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Male Enhancement Underwear: 4 Ways to Plump Your Package


Whether you are a man or a woman, you cannot deny the fact that bigger is always better. For women, a man having a bigger penis is always a positive in many aspects compared to a man that is smaller than average.

For men, it could be frustrating to have an average or small penis. Even though most men have a standard or normal sized penis, for many that is still not enough. They are still trying to find all types of methods to increase their package.

Let us face it; it is not easy to make your penis physically bigger. With the countless products and procedures available out in the market today for those men wanting to increase their inches, how do you really know which method to choose that is safe and effective?

lotionsThat could be a frustration for many men, especially for those who do not want to take supplements or pills. Many men don’t have the time to put on creams, lotions and oils. It is a risk to undergo surgeries just to enhance their penis size.

If you are one of those men who want to make your penis look larger physically, but you’re not into trying out unknown products and procedures, you have another choice.

What Is Male Enhancement Underwear?

penis’ lengthThis type of underwear is a new trend that men are trying out to make their penis look bigger. No one can deny the fact that both men and women have the urge to stare at the “bulge.” For that reason, why not give them something to stare at?

Male enhancement underwear was invented to provide that bulge for many men that do not want to go through absurd methods of penis enhancement. Although it does not physically increase the penis’ length, it will definitely create a bigger looking penis from outside the underwear.

Throughout the years, male enhancing underwear has really come a long way. Just like push-up bras and butt pads, the male enhancement underwear provides the same feature but for males.

There have been constant advertising with this type of underwear, which has made it very popular.Men who do not want to waste their money, efforts and time on creams, supplements, devices and expensive surgeries have opted to using male enhancement underwear instead.

4 Types of Male Enlargement Underwear Available Today?

man’s reproductive organIn the market today, there are four chief underwear enhancers: fabric panel c-rings, c-ring slings/straps, special enhancement pouches and enhancing support pockets.

Each type of underwear has its own specific variations and benefits when it comes to creating that bulge appearance for the man’s reproductive organ region.

If you are interested in male enhancement underwear, then you could choose from these four types that come with different designs and variations. Whichever type you choose depends on your comfort, and what style you would like.

1. Fabric Panel C-Rings

male enhancement underwearThis is one is a very popular type of male enhancement underwear you could try. It contains a c-ring strap that supports your penis and balls in an outward position from your body so that the bulge will be more noticeable.

The fabric is different from the other types of male enhancing underwear, because there is a circular cutout layered in the pouch where the penis goes through. This type of underwear is not adjustable but could provide more comfort compared to other enhancement underwear.

2. C-Ring Slings And Straps

cock ringThe cock ring, also known as the c-ring has been around for a long time, which is similar to rubber rings used to maintain a man’s erection.

The only different is that it is in combination with an adjustable leather snap ring, which surrounds the balls and the base of the penis to gather them all together to make the penis look bigger in size.

This type of mechanism is said to be the most effective way to create a more noticeable package for males.

3. Special Enhancement Pouches

This variation of male enhancement underwear has been around for quite some time, but has reached its popularity only recently. Many jock briefs and boxer briefs have special enhancement pouches to extend the man’s package, which will surely get the attention of many women.

The mechanism of this enhancing underwear is to make the pouch bigger and to model the man’s anatomical shape so that the penis is enveloped and not restricted in any way. This type of underwear lets the balls hand lowered then its pouch, so that your penis could look bigger at side’s view.

4. Enhancing Support Pockets

enhancing underwear
Photo by Hari Singh / CC BY-SA 3.0

This kind of enhancing underwear provides the most comfort and fit for men. The straps and slings are not as comfortable compared to enhancing support pockets.

That is why many men prefer this type of underwear. It provides lift and comfort and come in different fabrics, styles and colors.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Male Enhancement Underwear?

Using enhancing underwear comes with many advantages. First, you do not have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to get your hands on this product.

surgeries for male enhancementIf you are terrified of penis pumps, tractions and other procedures to increase the penis size, then enhancement underwear is the thing to try out, because they are non-invasive.

Another benefit is that you do not have to deal with risks that are associated with some supplements, devices and surgeries for male enhancement.

Should You Use This Type Of Underwear?

If you are looking for a natural and easy way to increase your bulge, then male enhancement underwear is your best bet. You do not have to waste money on products and procedures that do not guarantee your own safety and effectiveness. You could also choose from these four types and from a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs.

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