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Penis Injections: 11 Most-Asked Questions Answered

Penis Injections 11 Most-Asked Questions Answered

Many men receive penis injections to achieve stronger and powerful erections. Usually, most of these men are active and want to maintain their sexual potency for a long time. Also, men who are scared of going under the knife find penis injection therapy a less invasive and safer alternative. This is the reason penis injections are becoming so popular.

If you are one of those men looking to have firmer erections, you must be curious to learn more about penis injection therapy. This article is put together with frequently asked questions related to penile injection therapy administered for attaining erections. Read below to find the answers you are searching for.

1. How Did They Discover Penile Injection Therapy?

surgeonIn 1977, a surgeon performing bypass surgery accidently injected a certain drug in the area near the patient’s penis.

The surgeon later noticed that the penis of his patient, who was actually impotent, became rigid and erect. After this discovery, doctors found a cure for erectile dysfunction through administering penis injections to impotent patients.

Although popular, this method of treatment to cure erectile dysfunction comes with lots of controversy. There are 10 most important queries that are still unanswered in relation to the long-term safety and effectiveness of penis injections.

2. Who Is A Good Candidate For Penis Injection Therapy?

Generally, men who are suffering from a severe form of erectile dysfunction and who respond positively to test injections are candidates for penis injection therapy. However, nowadays most men who want to improve the quality of their erections are also getting penis injections.

3. How Do The Medications In Penis Injections Work?

The medicines used in penis injections are not dependent on nerve stimulation. They help achieve an erection by relaxing the smooth muscles and widening the blood vessels of the penis.

4. Is Penis Injection Therapy Painful?

patientThe needle used in penile injection therapy is ultra-fine. The majority of patients who receive penis injections can feel the needle, but experience no pain.

Furthermore, the hole caused by the injection is very minute and develops little bleeding and bruising.

Few patients feel transient pain at the base of the penis, which is generally tolerant and does not interfere with activities, such as sexual intercourse.

Patients who take drugs such as Coumadin, persantine or aspirin can safely undergo penis injection therapy.

5. How Often Can You Get Penis Injections?

Patients should not have more than ten penis injections per month. Moreover, the dates for receiving the injections should be spaced evenly apart. The site of the injection should be changed from the left to the right side of the penis when receiving the next penis injection.

6. How Long Does It Take For Penis Injections To Work?

doctorThe patient may experience an erection within 10 to 20 minutes of receiving a penis injection. Doctors recommend holding the site for a few minutes after the injection.

Firmer erections can be achieved by indulging in foreplay before sexual intercourse. Generally, the time needed for an erection to occur following a penis injection usually depends on the extent of arterial blockage.

7. How Long Will The Erections Last?

Following a penis injection, patients may enjoy the feeling of having a fuller erection for at least 20 minutes to an hour. It also depends on the patient’s anatomy.

8. Is The Treatment Of Arterial Blockage Possible With Penis Injections?

high blood pressurePenis injections are not a permanent treatment for problems with achieving erections. They do not permanently cure or reverse the arterial blockages.

Moreover, penis injections may not work as effectively after some time, especially for patients who are suffering from conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Also after receiving the treatment for a couple of months, heavy smokers may not experience the same effect of the penis injections that they did at the start.

9. What Happens If The Doctor Injects It In The Wrong Place?

An erection will only occur if the drug is injected into the penis body. If the drug is injected into the veins, bruising may occur. If a patient receives the injection into the urethra, there will be no erection. It is possible that injecting in the urethra or any other incorrect place can cause other issues. If the injection is made underneath the skin, swelling may occur for some time. The patient will also not experience an erection.

10. What Are The Side Effects Of Penis Injections?

Undoubtedly, no invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction is safe. Penis injections also pose numerous risks, including:

  • At the site of the injection, the skin may develop a small bruise or hematoma. A small lump or nodule may also develop if the same site is injected multiple times. Although rare, fibrosis or scarring can occur on the penis. A hardened area called plaque can also occur at the site of the injection.
  • drugsSide effects may also occur because of the nature of the drugs used for injecting. Painful, prolonged erections, a condition known as priapism, may occur.
  •  This condition usually develops due to the administration of the wrong dose of medicine.

The patient may experience an erection for three hours straight after the injection. Priapism is established when an erection lasts for more than four hours. If this happens, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

  • A few of the rare side effects of penis injections are dizziness and headache. Even rarer is a condition where there is an increase in liver enzymes. A patient may also develop dull pain in the penis after injection therapy.
  • One of the risky side effects of the drugs used in penis injections is a fluctuating and skipping heartbeat. This usually occurs due to an overdose of the medicine. Other risks include low blood pressure, diarrhoea and abdominal discomfort.

11. Is Penis Injection Therapy Effective?

Doctors administer penis injections to patients who are clinically diagnosed as impotent. Men who are usually active and want to increase their sexual health should consider using other natural male enhancement techniques, such as penis exercises and supplements.

Penis exercises are an effective method of curing sexual issues, as well for increasing penis size. When coupled with natural male enlargement supplements from, the results are remarkable.

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