent penis enlargement, up to three inches in a just a few weeks of regular application.
  • They can also increase the girth of your penis. It can help you achieve more powerful, stronger and firmer erections.
  • They can solve other sexual issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

How to Use Penis Oils For Effective Results

There are many ways to use male enhancement oils. It depends on the results you are aiming for. Read below and find out the best way to use them in order to attain effective results:

  • For Penis Enlargement: Take a damp warm cloth and wrap it around your penis. Unwrap the cloth after a few minutes, and then apply five to ten drops of oil onto the penis and massage gently using the jelqing exercise. Do this twice a day for early results.
  • drops of oil
    Photo by Oceanflynn / CC BY-SA 4.0

    For Stronger Erections: Apply a few drops of oil onto the penis twice a day. Most manufacturers recommend you massage the oil in an outward motion for some time, so that it is effectively absorbed into the skin.

  • For Premature Ejaculation: You may need to apply penis oil for more than a month to treat premature ejaculation. Massage your penis with the oil in an outward direction twice a day for favourable results.

How Does Penis Enlargement Oil Work?

Penis enlargement oils go topically on the penis. They act as vasodilators and work by stimulating blood flow to the male sexual organ. The effects may vary in accordance with each product. Some penis enlargement oils cause general stimulation and increase the blood flow, while others may just numb the penis and help to prevent premature ejaculation.

Are There Any Side Effects?

physicianAlways use penis enlargement oil with caution, since some of the ingredients can cause allergic reactions. So, be sure to check the ingredients before using oil on your penis.

Massage slowly and carefully while you are using penis oil, since vigorous massage can damage the delicate blood vessels.

Men with serious health ailments, such as hypertension and diabetes should consult their physician before using penis oil. Penis oils are only for topical use.

Ingestion may result in severe side effects, including nausea and headache. It is important that you read the product guidelines thoroughly before using any penis oil.

Do The Benefits of Penis Enlargement Oil Last?

Many advertisers claim that their penis enhancement oil is effective enough to increase the penis size forever. However, most men have reported that these oils actually work only temporarily.

Penis enlargement oils do work to stimulate blood flow, but the effect is only brief. After some time, the penis returns to its original size. It is also worth noting that using large amounts of penis enlargement oil will not bring permanent and long-lasting results.

male enhancement exercises
Photo by ShinyFan / CC BY-SA 2.5

Many manufacturers cleverly state in their advertising that penis enlargement oil can help increase penis size when used along with male enhancement exercises, such as jelqing.

This actually means that the penis oil will only work as a lubricant to help you with the exercises, and the real growth of your penis will occur when you do the exercises regularly.

The cumulative effect of your persistence and regular penis exercises work together to help. However, this does not mean that penis enlargement oil is useless.

There are definitely some benefits of using topical oil. These oils assist in your exercise program, but considering them a magical remedy to increase penis size is just a myth.

The oil alone will not achieve drastic results for your overall sexual health and penis size. You will need to pair this technique with other methods, such as natural male enlargement supplements and penis exercises in order to see noticeable results.

Proceed with Caution

positive feedbackMany manufacturers of penis enlargement oil make false claims about their products, but they have little evidence to back up their effectiveness.

However, this does not mean there are no proven methods of male enhancement. Some methods out there are getting lots of praise and positive feedback.

One such product is the natural male enhancement supplement from It is composed of safe and natural ingredients that effectively increase the sexual potency, as well as the size of the penis. Try it along with your regular penis exercises and a healthy diet. You will definitely see noticeable results in just a few weeks.

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