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Health and Fitness Tips and Tricks for Today’s Busy Businessman

Health and Fitness Tips and Tricks for Today's Busy Businessman

You have done it. You have finally managed to earn that six figure salary and bought that classy beach bungalow to house your happy family. If you haven’t, we bet you are getting there with all the hard work and dedication you have put in as a busy businessman. Things may be going well for you, but stop and ponder: What about your health, fitness and wellness?

Do you find yourself hiding your head in shame when you are in public? If you do, fret not. Later in this article, we are going to reveal to you some of the world’s best hidden health and fitness tips,which helped numerous big shot businessmen to get rid of all their unhealthy fat and stay in shape, in spite of their busy schedule.

Without further ado, let’s delve straight into the health and fitness tips you should start using starting today.

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

kids are still sleepingIf you are a single parent who is also a working corporate professional, you must have often thought of squeezing in a workout in the wee hours of the morning when your kids are still sleeping. Even with those good intentions, your wish forever remains a fantasy as you keep on pressing the snooze button. By the time you manage to get up, your perpetually hungry kids are in some desperate need of breakfast.

Just like that, another week passes by, and you eventually learn to cultivate a love-hate relationship with your love handles. Here’s how can you get past this:

  • To save time,prepare breakfast in advance and store it in containers, like scrambled eggs, for example. This way, you don’t have to spend much time worrying about what to cook in the morning.
  • Go to sleep early and wake up in time to exercise for at least half an hour before you head out. This will help you feel more energized and revitalized the entire day.

2. Be Gentle on Yourself: Know Thy Likes and Dislikes

magazinesThose health and fitness magazines you have stacked up in your office lobby might have instilled in you the fact that health, fitness and wellness is synonymous with doing things you absolutely hate. Allow us to break all the myths you think are true?

Yes, it is essential to have self-discipline skills to gain the maximum out of your busy day, but it is also vital to recognize that it just takes a few days of dedication to set up a fitness routine for yourself. Here is what you can do.

  • Begin by making it clear to yourself that you will follow your exercise routine sincerely.
  • There are many options to explore; thus find the one that seamlessly fits into your busy day.
  • You can join a gym and practice an intense workout routine or you can remain healthy by doing less demanding workouts,such as dancing, meditation or yoga.
  • Experiment with all forms of exercises which appeal to you, based on your taste and personality, until you find the one you will love to stick with for the rest of your life.

3. Health and Fitness the Transportation Way

jogging or walkingRemember that we promised to tell you about people who used to be unhealthy in every sense of the word, unless they started making one minor alteration to their busy schedule? Curious to know what was that change?

They simply started jogging or walking to work from home, ditching their fancy car as a commute option. Are you one of those people who find the idea of running in your corporate attire to be ridiculous? If you answered yes, check out some of these tips which would help you make the most of your new transportation routine:

  • Make sure you wake up a bit early and put all your essentials into a suitcase, your backpack or simply a fanny pack.
  • Don’t forget to have your playlist ready, so that you can hum while you enjoy the roadside scenes on the way to work.
  • Do you have to arrive to work early and still want to be fit? Do you live too far away from the office to consider walking or running the whole distance? Park your car a few blocks away from your office, or get off your train or bus a few stops before your work place and then start walking until you reach your destination.

Are you still looking for encouragement in spite of the promise of a fit future awaiting you? Just think of how tremendously you can help the environment by doing your bit to minimize the pollution.

4. Get in Some Sports Activity: The Value of Healthy Competition

Sports ActivityYour professors at business school might have taught you to cooperate if you wish to be successful at business. But, they probably forgot to give you the disclaimer that the collaboration policy won’t work where your fitness is concerned.

Motivating yourself to work out on a daily basis is not easy, and you need some competitive drive which would keep you going. What better way to do that than to engage in sports activities which you used to love as a kid?

It is quite natural that your skill in a particular sport might still be at the beginner level, but that is no reason to quit at the outset. Your sports trainer will ensure that you are able to learn a sport with as much flexibility of time and effort as you desire.

The best part about engaging in sports to further your fitness pursuits is that you will be able to set an achievable goal and the odds would help you push your body to the limits. Don’t worry if you don’t emerge to be the victor at the end of the day. Just put forth the effort, and you’ll see results in no time.

5. Embrace the Caffeinated Life Now

caffeineThere are a number of health and fitness articles,which have claimed that caffeine is not good for your health, but there are also many that show it has specific benefits. You must be wondering what’s the bottom line to all this conflicting data. The bottom line is that it depends on the individual.

Some people with certain health conditions should avoid coffee, but for most people it can bring some benefits. Here are some of coffee facts that prove that a cup of coffee is the building block of health and fitness for the majority of people:

  • Helps in Quick Fat Loss: Unlike glycogen which makes you fat, coffee provides you with a storehouse of energy while increasing your metabolism rate, so that you can lose weight quickly and effectively. Another little known secret is that caffeine is an appetite suppressant and if you wish to cut down on the food you consume, coffee could be your best buddy.
  • Gets Rid of Muscle Pain: If you are into intense weight training sessions or wish to run the distance on your way to work, coffee will help you soothe your muscle pains. You will be practically invincible at the fitness game.
  • Increases Your Attention Span: According to scientists, black coffee increases attention span in those professionals who are used to working long hours so that they can be productive even when they are tired.
  • Makes You Disease Proof: Studies conducted on the rate of diseases experienced by caffeine consumers found out that coffee significantly lowers your chances of suffering from some kinds of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Acts as an Ergogenic Aid: Remember how we encouraged you to try out sports for your health and fitness? Coffee can help you cross the initial hurdles by increasing your ability to train harder and giving you an edge over the other athletes.

6. Nourish Your Body: Shake That Smoothie

SmoothieAs a businessman, one of the primary struggles you face when it comes to your health is the lack of nutritious diet. But, who has the time to go through the health and fitness blogs in order to assemble recipes which would make turn you into the healthiest eater. Don’t get depressed yet. Here’s how smoothies can come to your rescue:

  • Smoothies allow your body to consume nutritious food, without putting in the effort to prepare a three course meal in your kitchen. Just slice pieces of fruits and green vegetables on a chopping block and stash them away in plastic containers or bags to use later. Five minutes before you step out to go to work, just add all of the ingredients into the blender and sip your fresh smoothie on it on the way to work.
  • When your smoothie routine eventually becomes boring, start experimenting with other fruits and vegetables and come up with new flavors you never imagined could exist.

Smoothies are not only healthy for you, but they are healthy for your children, too. Give smoothies to your children, and you will help give your child the nutrition they need for the proper health and fitness.

7. Feast your Eyes and Move Your Body

treadmillWe know you are a hardworking corporate professional and it can be challenging for you to follow the strict fitness routine. There are times when you slip into your old habits. It can be anything from jamming to the songs of your favorite rock band; sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream, or a bowl of cheese popcorn while watching your favorite series.

Most people are not aware of the large number of calories they are consuming. Here is a list of tips you can use to make sure your fun time becomes physically productive, too:

  • Bring that treadmill out of the attic and start using it while you listen to songs.
  • Make the most of those commercial breaks by engaging in short exercises using body weight, dumbbells or bands.

Be a little creative and experiment a little. Soon you will find that rather than leaving you full, bloated and drowsy, TV time would make you energized, alert and healthy.

8. Say No to Snacking and Yes to Meals

oily snacksWhen you don’t carry your healthy lunch to work in the mornings, you may end up eating too many unhealthy and oily snacks throughout the day at your office. As a result you end up consuming a higher rate of calories than if you would have just sat down for a proper, timely meal.

All this might not seem much when you are young with a natural reserve of energy, but with growing age unhealthy eating habits catch up with you sooner or later. In such instances, it is best to have meals to eat on the go, in order to help you cultivate healthy eating habits.

Keep reading to find out the quick and tasty meals you can try.

Quinoa Fruit Salad

You might have grown up on your mom’s special fruit salads, but you have surely missed something if you haven’t tasted quinoa fruit salad. Just sprinkle a spoonful of quinoa to your fruit salad and use basil, honey and lime as dressing.

Avocado and Egg Toast

This nutritious, yet effective meal is easy to make by following these quick steps:

  • Start with toasting two slices of fresh whole wheat bread.
  • Layer each toasted slice with mashed avocado, salt, pepper and an egg cooked sunny side up.
  • Put two layered slices on top of one another to make a sandwich.
  • Stack it in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid for a healthy, yet hearty lunch.

Leftover Magic

You can use last night’s leftovers to make a fast lunchtime meal by following these steps:

  • Gather all the leftovers of last night dinner into a microwave proof container.
  • Crack open an egg on top of all the leftovers.
  • Grate some cheese of your choice on top of the meal.
  • Microwave it until the egg is cooked thoroughly and the cheese has melted.

OatmealOatmeal with Egg

Are you bored with your usual breakfast of ham and eggs? Try out something new instead.

  • Prepare a bowl of oatmeal.
  • Sprinkle it with salt and pepper, and serve with a poached egg on top.
  • If you are feeling fancy, you can always add some fragrant herbs and grate some cheese on top for a bit of indulgence.

Waffle Sandwich

Waffles are the easiest thing in the world to make or you can buy them in the frozen foods aisle of your local grocery store. Here’s how to make a sandwich from them:

  • Layer each side of the waffle with some peanut butter and strawberry or grape jam or jelly.
  • This is optional, but you could shake some powdered sugar and or pour chocolate sauce on top and carry it to your office for dessert after your lunch meal.

9. Never Compromise on Your Water Intake

drink ample waterThis advice may sound like your mom, but it turns out that she wasn’t entirely wrong to force you to drink ample water throughout the day. Carry your water bottle with you when you go to work. Keep track of the number of times you fill up your water bottle and consume at least eight glasses of water a day.

Stay motivated to drink sufficient quantities of water regularly with these health benefits of water we are going to reveal to you:

  • Substitute your high calorie beverages with water and be amazed with how quickly you lose the excess weight.
  • Water lubricates your gastrointestinal tract and ensures that you never suffer from constipation.
  • Dehydration stimulates the hunger pangs in your mind. Drink water and curb your appetite.
  • Water prevents muscle fatigue and energizes you.
  • Water aids your kidneys to clear your body of toxins.
  • While dehydration makes your skin appear wrinkled and dry, water consumption lock in the moisture into your skin.
  • When you drink water in large quantities, the balance of your bodily fluids helps in transportation and absorption of nutrients, circulation, digestion and maintenance of body temperature.

Remember: Make sure you don’t drink water half an hour before your meals, as it hinders the process of digestion. Also, refrain from drinking chilled water as it contracts your gastrointestinal tract and slows down the digestion of food. Moderation is the key here.

10. Beat Your Weekend Blues with Effective Supplements

SupplementsAfter the stress and hard work of the weekdays, your body might give up on the weekends. Some men are so tired that they hardly want to have sex with their partner. If you are one of those, you may want to try a product like Extenzeall natural male enhancement pills to enjoy your sex life to the utmost.

These supplements are made of natural and safe ingredients, so you need not to worry of any nasty side effects. Don’t make your weekends boring. Make sure you utilize each and every moment for a healthy and fit life.

Remember to check with your doctor before trying any new supplement, especially if you already take medications or supplements or have an existing medical condition, like high blood pressure or heart disease.

11. Think Less and Act More

Act MoreYou might have researched most of the health and fitness articles available on the internet and have even vowed to chart out a schedule to practice all your fitness plans and dreams. But, do you know the reason why you never get around to really doing it? The answer is quite simple. At this point of your life, you want to grow and build a business empire, and your health and fitness is probably the last thing on your mind.

Although you want to compete and become successful in your life, it is imperative that you take care of your health, as well. If you are too busy to find an effective fitness routine for yourself, ask someone close to you for your help. They can be your partner, your mother or your best friend.

If you require a specialized help, just hire a health and fitness specialist. Follow the routine that they lay down for you. This is how you will be able to squeeze some time out from your hectic schedule for your fitness regime.

12. The Boozing Life is Not for You

alcoholMany corporate professionals and businessmen turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism, to try and find some relief from their excessively stressful and demanding lifestyles.

It is important to know that studies have discovered those who consume alcohol on a daily basis tend to suffer from forgetfulness, brain fog and lethargy, especially during the mornings.

Do you really want to start your day on such a drowsy note? Even though, it is tough to ditch a drinking habit in a day, you can find ways to minimize your consumption. Wait until later in the evening to have your first drink.

Make sure to drink slowly and have a glass of water or soda in-between drinks to slow you down. Get up and dance or go talk to someone instead of focusing on the booze. Seek help if you can’t control your drinking habits. There are lots of places to get help out there for problem drinkers nowadays.

13. Kick Your Tech Addiction to the Curb

cell phoneWhen you are addicted to your gadgets, you compromise on some of those treasured minutes of sleep. You spend your precious time browsing through your social media profiles on your cell phone or responding to the urgent emails at night. Your gadgets would definitely make you popular in your social circle, but they would never help you achieve that overall state of wellness and healthy living.

Make it a point to switch off all your gadgets once you go to bed at night. Have dinner with your family and go to sleep at a reasonable time.

14. Turn Fitness into a Profession

If you are a true businessman and a fitness lover, you can take your passion to the next level. There are many working professionals who give yoga lessons or fitness classes on weekend. This setup not only keeps them fit, but keep their wallet full.

Nowadays, a health and fitness specialist salary is attractive, so rest assured that you are investing your time wisely. If you want to become a fitness guru yourself, start browsing through the health and fitness jobs.

15. Its Vacation Time

vacation with your familyYour body and mind have a breaking point, too. You are brave to go to work every day to bring your ambitions and dreams to reality, but learning to balance your health and work is a quality you should master sooner or later.

Know when to take a well-deserved leave from work for a vacation with your family. After your vacation you are bound to come back to work with a renewed zeal and a healthy, spirited mind. Can you not afford to miss a month of work? A three day hiatus would do just fine.

We hope that you will follow these tips for the sake of your health, fitness and wellness. Don’t keep these tips to yourself. Share this article with your colleagues too, and help them start their fitness journey.

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